Ameritrans Freight International Shipping Company

Ameritrans Freight International Shipping Company

Ameritrans Freight International Shipping Company is a client-focused shipping international company dedicated to exceeding its client’s expectations. We offer end-to-end shipping and freight forwarding value chain services.

Although freight forwarding may appear confusing and unfamiliar to many, we ensure that the flow and administration of consignment, warehousing, processing, deployment, transportation, tracking, and storage services are seamless and simplified our clients.

Our services are not only tailored to our client’s needs, but they are also delivered with dedication and enthusiasm, as we keep our clients in mind and strive to be fast and effective at all times.


To become the country’s best Shipping and Freight Forwarding Company, providing services for international average.


To harness technology in inventing and delivering simplified logistics solutions that match clients’ demands in a digital platform.

Core Values

  • Cooperation
  • Dignity
  • Invention
  • Honesty
  • Objectivity
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Accuracy in our solutions to all your logistical needs as a Freight Forwarder

Our Services at Ameritrans Freight International Shipping Company

There is an interconnection of our services, and they can stand on their own as a personalized service component. The goal is to get there and ensure that we give abroad ocean freight forwarding services, including the quote, booking, and management of the package by offering a service to our customers, both big and small.

The point is, regardless of the service, Ameritrans Shipping International is what you’re looking for. We will consistently outperform expectations for your excitement through our services which include:

1. Container Shipping

container shipping with Ameritrans freight international shipping

Container shipping has advantages when it comes to moving products. The smallest weight it can convey, regardless of the kind of products you want to ship, is one ton. Shipping containers provide the finest protection for products.

The container is entirely shut once all the contents have been loaded inside. This keeps foreign things out of the container, which is crucial if the contents are food or raw materials. With this technique, product quality may be maintained even in bad weather. Transported, it can also shield goods from harsh weather, theft, and other dangers.

Our container shipping services are of superior quality from all the port, door locations, and inland freight stations (CFS) in the USA and Canada to most worldwide destinations ports, Container Freight Stations, and door locations. We are one of the best International Shipping Companies in the Shipping packages category in the US.

We provide affordable container freight prices, including overland drayage Costs, Documentation, Insurance, and other charges from your door or supplier’s dock to everywhere. When you ship many Shipping containers and high-volume shipping containers, we award you a decent discount on the Ocean Shipping cost.

2. RORO Shipping

RORO international shipping is a popular method of sending merchandise to different nations. Japanese automakers came up with employing vehicle carriers to convey their vehicles to the United States and Europe quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to RORO shipping, Car shipping, shipping container, Oversized Cargo shipping, Boat transport, Project Cargo Handling, Break Bulk service, Machinery shipping, motorcycle Shipping, ATV Shipping, Jet Ski Shipping, Ocean Freight Chartering, and Heavy lifting, Ameritrans freight international offer at very reasonable and affordable freight rates.

Our RORO Shipping rates are the best among Roll- Roll – Off shipping Companies in USA and Canada. Please ask for international car shipping rates, compare RORO vs. Container shipping of cars, and check our RORO Shipping Ocean Cargo Schedule. We also provide imports and exports into and out of the US, Container Shipping personal effects, and International Car shipping through Shipping Container Service.

Its carriers can transport a wide range of motorized, rolling, and even static cargo, including trucks, boats, buses, mobile homes, travel trailers, tractors, excavators, cranes, and other high and heavy machinery and equipment. Exporters and importers use international RORO shipping for cost and efficiency.

3. LCL Shipping & Ocean Cargo

Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) is an international ocean freight service designed for shipping boxed, crated, or palletized ocean cargo from or to the USA and Canada to Worldwide destinations that cannot fill an entire 20 FT or 40 FT Ocean container.

Our cost of shipping a 20ft Container from the USA cost of shipping a 40ft Container, and a shared container from the USA is very reasonable and affordable. Our LCL Shipping is for Household goods, Ocean cargo Consolidation shipping, Groupage Cargo service, Shipping Personal effects and Personal belongings overseas, international moving, and container shipping from the USA.

We offer LCL shipping terms that are simple and flexible for LCL shipments and ocean cargo consolidation. We also have a direct LCL service from the USA, Europe, and the Far East. Our international Ocean consolidation shipping service minimizes shipping costs.

It optimizes the transit times between important ports worldwide with an extensive network of capable freight forwarding agents worldwide covering Inland container freight stations and Seaports. We offer LCL Cargo shipping services from USA and Canada Seaports and CFS worldwide.

4. Air Freight Shipping

Ameritrans Freight International offers high-quality Air freight Shipping, International Air Cargo rates, and Air cargo charter services from anywhere in the USA and Canada to worldwide destinations. We are among the few Air freight Companies that provide state of Air Cargo tracking services worldwide.

We provide a solid and international network for your Air freight shipping and cargo needs, with guaranteed and prompt Air freight tracking services backed by reputable Airline Partners and Air freight Cargo carriers. Our Air freight rates are very competitive and cost-effective from USA Airports to your destination airports.

You may confidently ship door-to-door using our air freight services. We manage your demands for air freight forwarding. Additionally, we can ship cargo by air anywhere in the world. In order to assist with air shipments, we also use additional freight forwarding services as necessary. We provide some of the industry’s lowest per-kg prices for international air freight.

Our air freight forwarder expertise is helpful when delivering accelerated services. Please contact us by phone or email to request a price for processing your air freight. Chain professionals will evaluate your shipping needs and offer you a reasonable quote.

We also advise using our online tool to acquire a quote for air freight shipments. Select the service that your business needs.

LCL shipment rates

The volume or amount of space determines the cost of an LCL shipment that the shipment takes up in a shared shipping container, which is typically at least 1 CBM. The charges will be calculated as 1 CBM if the load’s overall volume falls below the minimum. However, even if your products require far less room than the minimum required, you will still be responsible for paying the price for the minimum volume.

Differences between airfreight and LCL rates

Air freight rates are determined by the greater of the gross weight or the volume weight, while the actual volume determines ocean freight.

Although freight forwarders use a variety of names for some of their line items, the prices they charge are often based on a global standard. Other costs are associated with LCL cargo besides the ocean freight, which the shipping company pays to transport the goods from point A to point B. These costs cover the chassis fee, which is split among the consignments in the same container.

Additionally, as the container must be moved to a warehouse to be organized according to the consignments, warehousing costs and other particular handling expenses are frequently imposed for LCL shipments.

5. FCL shipping

For cargo loads big enough to fill a 20′ or 40′ shipping container, maritime shipping is referred to as FCL. Less than a container load (LCL) shipment, on the other hand, share container space with other items; FCL shipments, on the other hand, utilize the full container. This indicates that the container is filled and sealed at the plant and then unloaded when it arrives at the destination warehouse.

FCL shipping rates

Regardless of the amount of stuff inside the container, you only pay a single flat charge when shipping FCL. However, once your shipment is large enough – typically approximately 13 CBM, depending on your commodities – it becomes well worth paying the flat rate because the cost per unit on LCL is substantially higher. Additional elements that impact FCL pricing include the following:

GRIs (General Rate Increases) (General Rate Increases). Carriers may apply these pricing hikes for containers at the start and middle of every month, typically in response to need.

Peak season occurs when companies ship more frequently to ensure their inventory is ready for the busy Christmas shopping season. The peak season for FCL normally lasts from August until November.

Holiday snafus Golden Week in the fall and the Chinese New Year, both week-long holidays that affect demand and prices, must be considered by Chinese shippers. Check the local calendar for significant holidays regardless of where you are traveling from and to.

Shipping a Car from the USA to Nigeria

Shipping a car from the USA to Nigeria is very easy because we make shipping it simple, even though it might be difficult. We’ll walk you through each step so you can handle exporting a car to Nigeria without feeling overwhelmed. We deliver the expertise and attention to detail you need, backed by nearly 30 years of experience in the field.

Contacting us for a free estimate is the first step in the process. We only require your vehicle’s year, make, and model, the pickup zip code or departure port, and the destination country, Nigeria. Weekly departures from five ports in the USA to one port in Nigeria are offered by us.

To provide you with the most accurate quotation, we will require the Year, Make, and Model of your automobile, the Pickup Zip Code or Departure Port, and the Destination Country (in this case, Nigeria).

Major ports for shipping cars from the USA to Nigeria

  • Baltimore, MD
  • Savannah, GA
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Freeport, TX
  • Newark, NJ

Destination ports

Nigeria only has one arriving port, the Port of Lagos. The Port of Lagos, also referred to as the Premiere Port (Apapa Quays), is the first and biggest Port in Nigeria. This was formed in 1913 and is the country’s commercial center. It is situated in Apapa, Lagos State.

The cost of shipping a car to Nigeria

The typical cost to export a car to Nigeria is between $1000 and $1650. The charge for shipping modern automobiles to Nigeria is 35% to 70% of the car’s worth ($), whereas the duty for importing used cars is 35%. It is impossible to ship and import vehicles that are 15 years old to Nigeria.

The cost to export your automobile to Nigeria will depend on your car, how big it is, and how you want to get it to the shipping port, such as using a container or roll-on, roll-off service (RO-RO).

However, these are not the final costs; other elements, such as whether the cars are run-and-drive, non-runners, or if forklift service is required, may affect your spending.

Depending on how you choose to transport your car to the port in the United States, your final cost can fluctuate. Some people drive their vehicles to the departure port since they live nearby. It is less expensive this way.

Some clients prefer to pay our truck drivers to move their car from home to the port since they live far away from the closest port. This is more expensive.

The size of your vehicle may affect the final cost. A bigger car will often cost more to ship than a smaller one. Therefore, shipping a tiny automobile will cost less than shipping a truck or an SUV.

6. International Moving

International moving requires a lot of planning, and when moving your personal effects and household goods, you need to be very cautious. Our International moving service of moving overseas shipping, personal effects, and household goods aim to minimize your moving overseas shipping costs considerably by doing as much packing, wrapping, and loading with cost-effective, secure, and quality materials and shipping container.

Our moving services also include commercial and industrial cargo.

We offer affordable International Car Shipping rates, Motorcycle shipping rates, Boat shipping rates, ATV Shipping rates, and Jet Ski shipping. International Car shipping via RO/RO Shipping, Air freight, or Container shipping from USA and Canada to RORO ports and inland destinations worldwide.

The CONTAINER METHOD of shipping cars provides a secure, safe, and exclusive way of freight ocean shipping. Most ships depart from central US and Canada ports every 7-10 days. If you are shipping multiple cars or want to ship additional items inside your car, shipping a car inside the container is the best option. The maximum weight limit is 150 LBS, and all the goods must fit inside the vehicle’s trunk. You can use either the Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL) shipping method if you have more goods.

Best international moving companies in the USA

It can be challenging to relocate your belongings to another country. That’s why Ameritrans International moving pros can help you with everything from your first estimate and pre-move preparations to customs clearance administration and guide you in making the finest transportation technique choice.

Ameritrans International will develop an individual international relocation strategy for you that cater to your needs and includes, Consultation on a Personal Move, International Moving Services on Demand, Property Protection Worldwide, and Management of Custom Clearances at the Extension of Logistic Services. Our primary business is international, moving from the United States and moving costs abroad. 40′ Container loaded; international freight shipping made simple.

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The five best international moving companies

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  • North American Van Lines: Best overall
  • United Van Lines: Employee relocation
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International shipping company tracking Ameritrans Freight International Shipping

At Ameritrans freight international, we provide tracking and shipping schedule for LCL shipments, FCL shipping, international moving, roro shipping, airfreight, and car shipping.

Contact us and get an instant quote.