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Africa RORO Car shipping from the United States to Africa

Africa roro, the most popular method of shipping a vehicle internationally is RORO.  Its  system allows you to drive your car on and off the ship using its wheels. That is why it is  lashed to the ship’s deck to keep the vehicle from swaying during the ocean cruise. The spare tire and jack are the only goods allowed inside the vehicle. Majority of car shippers prefer the RORO transportation method. Africa roro

Shipping vehicles from the United States and Canada to Africa. This reduces costs and increases the value of their desired purchase. Most cars  use RORO service since the rates are very competitive. Hence it  is robust, reliable, and convenient. Africa roro

When it comes to shipping your car, RORO is the most cost-effective and time-efficient alternative. You don’t have to share your vehicle or rely on anyone. Our knowledge is based on personal travel experiences and trusted relationships . In every destination we propose. prices are flexible when it comes to cost because  you will not be overcharged

We have also worked with all of the significant RORO shippers around the globe include;

  • WWL,
  • Kline,
  • Grimaldi/ACL,
  • Sallaum
  • NYK, and Hoegh).

Ameritrans can carry automobiles, SUVs, boats, and high-heavy equipment such as

  • bulldozers,
  • excavators,
  • graders, and dump trucks.

Africa roro, how much does it cost to ship a car to Africa?

RoRo (Roll-On/Roll-Off) shipment may be the answer if are seek a cost-effective alternative to transfer your automobile. It’s the simplest and most cost-effective way to export cars overseas. Whether new or second-hand. Africa roro

Several factors  will determine the entire cost of carrying

  • sort of automobile;
  • transportation to and from the shipyard;
  • cost of delivery;
  • additional cargo insurance .

What is the Best Way to Ship a Car to Africa?

We understand how difficult it is to transport vehicles internationally. RORO shipping from the United States and Canada to African countries with their significant seaports through us makes the process as simple as feasible for you in;

port of Djibouti

South Africa
Durban port.

Mombasa port.

Port Said

Port of Nador.
Tangier port
Port of Kenitra (Port Lyautey) Africa roro
Casablanca port.
Port of Jorf Lasfar.
Safi. Port
Port of Agadir.
Tan Tan.port

Port Dar Es Salaam
Walvis Bay

Port of Algiers
Beni Saf,

Port Louis


Addis Ababa

Port of Luanda
Namibe Port,
Port of Lobito

Ebome Marine Terminal.
Kole Terminal.
Limboh Terminal.
Moudi Terminal.

Congo DRC.

Port of Gentil.
Libreville port
Mayumba port .
Port of Nyanga.

Port of Banjul


Port of Tema. Located on Ghana’s east coast, Tema port is the nation’s most important and premier port.
Takoradi Port.
Saltpond port
Old Port of Sekondi

Port of Conakry
Port of Kakande.

Lagos port
Abuja port

Tunis port

Monrovia port

Port of Tripoli

Lome port

Sierra Leone

Port of Victoria

Maputo port

Dakar port

Nouakchott port

Côte d’Ivoire
Abidjan port

Porto-Novo port

N’Djamena port

Congo, Peoples Republic
Brazzaville port
Pointe Noire

Africa roro shipping automobile process

  • You transport the car to a terminal at the loading port.
  • The terminal receives the vehicle, but there is no inspection report completed.
  • Unless the client or driver requests it, no images are taken.
  • Before loading, the vehicle is kept outside at the terminal.
  • Upon arriving at the target port, the client picks up their car.
  •  Destination fees are lower than shared container destination fees. Africa roro

Roro shipping for Heavy equipment to Africa

This  is the most cost-effective option to carry your heavy gear and equipment . Your equipment will be pushed into the freight ship on its wheels. Then secured for shipping offloaded in the same manner.

Agricultural, mining, construction equipment, trucks, travel trailers, boats, water trucks, ambulance transport trailers, and other items are all suited for RORO shipment

We transfer heavy equipment to Africa from the United States and Canada . As a result, we understand how critical it is to plan ahead of time and prepare. This both the transportation documentation and the goods.

Here are a few pointers on how to get your cargo ready:

  • Allow your equipment to operate, but turn off any alarm systems;
  • All loose parts should be secured
  • Provide space for the heavy equipment to be picked up by the carrier business;
  • Have all of the required documentation on hand. Or verify that the heavy haul transportation business has done so ahead of time;
  • Cover any part of the equipment that you don’t want to be exposed to the elements (if it’s being sent

Shipping cars to Nigeria

We have worked hard to assist our customers in shipping autos from the United States and Canada to Nigeria and to add value by lowering transportation expenses. In addition  want to be Africa’s leading RORO service provider providing you with dependable, easy, and quick delivery at reasonable pricing as the automobiles drive themselves onto and off the ships. Africa roro

The cost to ship a car from the United States to Nigeria.

RoRo shipping is a highly safe and secure method of transporting a car or other machinery across the ocean. It entails little product lifting and safe and secure storage inside the vessels.

Numerous elements might influence the cost of international shipping, but the following are the most important:

  • the car’s make, model, and year of manufacture;
  •  Route and the cost of shipment;
  • any extra insurance to protect your shipment;
  • Inland transit to and from the shipyard is available.

If you’re transporting big machinery, you’ll want to think about the equipment’s dimensions, whether it can be transported on its wheels or with the help of a lift, and how it will be secured on the vessel.

Car shipping schedule, how to transport a vehicle to Nigeria

Car importation from one continent to another is a difficult task. But, to make things as easy as possible, we offer auto shipping services from the United States and Canada to Nigeria.

The following are some of the most critical steps:

  • Purchase your vehicle. There are various ways to obtain a vehicle from the United States, but the most common methods are registering with a car auction website or searching on a car listing website.
  • Transporting your vehicle to your next RoRo shipyard. You have the option of handling the delivery yourself or hiring a car carrier;
  • Prepare your export paperwork;
  • Embark on a voyage to Nigeria with your cargo;
  • Clear your vehicle through Nigerian customs. Africa roro


Some of the factors that influence heavy equipment shipping rates in terms of expenses are as follows:

  • weight of the apparatus per ton or its cubic meter dimensions (whichever is higher);
  •  cost of delivery to other countries;
  • any additional freight insurance;
  • inland transportation to and from the shipyard, as well as RORO shipping service equipment
  • The price  of transporting heavy equipment also includes destination customs and taxes and the type of service necessary. Once the freight has arrived at its final destination port, you should know that seaports have their own cargo rules and laws, including specific cleaning and inspection needs.



car shipping schedule, how much to ship a car to Ghana?

Many factors influence the final cost of your order, including:

  • The method you use to transport your vehicle to the United States port. Some people drive themselves to the port. Others live too far away from the nearest port and rely on our truck drivers to transfer their cargo from their houses to the port. This raises the overall price.
  • Your vehicle’s size.
  • The region of the United States from which your vehicle will be sent. However , shipping from the East Coast is less expensive than shipping from the West Coast. As a result, if you leave from Maryland, it will most likely cost less than if you leave from Texas.

Several factors will determine your final price. That is also why predicting the exact price you will pay is difficult unless we have specific information about the sort of vehicle you own.

We will also want to know how you plan to get it to the port. Whereby  you plan to send it from, and which shipping method you prefer.

Africa roro, how much to ship a car to Africa?

Normal-sized automobiles can cost as little as $1,200, while SUVs and larger vehicles can cost as much as $2,500.

What method will you use to transport your vehicle to the port?

  • You will save money by bringing your car to the port.
  • One can spend more money if we pick it up at your home.
  • The vehicle’s dimensions- In general, shipping a larger car is more expensive than shipping a smaller one.
  • Where the car will be shipped from in the United States. For instance shipping from the East Coast is less expensive than shipping from the West. Africa roro

What factors affect the cost of a car shipping?

  • Seasons: Summer and January are the most expensive months.
  • Car type: The more significant or newer the car, the more expensive it is to transfer.
  • Urgency: sooner you need your car delivered, the prices are higher.
  • Competitors: Auto transport services that serve a route, the less expensive your charge will be.
  • The shipping type: Open car travel is frequently cheaper than enclosed car transport.
  • Routes: Cross-country and long-distance car shipping from California to New York.
  • Fuel prices: If gasoline is pricey, your car shipping services should also be.

Africa roro, what is the cheapest way to ship a car?

Instead of enclosed auto transport, open auto transport is the most cost-effective approach to exporting a car.  Average cost of open transport for a 1,500-mile consignment is $1,350.For  enclosed carriers cost $2,015.

The exporters to Africa

European Union, Japan, and the United States exported 14 million used vehicles worldwide 40 per cent of which went to African countries. The low prices of these vehicles create high demand for them in Africa and other developing regions. Still, there is a trade-off to the low cost: They are often of poor quality and would fail roadworthiness tests in exporting countries. As a result, these vehicles contribute to air pollution and hinder efforts to combat climate change. To explore these issues in more depth, last month.

The United Nations Environment Program released the report “Used Vehicles and the Environment,” which analyzes data from 146 countries that import used vehicles and calls for action to regulate the trade in used cars.
Due to the lack of solid regulations and the tremendous demand for affordable cars. Imported secondhand cars in Africa are sometimes very old.

They do not meet Western standards for roadworthiness. Paper examines the export of used cars from the Netherlands to Africa in 2017–2018 to understand these patterns better.

The Netherlands is a significant used-car exporter, sending 35,000 automobiles to Africa over that time, according to UNEP. It received data for its investigation from the nation’s recent examination of its used vehicle shipments to Africa.
All vehicles are continuously inspected to ensure the highest level of safety on board the ship. Therefore, why are you still waiting? Let us assist you in shipping your autos by getting in touch with us right away.
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Ameitrans freight international usually makes shipments of cars to all countries in Africa. Africa roro