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Shipping Container to Nigeria, Cheap shipping to Nigeria. Ship container to Nigeria. Container shipping cost to is from between $4000- $6000 from the U.S. Depending on the pick up point in the USA. Many of the highest prices for 20 and 40 ft containers (Full container load).
All package with personal effects, heavy equipment, boxes, Boats, and automobiles. Also sent to Nigeria from major US ports. At Ameritrans, we  offer very reasonable  Container shipping rates. This is from rom door in the USA to port or door in Nigeria.

ship container to Nigeria ports

Nigeria’s ports are governed and operated by the Nigerian Ports Authority. A federal government body. The Lagos Port Complex and Tin Can Island Port in Lagos. Calabar Port, Delta Port, Rivers Port in Port Harcourt; and Onne Port are among the NPA’s major ports.

Ship container to Nigeria the longest transit time 

The route Seattle – Tincan/Lagos. With an average travel time of 61 days, is the longest for shipping a container to Nigeria. With an average of 59 days, Oakland – Tincan/Lagos and Long Beach – Tincan/Lagos are the following longest routes.

ship container to Nigeria- Fast shipping  transit time

The route Atlanta, Ga – Tincan/Lagos, with an average travel time of 4 days, is the fast shipping  way to ship a container to Nigeria. Charlotte – Tincan/Lagos and El Paso – Tincan/Lagos are the following fast shipping routes. Both are taking four days on average.

The top five fast shipping routes to Nigeria for containers

New York Lagos
Savannah Tincan/Lagos
Algeciras Tincan/Lagos
Detroit Tincan/Lagos
Barcelona Tincan/Lagos

Finding the cheapest shipping-Cheap shipping to Nigeria.

Port of Loading Container Size Shipping Rates
Houston Texas to Lagos 20FT Container

Loaded with 1 Car

from: $3490
Baltimore to Lagos

Virginia to Lagos

Washington DC to Lagos

40FT container

Loaded with 3 Cars

Baltimore/ los Angeles  to Lagos

Virginia to Lagos

Washington DC to Lagos

20FT Container

Loaded with 1 Car

from: $3100
Miami – Lagos 20FT Container

40FT Container

HC Container

$ 1,920

$ 2,202

$ 2,208

Savannah – Lagos 20FT Container

40FT Container

HC Container

$ 2,205

$ 5,849

$ 2,858

What is the price of shipping a container to Tin Can island Port?

A cargo to Tin Can Island costs approximately $4150 US dollars to freight. Export containers to Tin Can Island Port (TCIP) container terminal are located in Nigeria’s Apapa Lagos zone. Tin Can Island Port is located across Lagos Harbor, seven kilometers west of Lagos, Nigeria.

 Advantages of finding the cheap shipping to Nigeria 

  • Sufficient Goods Security

The container is protected from severe weather, temperature changes, theft, handling effects, and fire once it is sealed. As a result, limit or mitigate the danger of lost objects under those circumstances.

  • Low cost and quick transportation

When transporting or shipping container freight, is there any need to be concerned about breaking the bank? This is because the container is the unit that maintains track of everything it holds. As a result, fees are computed on a per-container basis rather than a per-item basis. It can get to its port of destination quickly. The other stage of immigration clearance, which determines the delivery services and flight timing  , is rapidly cut because the information about the items is indicated outside the container.

  • Unparalleled flexibility and adaptability

Container transportation can transport huge and small commodities across long and short distances. It can carry both hazardous liquids (hydrocarbons and chemicals) and solid products (wheat, flour, livestock feed, and so on).

How to send things from USA to Nigeria - Ameritrans Freight International

Warehousing is the fourth step in the process

The container serves as its storage facility; packaging is more straightforward and less expensive. Capacity for stacking on ships, railways (double stacking), and on land (container yards).

ship container to Nigeria rates from  the USA

The average cheap shipping to Nigeria from the United States is 6 to 8 weeks. Weekly ocean delivery is always on time, even if other shippers have delays of up to 3 or 6 months. Some companies offer their customers a 25% discount on weekly ocean shipping from the United States to Nigeria. If you are a prominent exporter, you may want to consider a Full Container. Full container load (FCL) transportation from Nigeria to the United States is possible for businesses with enough merchandise to fill a container. For 20 ft and 40 ft containers, many companies provide excellent shipping rates and discounts. Every receiver can benefit from the ocean shippers’ warehouse.

The term “less than container” refers to the fact that the recipient does not need to have the stuff to fill a container. You can send a package of any size, ranging from 1 pound to 100,000 kilograms. With this option, the receiver pays for the exact amount of space in the container they require. Senders have their consolidation service if a receiver is importing for home/office usage or business (reselling in the United States)

customs and border protection

Houston’s airport and seaport are the most common locations for clearance process
In most cases, clearing at the US port  or at customs officers takes two business days. Documents, letters, and small parcels are shipped via this service. You can discover a company that will transport postcards, letters, large envelopes (flats), and small packages via air freight from Nigeria for less than $10. The consumer will receive it in the United States in four business days. Weekly shipments from Nigeria in large volumes enable them to reduce shipping costs for all of their customers. While you should be aware that some firms price as much as $50 for the same service, you should also be mindful that there are companies that charge as little as $10.

How can you effectively ship from Nigeria to the United States? 

When sending goods to the United States from Nigeria, the sender must adhere to the US Customs and FDA’s basic principles, processes, and documentation such as commercial invoice. We’ll show you how to mail something so that someone on the other side of the world can receive it without delay Reliability and accountability are necessary when sending goods to the United States from Nigeria. . The next piece of information is the product’s name. The product’s description is the item’s quantity.

What is the cost of sending a package to Nigeria?

The shipping cost to Nigeria is determined by the size and weight of your package and the type of service you desire; however, our discounted rates will help you keep your delivery expenses low. When you get an estimate from Parcel Monkey, you’ll be given the option of choosing between express and economy shipping, depending on the size and weight of your parcel. We’ll get you shipping rates from various carriers for shipping to Nigeria.

The most cost-effective method for international shipments

Whether you’re looking to reduce shipping from the United States to Nigeria, our reduced shipping prices are among the best. Courier online has the most affordable shipping rates to Nigeria, making it ideal for online sellers or York jfk trying to cut costs or people delivering on a shoestring.

Courier service

For shipping from the United States to Nigeria, Parcel Monkey offers a variety of courier options, with shipping periods ranging from 1-3 business days for quick shipment to 11-22 business days for budget shipping.

Options to sending your freight from the United States to the Tin Can Island port

There are several different options for shipping containers to Nigeria. The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), which oversees and operates the country’s ports, is another alternative. The Lagos Port Complex and Tin Can Island Port in Lagos; Calabar Port, Delta Port, Rivers Port in Port Harcourt; and Onne Port are among the NPA’s major ports.

What is the better option for maritime freight to Lagos: LCL or FCL?

Determine the size and weight of your shipment before contacting your forwarder or exporter company in the United States to transfer commercial or personal cargo to Nigeria, such as automobiles, yachts, scooters, jet skis, motor homes, automotive parts, and so on. Your forwarder will next tell you if you require a full container for one or more cars, a 40HQ container with (FCL), a shared container, or a groupage (a less-than-container load) or LCL shipping

The most common automobiles imported into Lagos

Mercedes Benz C300, Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Matrix, Mercedes Benz C300, Honda Civic, Honda Accord.  Mercedes-Benz ML350, Mercedes-Benz GL450, Lexus RX350, Lexus LX550, Toyota Sienna, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW X6. SUV: Mercedes-Benz ML350, Mercedes-Benz GL450, Lexus RX350, Lexus LX550, Toyota Sienna, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW X6. The Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, and Ford F150 are examples of pickup trucks

Examples of vans are the Ford E150 and Ford 350 extended vans.

What Is the Cost of Shipping to Lagos port?

Aside from delivery time and distance, several physical elements of your shipment, such as: Package weight: Packages that are heavier cost extra to ship. Remove any unneeded packaging materials to reduce shipping expenses. Dimensions: Packages of unusual sizes or forms are more expensive to send since they necessitate extra packing care. If feasible, stick to standard box sizes to keep shipping expenses down.

Using a container shipping service, how much does it cost to export an automobile from the United States to Lagos?

One of the most cost-effective shipping choices from the United States to West Africa is transporting a vehicle in a container to Lagos, Nigeria. When using a shared container service from ;

  • New York (East Coast),
  • Baltimore, Maryland,
  • Jacksonville, Florida,
  • Savannah, Georgia,

The rates range from $1500 to $2500. LCL

Then there’s inland transport, which can cost anywhere from $150 to $2000 depending on the vehicle’s location. For example, when transporting a vehicle from one of the most known ports in the US or shipping accident vehicles.  Inland transport can cost anywhere from $150 to $2000. Please keep in mind that the inland transportation from your car to the nearest warehouse to the port in Nigeria may vary. Request  our skilled staff for a complete quote on shipping your vehicle to Nigeria in a container.

Exporting Vehicles To Lagos Has The Following Requirements

Residents from other countries:

  • A copy of your passport
  • Power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to act on
  • Letter of intent to export autos from the United States of America.
  • Citizens of the United States:
  • TAX ID# and EIN letter
  • Intention letter.
  • Shipping addresses

The cost of clearing a 40ft or 20ft container in Lagos

Cost of clearing a 40-foot or 20-foot container at a Nigerian seaport is determined by the documents required, the value of the products, the shipping firm, and the customs agent who conducts the process. The cost of terminal and shipment varies depending on the shipping company in Nigeria. The cost of transporting the products from the port to the consignee’s warehouse will be added to the total. Customs clearance is the procedure by which the Nigerian Customs Service and other relevant port agencies evaluate shipments arriving in Nigeria. Physical examination and documentation information tally with the products in the container are all part of the process. The declared duty values will be examined to see any discrepancies between the paperwork information and the imported products.

Requirements for clearing the  a 40ft or 20ft container.

  • One copy CCVO (Combined Certificate of Value and Origin) original bill of lading from the shipping business (Form 16)
  • invoice pro forma
  • PAAR (Pre-Arrive Assessment Report) is a report that is prepared before you arrive at your destination.
  • The customs agent who handles it sends a notice of assessment.
  • Form M (Nigeria’s Central Bank) Banks in Nigeria accept submission forms.
  • The goods’ descriptions and dimensions are listed on the packing list.
  • Form : Confirmation of Customs Duty Payment from the Bank
  • Import permits from SONCAP, NAFDAC, or other government agencies.
  • Shipping addresses

Ship Container to Nigeria Taxes on Imports

Only imports are subject to customs taxes in Nigeria. Rates vary depending on the item, often ranging from 5% to 35%, and are determined using the current Harmonized Commodity and Coding System (HS code). Get shipping addresses The Finance Act 2020 lowers the import tariff on tractors from 35% to 5%. The import duty on trucks and other vehicles to transport goods and people decreases from 35% to 10% and 5%, respectively. Airlines operating commercial air transport services in Nigeria are entitled to duty-free importation of their aircraft, engines, spare parts, and components, whether bought or rented. Shipping Container to Nigeria

Sea shipping from the united state of America , How to ship container to Nigeria from USA to Nigeria

It can be challenging to choose the appropriate form of transport for your items’ import. To maximize profit for your firm, cost, timeliness, reliability, shipping addresses and transparency must all be considered. This  is reasonable to conclude that exporting significant consumer goods to Nigeria by sea is an excellent option. When importing from factories in far-flung corners of the globe, this type of delivery is frequently used. Shipments to Nigeria by water have become the most popular and cost-effective mode of transport in recent decades. It’s a good idea to think about where you’re going.

Why is sea freight the most cost-effective mode of ship container to Nigeria?

A 20ft container has a total volume of 33 cubic meters (cm). This can hold many items, such as roughly 100 washing machines. Despite this, there may be room for more objects. Your supplier should be willing to supply the dimensions of your product. So that you can figure out what size container you’ll need. Otherwise, if you’d prefer our professional advice. We can handle the gathering of all necessary information. Products are pressed into transportation holders inside the cargo. Forwarder books the space or compartment with the ship operator. Also freight is trucked to the delivery location. Professionals who are directed by recognized bodies and standards all around the world. They are also are needed for sea shipping. service is utilized for international trade and will always take longer than typical air freight .

Ship Container To Lagos ocean shipping

  1. Full container load (FCL): a single shipment is loaded into a container that can range in length from 20 to 45 feet.
  2. Less than container load (LCL), in which multiple shipments share a container and are separated at their destination.
  3. RORO (roll-on, roll-off) is a process in which wheeled objects such as cars, trucks, and other vehicles drive onto and off a conveyor belt.
  4. Dry cargo shipping is used for goods like metals or aggregates that can be dumped or poured into a ship’s hold rather than being loaded into containers. Shipping Container to Nigeria

9 Ways to Save Money on Nigerian shipping

Successful shipping for eCommerce retailers entails more than just obtaining low rates. While trying to expedite the shipping process, you must keep your clients’ needs in mind. Here are nine suggestions to help you ship to Nigeria as , smoothly, and quickly as possible:
  • Notify your courier about fragile items:
This helps your courier ahead of time if you have any fragile items. It may increase your shipping costs. But it’s better than having things arrive broken on the customer’s doorstep.
  • Offer shipping options:
At the checkout , ideal for providing customers with list of accurate delivery options . It can be delivered duty unpaid or delivered duty paid,
. Shoppers can choose to pay more for faster delivery or insurance or save money.
  • Consider purchasing insurance:
The world is a vast place, and packages might go missing at any time. Ameritrans  can assist you with covering up to $5,000 in shipping costs. Shipping Container to Nigeria
  • Make a duty and tax calculation:

    • To establish the total shipping charges for you and your clients in Nigeria. Look up customs and taxes. This allows you to give flexible, cost-effective delivery alternatives to potential clients.
    • Shipping can be automated. Using an all-in-one shipping platform. You can find the best rates in Nigeria in only a few clicks. More significantly, it shows these exact, real-time rates immediately at checkout, increasing sales.
    • Weigh precisely: Fill out your customs documents with a precise shipment weight. If you don’t pay the difference, your packages may be held at customs until you do.
    • Declare your return policy:
    Make it simple for customers to read and use your return policy if they are unhappy with their order.
    • Read the customs procedures of each nation you intend to ship. Before sending your first cargo to ensure that your packages arrive.
    • Compare prices:
    • Nigeria’s most cost-effective shipping method isn’t necessarily the most obvious. To get the best deal for you and your customers. Compare courier rates and shipment timeframes.


In conclusion, container shipping is a speedier, more secure, reliable, and transparent means of shipping that hasn’t negated the benefits of container freight to Lagos. Container freight transportation is a cost-effective and dependable way that has been and will continue to be the answer to many businesses’ most pressing demands. How to Ship things from USA to Nigeria is now explained. You can get a quote between 16 hours and 18 hours.