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Car shipping from the United States to Africa

The most popular method of shipping a vehicle internationally is RORO. A RORO vehicle is rolled on and off of a ship or vessel. Because you are just charged for the vehicle area it occupies on a RORO ship, RORO shipping is less expensive. When moving a car from the United States to a port in Africa, RoRo shipping is a safe and efficient option. The RoRo system allows you to drive your car on and off the ship using its wheels. It is lashed to the ship’s deck to keep the vehicle from swaying during the ocean cruise. The spare tire and jack are the only goods allowed inside the vehicle. The majority of car shippers prefer the RORO transportation method.

Shipping vehicles from the United States and Canada to Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, and other countries) reduces costs and increases the value of their desired purchase. Most vehicles use RORO service since the rates are very competitive and the service is robust, reliable, and convenient. When it comes to shipping your car, RORO is the most cost-effective and time-efficient alternative. You don’t have to share your vehicle or rely on anyone. Our knowledge is based on personal travel experiences and trusted relationships in every destination we propose.

Our prices are flexible when it comes to cost because our knowledge is based on the personal travel experience and trustworthy relationships in each destination we propose. You will not be overcharged.

We have also worked with all of the significant RORO shippers around the globe (WWL, Kline, Grimaldi/ACL, Sallaum, NYK, and Hoegh).

We can carry automobiles, SUVs, boats, and high-heavy equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, graders, and dump trucks.

How much does it cost to ship a car to Africa?

RoRo (Roll-On/Roll-Off) shipment may be the answer if you seek a cost-effective alternative to transfer your automobile. It’s the simplest and most cost-effective way to export cars overseas, whether new or second-hand.

Several factors: will determine the entire cost of carrying

  • sort of automobile;
  • transportation to and from the shipyard;
  • cost of delivery;
  • additional cargo insurance (if you want your automobile to be more protected).

What Is the Best Way to Ship a Car to Africa?

We understand how difficult it is to transport vehicles internationally. We provide RORO shipping from the United States and Canada to African countries to make the process as simple as feasible for you (Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, and Nigeria).

The following are the main steps in exporting a car:

  • Your vehicle will be transported inland to the nearest RORO terminal.
  • You can self-deliver it, collect it on a car carrier, or employ a completely enclosed collection truck.
  • Document preparation for export;
  • After passing through the US Customs process, the car is placed onto the vessel and sailed to the final destination country.

SHIPPING RORO Automobile process

  • You transport the car to a terminal at the loading port, or we will deliver it for you.
  • The terminal receives the vehicle, but there is no inspection report completed.
  • Unless the client or driver requests it, no images are taken.
  • Before loading, the vehicle is kept outside at the terminal.
  • Upon arriving at the target port, the client picks up their car.
  • RORO destination fees are lower than shared container destination fees.

RORO shipping for Heavy equipment to Africa

RORO (Roll-On, Roll-Off) shipping is the most cost-effective option to carry your heavy gear and equipment internationally. As the term implies, your machines “roll-on” to the vessel when they first load and “roll-off” when they arrive at the destination port.

Your equipment will be pushed directly into the freight ship on its wheels, secured for shipping, and offloaded in the same manner.

Agricultural, mining, construction equipment, trucks, travel trailers, boats, water trucks, ambulance transport trailers, and other items are all suited for RORO shipment.

We transfer heavy equipment to Africa from the United States and Canada (Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, and Nigeria). As a result, we understand how critical it is to plan ahead of time and prepare both the transportation documentation and the goods.

Here are a few pointers on how to get your cargo ready:

  • Allow your equipment to operate, but turn off any alarm systems;
  • All loose parts should be secured.
  • Provide space for the heavy equipment to be picked up by the carrier business;
  • Have all of the required documentation on hand, or verify that the heavy haul transportation business has done so ahead of time;
  • Cover any part of the equipment that you don’t want to be exposed to the elements (if it’s being sent outside);

shipping cars to Nigeria

We have worked hard to assist our customers (both businesses and individuals) in shipping autos from the United States and Canada to Nigeria and to add value by lowering transportation expenses.

We want to be Africa’s leading RORO service provider, providing you with dependable, easy, and quick delivery at reasonable pricing as the automobiles drive themselves onto and off the ships.

The cost to ship a car from the United States to Nigeria.

RoRo shipping is a highly safe and secure method of transporting a car or other machinery across the ocean. It entails little product lifting and safe and secure storage inside the vessels, insulated from the harsh environmental conditions that may occur while travelling across the ocean.

Numerous elements might influence the cost of international shipping, but the following are the most important:

  • the car’s make, model, and year of manufacture;
  • the route and the cost of shipment;
  • any extra insurance to protect your shipment;
  • Inland transit to and from the shipyard is available.

Furthermore, car shipping costs consider destination tariffs and taxes and the type of service needed. If you’re transporting big machinery, you’ll want to think about the equipment’s dimensions, whether it can be transported on its wheels or with the help of a lift, and how it will be secured on the vessel.

How to Transport a Vehicle to Nigeria

Car importation from one continent to another is a difficult task. But, to make things as easy as possible, we offer auto shipping services from the United States and Canada to Nigeria (and to Ghana, Angola, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Gambia, and Guinea).

The following are some of the most critical steps:

  • Purchase your vehicle. There are various ways to obtain a vehicle from the United States, but the most common methods are registering with a car auction website or searching on a car listing website.
  • Transporting your vehicle to your next RoRo shipyard. You have the option of handling the delivery yourself or hiring a car carrier;
  • Prepare your export paperwork;
  • Embark on a voyage to Nigeria with your cargo;
  • Clear your vehicle through Nigerian customs.

Transporting your goods may be simple and inexpensive with our international shipping services. Some of the factors that influence heavy equipment shipping rates in terms of expenses are as follows:

  • the weight of the apparatus per ton or its cubic meter dimensions (whichever is higher);
  • the cost of delivery to other countries;
  • any additional freight insurance;
  • inland transportation to and from the shipyard, as well as RORO shipping service equipment
  • The cost of transporting heavy equipment also includes destination customs and taxes and the type of service necessary. Once the freight has arrived at its final destination port, you should know that seaports have their own cargo rules and laws, including specific cleaning and inspection needs.

Cheapest car shipping companies

  • Easy Auto-Ship

Easy Auto Ship provides a full range of car transport services at well-below-average prices to its customers. Easy Auto Ship’s guarantee that no hidden fees would be added once an agreement has been reached backs up this claim.

Easy Auto Ship provided us with quotes ranging from $704 for a 500-mile trip to $1,407 for a 1,500-mile trip. On average, easy Auto Ship’s costs were $100 less expensive than its contemporaries. This is because car shipping costs are lower than the national average, provide a price guarantee, and the entire booking process takes place online.

  • Montway Auto Transport

Customers can anticipate trustworthy and effective service at low auto shipping prices since Montway Auto Transport is established to offer reasonable rates without sacrificing service quality. A 500-mile cargo costs $599 on average, and a 1,500-mile open vehicle shipping cost roughly $1,399 on average. Anyone looking for low-cost shipping should nevertheless give montway Auto Transport serious attention. Montway is a cheap automobile transportation company that offers a good blend of affordable rates and good service. This is because pricing is reasonable, there is a reputation in the field, and Over 15,000 transportation providers are part of the network.


At first, placing Ameri Freight on a list of cheap auto shipping carriers may not make sense because its estimates are slightly higher than regular upfront. However, it is present for a reason. Ameri Freight earns our distinction as the Best for Discounts provider because of their high customer service standards.

Additional savings might go a long way in finding low-cost car shipping. Ameri Freight has some of the most extensive markdowns in the market, so that it could be your best option for low-cost car shipping.

According to AmeriFreight, a 500-mile open vehicle shipment costs $723 on average, while a 1,500-mile open vehicle transport costs $1,054. AmeriFreight also guarantees to match any auto transport company’s price.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport is another company known for providing high-end service rather than low-cost car shipment. On the other hand, Sherpa Auto Transport claims never to raise its customers’ rates once they’ve signed a contract, thanks to its Price Lock Promise. Because costs in the automobile shipping sector fluctuate so much, Sherpa’s policy of providing you with a fixed fee may provide you with some peace of mind.

We discovered bids for open transport from Sherpa Auto Transport that ranged from $600 for a 500-mile journey to $1,725 for a 2,700-mile trip. These prices were for a 2018 Hyundai Elantra delivered to your door.

When you pick Sherpa Auto Transport, you can count on excellent service. The vehicle transport company is a leading source for inexpensive car shipping because of its transparent pricing, commitment to consumers, and efficient business style.

In the vehicle transfer space, there aren’t many companies like uShip. uShip operates an online marketplace where transporters bid on your shipment instead of acting as a car carrier or broker. As a result, the platform’s prices range from extremely expensive to extremely low. According to our study, rates ranged from $638 for a 500-mile open vehicle shipment to $1,596 for a 1,500-mile open vehicle shipment.

On uShip, however, customers must use caution. Because virtually any transporter can bid on uShip’s marketplace, it’s crucial to read the tiny print before agreeing to any contracts. Even yet, if you choose wisely, you might be able to get fantastic service at a bargain price.

Check if your motor carrier is covered by a cargo insurance policy and has a current license.


Many factors influence the final cost of your order, including:

  • The method you use to transport your vehicle to the United States port. Some people drive themselves to the port, which saves money. Others live too far away from the nearest port and rely on our truck drivers to transfer their cargo from their houses to the port. This raises the overall price.
  • Your vehicle’s size. In general, shipping a larger car is more expensive than shipping a smaller one. As a result, shipping an SUV, for example, will cost more than shipping a compact car.
  • The region of the United States from which your vehicle will be sent. In general, shipping from the East Coast is less expensive than shipping from the West Coast. As a result, if you leave from Maryland, it will most likely cost less than if you leave from Texas.

Several factors will determine your final price. That is also why predicting the exact price you will pay is difficult unless we have specific information about the sort of vehicle you own.

We will also want to know how you plan to get it to the port, where you plan to send it from, and which shipping method you prefer. We’ll be able to better estimate prices once we obtain that information from you.

Normal-sized automobiles can cost as little as $1,200, while SUVs and larger vehicles can cost as much as $2,500. Several factors: will determine the final cost of your project

  • What method will you use to transport your vehicle to the port? You will save money by bringing your car to the port. You’ll spend more money if we pick it up at your home.
  • The vehicle’s dimensions- A huge SUV or pickup vehicle will cost more freight, whereas a compact car will cost less.
  • Where the car will be shipped from in the United States, shipping from the East Coast is less expensive than shipping from the West.

A few external factors influence how much you’ll pay for transportation. When looking for the best affordable auto shipping solutions, keep these aspects in mind.

  • Seasons: Summer and January are the most expensive months.
  • Car type: The more significant or newer the car, the more expensive it is to transfer.
  • Urgency: The sooner you need your car delivered, the more expensive it will be.
  • Competitors: The more auto transport services that serve a route, the less expensive your charge will be.
  • The shipping type: Open car travel is frequently less expensive than enclosed car transport.
  • Routes: Cross-country and long-distance car shipping from California to New York or Hawaii are more expensive overall but less expensive per mile than regional routes. Door-to-door service is more expensive than terminal-to-terminal service.
  • Fuel prices: If gasoline is pricey, your car shipping services should also be.

Instead of enclosed auto transport, open auto transport is the most cost-effective approach to exporting a car. According to our data, the average cost of open transport for a 1,500-mile consignment is $1,350, while enclosed carriers cost $2,015.

Booking early, being flexible with dates, avoiding enclosed transport and door-to-door delivery, and contacting numerous companies for fast quotes are the best ways to locate low-cost auto shipping.