Shipping to Germany from USA


You have come to the right shipping company if you need to move your home items internationally to Germany and seek a reputable and knowledgeable international shipping company. Cost of moving to Germany is manageable through us.

Ameritrans Freight International provide customers with a vast assortment of moving services . We  make  the moving process convenient and reasonably priced. In addition ,we coordinate thousands of worldwide migrations every year for families and individuals . This is because Germany is one of our busiest destinations due to its corporate community and connections with the U.S. military.

Services we provide for German relocation abroad

Do not worry about relocating to Germany using our international moving services because Ameritrans Freight International  ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible once it arrives overseas. We take care of arranging your cargo and related documentation by  making shipping costs affordable. We also provide cheapest way to ship to Germany.

Other services include;

  • Door-to-door service .
  • sheltered storage
  • wrapping and send a package
  • Pickup and delivery services from any U.S. location to our warehouse or port
  • clearance with customs and documentation
  • surveys to obtain precise volume estimates from you.
  • customs forms

The best methods for cheapest way to ship your household goods

When transporting household goods to Germany, our international moving business provides a few various shipping choices with effective shipping costs . There are two types of container services available: shared and solitary.

You only pay for the volume you ship internationally when using a shared service. This approach is fairly common because not everyone has enough cargo to fill a 40-foot container. There’s a good possibility you won’t fill up your container if you’re only moving from a one-bedroom goods , so there’s no sense in spending more than you have to. Several consolidations to Germany can be finished each month thanks to our volume and experience. Thus, you won’t have to wait too long for your items to arrive. We provide clients with their dedicated shipping container of 20 or 40 feet for a set shipping costs if you have a strict deadline.

Leaving your automobile behind is not a concern. We  provide cheapest way to ship your car  with your furniture/household goods, clothing, and other personal items.

What is the cost of moving 

Ameritrans Freight  international has worked with different the largest worldwide ocean freight firms, including Maersk Group®, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)®, COSCO®, CMA CGM Group®, Hapag-Lloyd®, and UPS Freight® to  give you the lowest prices.

However, moving to Germany from the USA will cost you  money, depending on key factors which include;
  • The volume of commodities,
  • origin/destination,
  • price-chosen service are a few variables that affect the shipping costs

 Rates for full container load (FCL)

The most effective and cheapest way to ship internationally  is via full container loads. The ideal cost of Shipping a Full Container of  an approximation for hauling pallets, crates, and entire container loads weighing between 250 and 45,000 pounds include;

A 20-foot container at $274

40-foot container at $320.00

Estimated cost to ship internationally  for less than container load (LCL)

Less than container load shipments can be through using LCL shipping. Flat rates  of LCL

Approximation for shipping boxes, pallets, and less-than-container cargo weighing 250 pounds to 20.000 pounds is:

LCL: $32.70 per CBM

Personal effects: $289.00

Household goods/ furniture: $297.40

What is the transit time to  ship internationally?

The total time it will take for your transfer depends on several factors. From the east coast to Germany, it will often take three weeks to sail or spend time on the water.

Typical travel time from the west coast to everyone’s base ports is 30 days. Moving to Germany usually takes 6–8 weeks from door to door. However, some shipments take longer or shorter.

Furthermore as overseas carriers, we try to adhere to our estimate, but these are meant to be more of a suggestion than a precise time frame.

Major destinations we deliver To

  • Bremerhaven
  • Hamburg
  • Berlin
  • Bremen
  • Munich
  • Stuttgart
  • Dortmund
  • Hanover
  • Cologne
  • Frankfurt
  • Kaiserslautern

Note that; Your final destination may be a little village outside of one of the cities listed below, but chances are good that our staff of international movers will still be able to deliver you there.

 Imports Products

Most of the time, people who are relocating their household items to Germany as personal property can import their possessions duty- and tax-free.

German tax and customs relief conditions must be met by individuals who want to benefit from this. Once your shipment with us has begun, we will walk you through this process in order to send a package.

RORO shipping

Compared to purchasing a car there, shipping a car to Germany is more economical. Getting your car shipped from the U.S.  is simple with Ameritrans Freight. We have 40 years of experience as experts in international auto shipping,. Moreover whether you’re in the military, moving t temporarily, or making a long-term move. Your car can be shipped from the U.S.  with Ameritrans Freight at the most affordable flat rates  and with the most effective process. We also ship boats, Jet skis, earth moving heavy equipment, airplanes, beak bulk machines

How much does it cost to ship a car?

A car can be shipped to Germany for an average cost of $1000. The following factors will affect the cost of exporting a car :

  • Year, make, and model of your car
  • Your place in the U.S. and how near you are to a port of departure
  • The delivery method you select
  • Your car’s last resting place in Germany

In addition ,always seek a flat rates  for your particular shipment. We will ensure you have everything required for a risk-free international auto-delivery to Germany. We have an internal dispatch department that can plan pickups from any nationwide location. In any case, your car’s location

The greatest global delivery network for RoRo and container ship transportation of cars, specialty vehicles, equipment, and boats are provided by Ameritrans freight.

Estimated shipping rates of auto shipping

Ideal for shipping huge automobiles, farm equipment, personal vehicles, and to send a package

For instance;

  • SUV (in-container) $1,100.00
  • Sedan via RORO $1,200.00
  • SUV delivered for $820.00 via RORO

Different options services to  ship internationally

Shipping an automobile by the container is the most popular way to do it . Although we also provide RoRo services

Container shipping services

Use one of our combined container shipping services or have your vehicle sent in a 20 container or 40ft container sole use sole-use .

Your vehicle will be transported into a 40ft container with others for consolidated container service headed to Germany. The expense is divided between each shipper while maintaining the protection of a container to ship internationally. This makes it become  the most advantageous option.

Roll on Roll off (RoRo) services

This method of shipping cars involves driving the vehicles into the belly of the big ships. This is where they are fully prepared and firmly attached.

Due to its openness to the elements, RoRo has few serviceable ports and is generally less protected. This service is primarily used when a vehicle is too tall or wide to fit inside a container .Furthermore, one must ship through an open area on a ship.

Common destinations for Moving a car 

The locations in Germany where we send cars from the U.S. are listed below. The major port in the north is Bremerhaven.

Others include;

  • Bremen
  • Hamburg
  • Munich
  • Ramstein
  • Stuttgart
  • Cologne
  • Dresden
  • Frankfurt

Car RORO to Bremerhaven

Germany’s principal ocean freight port is Bremerhaven. Depending on the U.S. departure port, our container service departs every other week.

It takes about 4-5 weeks on the water from Los Angeles, our west coast office. Just keep in mind that this is an ocean voyage.

We advise clients to give the process at least 6 to 8 weeks to complete. However, it can take more time.

When exporting an automobile from the east coast, you will benefit from a quicker port-to-port transit time of 3–4 weeks.


Temporary Car Moving

Only a deposit is needed if you’re taking your car on vacation or driving through Germany to get to another place. The money is returned to you after the vehicle departs Germany or is registered in your country of choice. If you are here temporarily, the length of your stay cannot exceed 12 months.

Transporting a Car  Permanently

As long as it is in use  and has ownership  for more than six months, U.S. nationals moving permanently to Germany . This applies to those who need to send a car to Germany may import the car as part of their possessions.

This is a one-time offer. We recommend that all our clients contact the German embassy to establish their status. This is because taxes and tariffs may alter without warning.

E.U. nationals who have resided in the United States for more than a year. Those who have owned the vehicle for more than six months are eligible for a single tax-free import.

Air freight shipping services,

It has never been simpler to ship air freight . We offer extensive shipping options for your deliveries to Germany with the most dependable air freight shipping services at the lowest shipping rates. shipping rates of moving to Germany becomes cheaper.

Typical air freight transit time to Germany is 2 to 4 business days.

shipping rates of  moving, Air Freight Shipping costs Approximation

Ideal for shipping costs of  pallets , boxes and send a package  weighing between 250 and 3,500 pounds.

  • Minimum ;$150.00.
  • + 40 kg :$2.21 per kg.
  • 300 kg : $1.80 per kg.
  • 1000 kg : $1.50 per Kg.

Airfreight shipping usa Germany

Airfreight is always the quickest option.  But , its  shipping costs are  more than ocean shipping. It is recommended if the cargo needs to arrive quickly or has a short shelf-life. Airfreight is also a good choice for high-value goods because of better security at airports. The cargo should not take more than four pallets, as bigger shipments will not be worth the high shipping costs.

Germany is home to the largest cargo-handling airport in Europe: Frankfurt Airport. It handles as much as two million tons of cargo each year. The favorable location makes importing products to Germany by air much easier and faster. Other cargo airports in the country are in Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg. Here are some examples of the transit time of cargo shipped from the United States to Germany:

  • Atlanta or San Francisco to Frankfurt –  Delivery time is within 6 days
  • Denver or Los Angeles to Frankfurt – Delivery time is within 8 days
  • New York to Frankfurt – Delivery time is within 5 days

Customs Duties and Taxes

Depending on what is being shipped, the rules for customs forms and Import duty  in Germany may be complicated.

Ameritrans freight international  has understandably summarized German customs forms rules.

Custom brokerage services are;

  • Duty and tax computation.
  • Monitoring liquidation issues.
  • System of  import duty drawbacks.
  • Solutions for trade facilitation..
  • Treasury bonds.
  • Preparation and filing of a protest.
  • customs forms
Which methods are economical and cost-effective?

The most effective and economical method of shipping goods  is Ocean shipping services, Airfreight services and international moving. The listed is  perfect for transporting ;

Is it simple to relocate from the US?

American residents can go to Germany without a job, but it’s not as simple and it’s typically not advised for people looking to immigrate.


How long does household goods shipment take?

The household goods transfer will take a certain time, depending on various variables.

It typically takes three weeks to sail or be on the sea from the east coast to Germany.

Thirty days is the average time it takes to travel from the west coast to every base port.

Door-to-door services  typically take 6 to 8 weeks, while certain shipments may take more or less. and also as  international carriers, we try to stick to our estimates. However ,they should only be used as a general guide.

How can an American move ?

It is not difficult for Americans to relocate to Germany. But there are a few things you should know before you begin the process and they include;

First, unless you have European citizenship, you cannot simply move to Germany and settle there.

If you’re a citizen of the U.S, and you also need to travel to Germany for leisure or business is a passport that’s up to date.

Secondly, one may stay for up to 90 days during 180 days in Germany and the other Schengen Area nations. As a result, if you intend to go to Germany.  Furthermore ,individual will  probably need to work there and  also remain  there for more than 90 days.

Before Moving to Germany, you can arrange for this paperwork. Moving to Germany

How Can American Citizens Obtain a German Residence Permit?

One must obtain a residence permit . This applies if you are an American citizen and plan to stay in Germany for more than 90 days.

Within the first week after arriving in Germany. One must register with the city’s registration office to receive one.

Another choice is to apply for your German residency visa while still in the U.S. Either at a German Consulate or the German Embassy in Washington.

For US citizens, the Schengen Visa is not required. This lack of Schengen Visa requirement means that you can move to Germany and you can stay there for 90 days until you get your residence permit. Since you are moving to, you will need a residence permit.
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