International Ocean Freight Shipping to Puerto Rico

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Container to Puerto Rico

International Ocean, Are you trying to find a simple way to transport your goods to Puerto Rico?

Pick Ameritrans Freight  International to package delivered from the US and Canada to Puerto Rico.

International ocean Freight shipment to Puerto Rico can prove to be problematic, but Ameritrans Freight International provides economical and cost-effective ocean Freight shipping services best to ship items.  Commercial goods, personal effects, vehicles, types of machinery, breakbulk and oversized cargo in FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less Container Load) and shipping vehicles via RoRo (Roll on, Roll off) or 40 ft and 40ft High Cube containers and united states postal service . How much does it cost to ship a container to Puerto Rico has been answered.

Our Ocean Freight Services  to Puerto Rico

We offer door-to-door, door-to-port, and port-to-port services to Puerto Rico.

The two main ports of Puerto Rico are the Port of San Juan. This  is one of the largest container terminals in the Caribbean islands. It is also  the brand-new Port of the Americas in Ponce. This is anticipated to overtake San Juan as the principal port in the area.

Any specialized transportation and container can be through  our ocean shipping solutions: FCL containers that are typically use.  RORO (Roll-on/Roll-off) transportation, broken bulk, oversized, and  also heavy freight

Ocean Shipping rates 

To give you the lowest prices for an ocean freight shipment, Ameritrans Freight International has worked with different the largest worldwide ocean freight firms, including Maersk Group®, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)®, COSCO®, CMA CGM Group®, Hapag-Lloyd®, and UPS Freight®.

Cost For Full Container (FCL)

The most effective and economical way to ship items from the USA or Canada to Puerto Rico is via full container loads.

Approximated cost for FCL shipping

Check out our perfect cost of Shipping a Full Container  for hauling pallets, crates, and entire container loads weighing between 70 pounds ,150 pounds to 46,000 pounds

Origin port to destination port. 20ft 40ft 40ft HC
Los Angeles – San Juan $ 1,056 $1,150 $1,150
Jacksonville – San Juan $ 4,200 REQUEST REQUEST
Miami – San Juan $5,100 REQUEST REQUEST
Houston, Tx – San Juan $ 2,000 $4,024 $4,024
Freeport -San Juan $1,900 REQUEST REQUEST

Cost For Less Than Container Load (LCL)

Regarding LCL Shipping, we provide reliable and cost-effective ways to ship Less than Container Load . Lcl shipping  require special handling to avoid damage and package delivered.

Expect to pay

The ideal Cost of Shipping   boxes, pallets, and less-than-container cargo weighing 70 pounds, 150 pounds to 25,000 pounds is:

LCL: $60.60 per CBM.

Personal effects: request a quote

Household goods/ furniture: request a quote.

 Regarding shipping cars, specialty vehicles, equipment, and boats through RoRo and container ships, Ameritrans Freight international offers the broadest global delivery times during time of year

 Approximated Cost for car shipping

Ideal for transporting big vehicles, farming equipment, personal automobiles, and machinery up to delivery times.

Always seek a price for your particular shipment, and we will respond to you with a quotation and ensure you have everything required for a risk-free international auto-delivery . We have an internal dispatch department that can plan pickups from any nationwide location. In any case, your car’s location and united states postal service. Auto shipping require special handling.

Recommendations to ship to Puerto Rico

When sending goods to Puerto Rico, there are a few things to consider. They comprise:

  • Customs: When exporting to Puerto Rico, you often won’t need to complete customs paperwork. However, Ameritrans Freight can help you expedite your customs declaration procedure by automatically generating shipping labels ,package delivered and customs forms.  Just in case you are required to make a customs paperwork statement.
  • Items that are restricted or forbidden: You should be informed of what can and cannot be transported to Puerto Rico when sending there to make sure your products don’t violate the nation’s shipping policies.
  • Fragile merchandise: You should let your courier know whether you’re sending delicate or sensitive things that need particular treatment. Even though you won’t be able to ship to Puerto Rico for the least expensive price because of delivery times, It is preferable to have your product damaged and lose money.

Shipping  Pallets to Puerto Rico,  shipping Companies best price from Ameritrans.

Depending on what is in your package, the customs and duty regulations for Puerto Rico may be complicated.

Puerto Rico’s customs laws have been compiled by Ameritrans Freight international in an accessible format.

Services for bespoke brokerages include:

  • Calculating taxes and duties
  • Treasury bonds
  • preparation and filing of a protest
  • monitoring liquidation issues
  • System of duty drawbacks for trade facilitation.
  • united states postal service
  • delivery times
  • car shipping quote

RoRo Shipping Services 

The simplest and least expensive way to ship a car  is via roll-on. Due to its effectiveness, RORO shipping is the preferred option for automakers, exporters, and importers of heavy machinery and automobiles from car transport companies.
Using its power or a self-propelled modular transporter, your vehicle is moved onto a specified RORO vessel when you use RORO transportation.

Container Shipping 

The most popular RORO substitute for car shipping services to Puerto Rico is container shipping. Because your cargo is contained throughout transportation, driving your car overseas via container continues to be the safest option. Container shipping is the best choice if you’re shipping a luxury vehicle. The price is a bit higher than RORO shipping rates, though.

If you want to move abroad, a container is also the most acceptable option for shipping your car. You may load your personal belongings and household products inside the container in addition to your vehicle because there is typically plenty of spare room. The Roll-On Roll-Off services, on the other hand, require that all of your personal belongings be taken out of your car and transported in another way through montway auto transport.

We provide door-to-door and port-to-port vehicle shipping to Puerto Rico for personal purposes or both RoRo and container delivery times

Since we offer automobile shipping services in ports and towns all over the world, no destination is ever too remote for us to reach. The best car shipping business to manage your vehicle transportation needs is Ameritrans Freight international, whether you have vehicles headed for Puerto Rico that include ;car shipping quote , RVs, yachts, vans, buses, trucks, or large machinery and equipment.

Shipping From Jacksonville To San Juan.

Jacksonville Port  in the USA is the mist common used for car shipping  and Container . Shipping vehicle to Puerto Rico has never been easier.  Ameritrans is the best company to ship car to Puerto Rico. We also do shipping a car from Puerto Rico to Philadelphia and California. ship items from Florida to Puerto Rico with us. International Ocean

Shipping a car from Puerto Rico to Texas

Ameritrans Freight International offers the most dependable and cost-effective option for shipping a classic car from Puerto Rico to Texas. Thanks to our numerous monthly sailings and a sophisticated nationwide network of transporters, we can streamline your move and lower your costs .

Please request a quote and get an immediate estimate quotation from us. We take great pleasure in offering industry-leading service to our clients, and we go to considerable lengths to ensure that each client has a favorable auto shipping service. Car shipping require special handling with open carriers.

From the  San Juan Port

supporting the seaport of San Juan

A shipping agent will inspect your car when you drop it off at the Port of San Juan to record the car’s condition there and then. Then, when it gets ready to be transported from Puerto Rico to the US by car transport companies , your car will be locked up in an airtight container.

Texas To Your Door

Direct shipping to any address in Texas, both private and public

A licensed transporter will be ready to inspect your vehicle upon arrival in the US and load it onto the open carriers
. Then, your car will be driven to the Texas location you’ve indicated. When your car is delivered, the driver will unload it and give it a final inspection to make sure it arrived in the same condition as when it was left at the port in San Juan.

Ports in Texas

  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas
  •  Austin.
  • Fort Worth.
  • El Paso.
  • Arlington.
  • Corpus Christi.
  • Plano.
  • Laredo.



Different documentation requirements apply depending on the type of products sent to Puerto Rico , some of which might be highly demanding. Typically, they consist of a commercial invoice, a bill of lading or air waybill, a packing list, an insurance certificate, and a certificate of origin( if required). Your packing list should be as thorough as you can manage to avoid complications or delays while exporting to Puerto Rico. International Ocean

Are There Any Rules Or Limitations for importing  commodities into  Puerto Rico?

Certain imported commodities into Puerto Rico may be subject to strict regulations. Prior consent or specific licenses may be required for agricultural goods, processed foods, medicines, cosmetics, or antiques. A few examples of prohibited goods are certain used cars, used garments and accessories, worn tires, unquestionably used machinery, and any toxic waste or hazardous leftovers.

In most cases, duties and tariffs are calculated based on the entire value of the shipment in question, though depending on how well-documented the cargo is, such figures may also be predicated on the spot by the discretion of customs officials who have thoroughly acquired their comprehension of the customs and duties administration.

Ameritrans Freight International has successfully navigated similar challenges, making shipping simpler.

What are objectives For Shipments To Puerto Rico?

Not only are the laws of Puerto Rico considerably different from those in the US or Canada, but also the way people communicate and conduct business is very different:

Puerto Rico has an interpersonally focused corporate culture. People from Puerto Rico appreciate companionship, honor, and trust. Unlike the usual formal business connections in the US or Canada, they place a lot of value on establishing personal relationships. Because of this, it’s crucial to develop cordial business “friendships,” as Puerto Ricans could be more devoted to you as a person than to the organization you work for.

Flexibility and impulsivity are also frequent characteristics of Puerto Ricans, albeit Puerto Rico places a higher priority on punctuality than other South American nations.

Although the business elite commonly uses English, it could be more difficult for the average individual who only speaks Spanish to communicate because of this. It is also vital to take language barriers into account. International Ocean

How long does it take to ship to Puerto Rico?

When shipping anyplace, knowing how long does it take to ship to Puerto Rico  is one of the most crucial details to ascertain. As you may anticipate, the shipping method or courier service you select will affect how quickly your package will arrive in Puerto Rico, just like in any other nation. Cheap delivery will probably be slower, while expedited shipping choices are typically more expensive for delivery option

With expedited and regular services, delivery to Puerto Rico might take up to 6 days, while with ground services, it could take as little as 1 day.

What is the Cost to Ship to Puerto Rico?

Shipment to Puerto Rico does not have a set price because it depends on several factors. These elements include:

The weight of the cargo: The more significant a box weighs, the more you’ll have to spend for delivery. For instance 70,pounds,150 pounds and also  4600 pounds

Shipment Dimensions: Items with irregular forms and measurements take up more space and cost more to ship.

Courier service and delivery option Expedited delivery choices are more expensive since they ship more quickly than regular or ground shipping, which is more affordable but has a more extended delivery period. Various couriers will charge varying fees for the same package weight and also dimensions.

It is up to you to choose how quickly you want your delivery option  delivered. Even though you have little influence over its weight and size. As a result, if you don’t mind waiting a little longer to deliver your product, you can forego delivery speed and choose the least expensive shipping method to Puerto Rico.

What are  Suggestions for Affordable Shipping?

Part of the problem is solved by locating the least expensive shipping option and coordinating with the finest courier provider. However, more is required to ship items and delivery times.

Consider the following advice and also  steer clear of the following blunders.

  • To prevent delivery errors or delays, verify the recipient’s address.
  • Obtain accurate quotes and avoid spending more than necessary. Be careful to provide the exact package weight , dimensions and delivery times .
  • Foster a feeling of agency and trust, providing your customers with various shipping options.
  • Utilize a tool like Ameritrans Freight to automate much of the process and also streamline your shipping procedure.
  • Using Ameritrans freight internationally, you may operate with multiple carriers. Therefore, don’t rely on just one.
  • When sending to Puerto Rico, be sure you are aware of the shipping constraints and the customs regulations.
  • Create a return policy for your customers that is simple to grasp.
  • While shipping specific items to Puerto Rico, customs and also  taxes might be applied. Ahead of time, decide who will pay for these. either the client or you.
  • Collaborate with a neighborhood warehouse or fulfillment center.

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