Ocean Cargo Charter | Project Cargo Logistics | Break-Bulk

Ocean Cargo Charter | Project Cargo Logistics | Break-Bulk

This is a guideline for Ocean cargo charter, project cargo logistics Sea Cargo chartering activities and Break Bulk. Are you looking to use the sea freight method to transport large and complicated project cargo?

Project Cargo Breakbulk, Ocean Cargo chartering activities, Break-Bulk Logistics

Project cargo logistics is the  international transportation of big, heavy, expensive, or complicated pieces of equipment nationally or internationally. Sometimes, project cargo shipping is complex that it requires infrastructure changes, combination of modes, handling equipment, specific periods, and other intricate requirements.

The key difference between project cargo services from regular shipping is the difference types of sea freight and quantity. For instance, oil industries and mining have high saturation in project cargo shipping.

Project cargo services involve single or multiple shipping cargo that contain different freight volumes and cargo values. It means that multiple or single equipment is transported from one point to another or through multiple destinations for a period. Ocean Cargo Charter

How to get started:


Ameritrans Freight International shipping company acknowledges that a well-planned freight effort is essential. Shippers can save time, money, and reduce the possibility of things going wrong by planning. To reduce unexpected risks, create time for contingency  plan and organize every aspect of shipping. Ocean Cargo Charter


For project transportation to work well, it needs careful planning from the beginning. This could mean that you do not have to pay any more international transportation , tariff, or tax fees. To estimate costs well, you need to have done it before. Some cargo could be very expensive.

Ameritrans Freight International shipping company has expertise in shipping project cargo. We have a record of accomplishment in transporting heavy equipment. You can be sure to transport your cargo with less hassle. Ameritrans Freight International Shipping has 24/7 customer service and an online tracking system that eases the stress of transporting project cargo.


Ameritrans Freight International Shipping ensures that the customs, paperwork, taxes, duties, exemptions, and licenses are according to the destination. We have a project cargo expert that details all the rules and the budgeting process. The project cargo expert will help with the design process, look at different routes based on the size of the cargo, and figure out the best way to get the cargo to its final destination. Ocean Cargo Charter

The project cargo expert can also give advice on size and weight limits after doing a survey and taking into account a number of factors for each mode of transportation. This will make sure that the shipping cargo goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Planning for a project’s cargo logistics is just as important as planning for the project itself. The shipping company Ameritrans Freight International, which puts accountability, openness, and proactive communication at the top of its operations, does the planned transfer.

Project cargo that Ameritrans Freight International Shipping can transport:

  • Project Cargo Breakbulk  Shipping activities
  • Heavy machinery shipping
  • Oil and gas machinery shipping.
  • Military equipment shipping
  • Reactors shipping
  • Earthmoving equipment shipping
  • Turbines shipping
  • Boilers shipping activities
  • Locomotives
  • sea charter

What is Breakbulk Shipping Or Break Bulk Logistics?

Breakbulk cargo is the term used to describe oversized cargo that is discharged and emptied from the Vessel and that requires to be transported to the break bulk warehouse or final destination. The distinguishing character of breakbulk cargo is that it cannot fit a shipping container such as normal freight and is shipped separately using specialised equipment

Ocean Cargo Charter, Sea Charter And RORO for Break bulk 

The sea charter links chartering with environmental ethics to decarbonize international shipping. It is  is an international framework for assessing climate-friendly chartering. It sets a global framework for quantitatively evaluating chartering actions against climate targets. It is vital for making ethical decisions.

Ameritrans Freight International Shipping conducts thousands of voyages in accordance with sea cargo charter. It allows sustainability in the maritime industry and Break bulk Shipping

The International Maritime Organization (UN agency) works to have consistent goals and policies to regulate shipping globally. The actions will ensure a reduction of GHC emissions by 50% in 2050 compared to 2008.

34 charterers signed the marine freight charter. Bulk cargo owners from cereals and agriculture, chemicals, energy, metals and mining, commodities dealers, and ship owners signed the declaration. Their company efforts promote environmental stewardship.

Signatories apply the Sea Cargo Charter through corporate policies, procedures, and standards and ongoing collaboration with ship owners, distributors, and partners.

The Sea Cargo Charter will grow to include more topics where charterers’ combined influence could improve the social impact of the business.


What we need to know to successfully plan and execute project cargo shipments

Here is a to-do list for project cargo shipping:

1) Preparation

Shippers can save money and avoid surprises by acquiring sea cargo charter technical guidance early. Details such as over-weight or over-dimensional cargoes reduce transportation costs, reduce any risk, and provide certainty for shippers. A plan is essential to coordinate details of project cargo shipping. it is also important for one to have project cargo insurance.

2) Use a quality transportation service.

Ameritrans Freight International Shipping Company has:

  • Skilled engineers
  • and the skills to take on risk and responsibility.
  • reputation, real-world experience, and country knowledge.
  • Prioritizes communication to handle problems and changes swiftly.
  • With a strong understanding of machinery, links with nearby transporters and suppliers, and specialist capability,
  • Accurate pricing
  • Flawless execution
  • Standard type of ship
  • project cargo insurance

3) Create a Plan of Action

Unexpected events can cause the main  international transportation plan to fail, so develop a backup plan.

4) Constantly striving to improve company performance

Ameritrans Freight International Shipping is always working on constant improvement to benefit the customer. Project  cargo icon  transport needs improvement. If companies keep track of project cargo shipping and figure out where improvements need to be made, future shipments may go better.

What  is  project cargo  icon logistics and  project  cargo break bulk Shipping ?

Project cargo icon  logistics entails moving expensive, high-volume cargo. It is also termed “project freight logistics. Project cargo  and Break bulk Shipping arrangements may entail changing infrastructure, modalities, handling equipment, time limits, and other technical needs. It requires project cargo insurance.

How do I charter a cargo ship?

Ship cargo is the process of renting a ship. Some people may rent a ship based on their needs, just as they might rent an apartment or a car. It could be for moving people or things.

Ship cargo is the process of renting a ship. It starts with an agreement between the ship’s owner and another party. This deal is called a “charter party” in the shipping world.

The person who owns the ship is the ship owner, and the person who rents the ship is the charterer.

Who makes these two groups meet?

Shipbrokers are very important because they find the right ship owner and charterer and help them agree on the terms of their deal.

Most of the time, someone who wants to lease a ship would go to a shipbroker to find the right ship for their needs.

As we can see, ship cargo involves three people: the ship owner, who owns the rented ship; the charterer, who wants to rent the ship cargo; and the shipbroker, who helped connect the two.

Let us quickly talk about what each of these groups does.


A ship owner is a person or company that owns registered commercial ships in their name with a ship registry. Merchant ships take goods or people for a fee.

Most ship-owners are members of either the regional chamber of shipping or the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS). This international group is in charge of making rules and running shipping businesses. The ICS also takes care of legal issues that come up in the shipping business.

sea cargo charter technical guidance

A charterer is someone who wants to rent a ship to carry either cargo or people. The charterer may or may not own the goods. The charterer may be taking it somewhere for someone else.

Sometimes, a charterer will rent a ship and then re-rent it to someone else for the transportation of goods or people in order to make money.

The charterer plans the ship’s trip and sea cargo charter clause when the ship is loading and unloading. As captain, he is in charge of keeping the ship, its crew, and its cargo safe.

The ship owner and the charterer both sign the charter agreement.


Just like any other broker, a shipbroker helps a ship owner who wants to rent out his ship find the right customer. For their work, they charge the ship owner a fee or a commission. The commission could be a certain amount of the freight that the charterer pays to the ship owner.

A ship owner might hire a full-time shipbroker to help him or her get business. In the business of ship cargo, it is common to find brokers who only charter certain kinds of ships.

A shipbroker is not responsible for how the ship works or what it carries. He is just an intermediary between the ship owner and the person who wants to rent the ship.

What are the different types of Ocean Cargo Charter, chartering?

The three most common kinds of ship charters

Voyage charter

This is the most common way to rent out a ship. Most of the time, a voyage charter involves renting both the ship and its crew for a trip between two or more ports. The rent depends on the amount or weight of the cargo carried on the trip, or a fixed amount.

The Time Chart

A time charter is when a ship is rented for a certain amount of time. As with other types of charter, you rent the boat and its crew for a certain amount of time. In the charter party, it will be clear what the terms and conditions of the trip are, as well as how long the ship will be hired for, what kind of cargo it will carry, etc.

In a time charter, the charterer may pay a rate based on the deadweight ton per day or per month for the Ocean Cargo Charter

Sea Cargo Charter Bareboat

In a bareboat charter, the crew and management staff of the charterer are in charge of running and taking care of the boat. The ship owner will only be in charge of the ship’s technical management and things that have to do with how the port works.

During the charter party, it will be the charterer’s job to make sure the ship is safe and to settle

Cargo charter clause

The cargo charter clause is general in scope and demands the chief operator or despondent operator to submit a properly prepared fuel emission report in the appropriate format within seven days of the voyage’s conclusion. A yearly review process will be used to the sea cargo charter report

How do you handle Sea cargo Charter report for projects?

When dealing with oversized shipments, there are many things to think about. Because of this, only shipping companies like Ameritrans Freight International that have a lot of experience with project cargo can make sure that expensive and important items get where they need to go.

The costs of damaging or losing this kind of shipping cargo can be very high, possibly in the millions of dollars. Because of this, it is important to pay special attention to sea cargo charter report throughout the whole process.

Here are some things to think about as you plan your project cargo:

Find a reliable partner

The first step to completing a project cargo effectively is to make sure that everyone involved in the transportation is on the same page. In other words, they all need to work together ahead of time to make a detailed plan for the whole supply chain for freight process. To make sure of this, find a project logistics services like Ameritrans Freight International with financial stability, insurance, and experience with project cargo.

Using logistics networks, references, and joining groups like Project Professionals Group are all good ways to find reliable partners

Customs and regulations

When you use traditional freight forwarding, clearing customs can be hard because there are different rules depending on where you are shipping your load. The process of  project cargo, can be harder because cargo complication and paying attention to every detail.

So, to make sure the transition goes smoothly, and you don’t miss any deadlines, it’s important to conduct research on the regional market about documentation and inspection requirements, and also the cost of buying certain parts in different countries.

Cargo design

Oversized project cargo comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as out-of-gauge, heavy-lift, and break-bull. Depending on what you are moving, you will use a different type of transportation for each of these.

Project cargo requires stowage and clear positioning. Therefore, it is important to make sure you choose the right ship for your cargo and that all stow units are secure. Consider the following:


If you want to keep your cargo from any damage, project cargo should have proper securing ,technical guidance and lifting points. Security especially is important for heavy and bulky items.


No matter how big or small the shipping cargo is, pack the cargo and cover carefully to protect it from corrosion or impact. Check the cargo before it is loaded and make a note of any damage.


Include standard paperwork with every load such as weight, dimension safety details, and center of gravity. To ensure safety during transportation, it is important to give the right and correct information.

Ameritrans Freight International has handled a number of valuable project cargoes. We offer our customers excellent project cargo services at reasonable prices. No matter where you want to ship to, our team is ready to help with creative solutions and technical engineering to transport project cargo to its destination.

How much does it cost to charter a Ocean cargo ship?

According to the Ports of Los Angeles, a cargo ship carrying a 3000 29-foot container can cost up to $40000.With American Freight International, you will get a quote on shipping your goods. We will provide the necessary support, technical guidance and expertise to ensure that your shipping cargo arrives safely at the designed destination.

What is project freight forwarding?

Project freight forwarding is a specialized shipping service beyond standard freight forwarding. Its main objective is shipping heavy or complicated cargo.

With over 18 years in strategic and smooth logistics, Ameritrans Freight International Company has extensive service in LCL, RORO, project cargo and international shipping containers. Without compromising the quality of the service, we offer competitive and economical shipping costs.

What makes a RORO vessel different from other vessels?

When in port, the cargo on RORO vessels may be conveniently transported onto and off of the vessel using ramps that are either built into the vessel or attached to the beach. Even while smaller ferries that go over rivers and other short distances frequently have built-in ramps, the word “RORO” is typically only used to describe substantial oceangoing ships.