Cheapest Shipping to Canada from US | Cross Border Moving

Cheapest Shipping to Canada from US, Cross Border Moving

International Shipping rates to Canada from US is our specialty.  We offer Cheapest Shipping to Canada from US. Freight International is a well-trusted freight forwarder partner to facilitate container moving solutions to and from wherever you want. We utilize a robust network with warehouses, shipping docks, ports, airports, and railyards to ensure your cargo is delivered intact and in a timely manner. Cross Border Moving to Canada has never been made easier with us. Canada Shipping Cost made affordable. Shipping Personal Belongings to Canada from US is very popular.
Moving your parcel, package, or freight, be it for personal or business purposes, shouldn’t be an overwhelming proposition. We are the partner you need to take you from the initial decision-making process to packaging, loading, shipping, clearing, and forwarding to the final destination.

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What we have to offer you International Shipping Rates To Canada From US

  • We offer a cost-friendly quote after considering all your options.
  • Cheapest Shipping to Canada from US
  • We tell you what you can bring and what you can’t.
  • We help with all of the initial paperwork that needs to be filled out at all points of entry to keep items from being held up or taken away.
  • We make sure that your items are packed in the right way so that they stay safe and don’t get contaminated.
  • We will remain in constant communication with you until your cargo is safely delivered
  • Canada Shipping Cost simplified

Types of shipping International Shipping Rates To Canada From US

1.FCL (Full Container Load)

This is when your goods have the capacity to fill a whole container. Shipping Personal Belongings to Canada from US is admired

2. LCL (Less Than Container Load)

If your goods can not fill a whole container, worry not. This service charges for the cubic meters your goods will occupy in the container.

3. Ro-Ro ( Roll on, Roll off) Shipping

To transport wheeled cargo, we use Ro-Ro shipping. We can move your car, motorcycle, truck, bus, and trailer.

4. Breakbulk and oversized cargo shippers

If your cargo can not fit in a regular container, we have a service of splitting the excess, which will be packed in smaller holders like boxes, bags, or barrels. We also transport oversized goods such as large machinery.

Cross Border Moving Containers to Canada with Ameritrans


Canada is endowed with vast seas, making it accessible for sea freight transportation. These are the four major ports spread on its west and east coasts.

  1. Halifax
  2. Prince Rupert:
  3. Metro Vancouver Port
  4. Montreal
    No matter your point of delivery, we offer overland transportation from whatever port to your door.


The fastest way to move your container is by air. If you have a time-sensitive item to move, this is the way to go. Canada has a vast air network that we leverage to ensure fast and efficient delivery of goods. No matter where you are, your goods are delivered within days.
Among our air freight shipping options are Air Charter Services with Guaranteed Next- Flight-Out Priority Standard/General Economy. We offer pickup and processing services.


Ultimately, ground transportation is the way that gets your item to the door. We have a reliable network of track, rail, and road transportation companies that receive your container from the border points to your door.

Cross Border Moving containers from the US to Canada, International Shipping Rates To Canada From US 

Canada and the United States get along well, which makes it easier for freight to move between the two countries. Cheapest Shipping to Canada from US simplified. Affordable Canada Shipping Cost. Shipping Personal Belongings to Canada from US is very common.

US-Canada Cross Border Moving Carriers

We work with licensed and experienced carriers based on both sides of the border. Depending on the type of freight, volume of freight, time sensitivity, and destination, our carriers use their vast experience of traversing the various routes to deliver your container in a timely fashion.

Cross Border Moving commercial containers to Canada

Canada is fertile ground for e-commerce and is receiving massive products for sale in its markets. We would like to be the ones to take your business there. Ameritrans offers the following services:

  • Packaging the freight
  • Buying insurance
  • Storage and warehouse services
  • Negotiating prices with the various stakeholders in order to present you with the most favorable pricing.
  • Preparing documentation
  • Choosing the beat transporter and availing the required documents to them.
  • Tracking the shipment and communicating the same to you.
  • If it was LCL, we would break down the freight and deliver it to individual contributors.
  • Organize overland transportation to ensure that the dock to door policy is followed.

We have vast experience with requirements, be it custom or trade, and are better placed to advise you, thereby saving you time and money.
We are transparent about our pricing as well as any hidden charges or fees that might pop up. We analyze risk and communicate the same. We are time-sensitive but also warn if there are unforeseen delays.
With our help, you can delve into the Canadian market confidently and effortlessly.

Requirements and documentation to move containers to Canada

For a quick and easy border crossing, you should get the following documents ready and attach them to your container. The requirements may vary depending on the type of freight or volume of freight. Cheapest Shipping to Canada from US is our expertise. When you ship with us Canada Shipping Cost is drastically reduced. Shipping Personal Belongings to Canada from US can be made cheaper when you ship with us

1. Transport Bill of Lading

This states the mode of transportation, be it sea, land, or air, and the route to be taken by the shipper. For freight across the US-Canada border, you need the Overland or Trucker Bill of Lading.

2. Certificate of Origin

This certificate states the place of origin of the cargo and certifies the outlined requirements of the trade agreements between the two countries. It outlines the places in which the goods in the freight were produced, processed, and manufactured.

3. Customs Invoice

In this form of commercial invoice, you will outline the type of freight, quantity, volume, weight, selling price, cost of packing, and customs invoice, where the exporter states the description, quantity, and selling price, terms of delivery, and insurance.

4. Control of cargo or manifest document

This lists all the contents of the shipment. It usually bears your carrier’s code and a unique shipment number that the border control can use to recognize your carrier as well as your cargo. We offer low cost Cross Border Moving

The Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA), International Shipping Rates To Canada From US | Moving

Take advantage of this agreement as you conduct your cross-border business. This agreement provides a free-trade understanding that will set you up to succeed. It guarantees lower tariffs while providing an expansive market base. Shipping Personal Belongings to Canada from US is admired.

How Ameritrans helps process documentation for moving containers to Canada

  • We help people fill out all the documents correctly by giving advice and making sure they understand.
  • We forward the documents electronically to the stipulated individuals and agencies.
  • We advise on the number of copies required for shipping.
  • Cheapest Shipping to Canada from US
  • Modest Canada Shipping Cost

Canadian Prohibited and Restricted Items

When moving containers to Canada, be aware that there are certain goods that are entirely prohibited or controlled. You might require special permits to import particular goods. Some goods that are prohibited or controlled fall under the following groups:
1. Explosives, fireworks, and ammunition
2. -Firearms and weapons
3. Foods
4. Plants and animals
5. Consumer goods
6. Cannabis
Some items that are prohibited that might surprise you are:
1. Baby walkers
2. Bottles for infants that feed instantly
3. Lawn darts
4. Used mattresses
5. Fresh fruits
We will ensure that you’re on the right side of the law by advising on the legality of the goods you intend to transport.

The cost of moving a container to Canada

Cost is dependent on various factors, including:
1. Package size
2. distance between pick-up and delivery: distance between pick-up and delivery
3. time allocated for delivery.

Duties, Taxes, and Tariffs International Shipping Rates To Canada From US

1. The Goods and Services Tax (GST)
2. GST and provincial taxes, as specified by individual Canadian provinces, are a combination of GST and provincial taxes.
3. Provincial Sales Tax (PST) is paid in provinces where harmonized tax doesn’t cover
4. Quebec Sales Tax (QST), which is levied in Quebec.

We will help you calculate tax and duties depending on the type of freight you’re sending. There are various tax and duty thresholds that apply differently to different categories.
Use the Ameritrans Calculator by filling in the required details to get a quotation. We can offer competitive pricing because we have a rich network of relevant companies.
It is advisable to insure your goods.

Shipping personal belongings and household goods from the U.S. to Canada

The thought of undertaking an international move, requiring you to move your worldly possessions across border lines to another country, can be daunting. Not only do you worry about how tedious it would be, but also about the cost and safety of your items. We offer the cheapest shipping to Canada from US at affordable shipping rates. Shipping Personal Belongings to Canada from US is simplified.
We, at Ameritrans, wish to make it easier for you by being the partner that will do the heavy lifting.

What personal belongings can you ship? International Shipping Rates To Canada From US

Almost everything that you’ve used can be shipped. You can move your furniture, electronics, clothes, and jewelry without duties or taxes. A customs officer will check to see that they are indeed used. Check the list of restricted and banned items to make sure you don’t pack and ship anything that is against the law.
Remember to make an accurate list of items in terms of description and quantity that will be used at customs. Shipping Personal Belongings to Canada from US is well liked.

Loading the container

We will bring a container to your house when you’re done packing. We will help advise on safe and secure packing to avoid damage or breakage of your items. They will be strapped in using ratcheting straps. The container is then sealed, and the seal number is recorded, before being hauled away. Insure your items in case of any damage.

Documentation to avoid paying taxes and duties

1. For goods you’re bringing with you, use Form BSF186, Personal Effects Accounting Document (PEAD)
2. Form BSF186A, Personal Effects Accounting Document—used for goods that will arrive separately.
3. Carry receipts for rent, gas, water, and electricity for the past year as proof of nonstop
4. Proof of residency at your point of destination. This could be a letter from the local government.
5. If there are items that appear unused, bring receipts showing you’ve owned them for at least six months.

Claim your goods.

Once your goods arrive, you will be notified. You will need the stamped BSF186A form and present it before your goods are released.

Cross Border Moving your personal car to Canada

There are steps we will help with to move your car to Canada:
1. We will check if it is an approved model by Transport Canada.
2. Advise on the best Canadian car insurance to purchase.
3. Get proof of recall clearance from your car manufacturer.
4. Email the certificate of title to both the US and Canadian embassy and call them three days prior to visiting their office. Then we will present the certificate of insurance, recall clearance letter, bill of sale from the seller, phone number, Canadian address, certificate of title, and amount paid for the vehicle.
5. Make payments and apply for Canadian number plates.


Methods of shipping your personal car

We could use Ro-Ro ( Roll on, Roll off) to transport your wheeled cargo. We can also use LCL or FCL.
Ameritrans will get you your car on Canadian soil with the utmost ease and efficiency as long as it meets Transport Canada stipulations. We provide Cheapest Shipping to Canada from US. Canada Shipping Cost simplified

Why use Ameritrans to move your container to Canada? International Shipping Rates To Canada From US

Dependability You can rely on us to handle your freight responsibly from the pick-up point to delivery. International Shipping Rates To Canada From US
Your goods will remain intact and untampered with. We stick to deadlines and stay in touch with you until your items are delivered. Cheapest Shipping to Canada made easy.


We acknowledge the immense responsibility we have to reciprocate the trust you’ve placed in us with your treasured items. You can trust our intention to serve you by delivering on We delivered what we said we would, as we have delivered to numerous of our previous clients.


We are a one-stop service provider. We offer all shipping-related services and will cater to you wholly. We will travel with you from the initial decision-making process to final clearance of cargo. Shipping Personal Belongings to Canada from US is desired.

Bottom line

American Airlines is a global leader in freight forwarding, with a rich network of ground, air, and sea routes throughout the world. We have garnered years of experience, tempered with experts in the field who utilize cutting-edge innovations to satisfy every need our clients might have.

We deliver quality services in a timely manner that is cost-friendly. Our clients come from all over the world, and we have harnessed and merged these different experiences to deliver equitable and equal services.

While working with businesses, we have gained a high rate of reliability. We are trusted to deliver commercial goods on time and in good condition.

We offer every service as our portfolio grows with every need served. We have made so many connections with shippers all over the world that we can never say no to a request.

We follow the law and work with law-abiding shippers to ensure the safety of your goods.

Whether you are sending a small or a large amount of freight, we offer equal attention. Whether you are seeking a one-off engagement or a long-term partnership, we offer the same quality of service. We offer the Cheapest Shipping to Canada from US. Economical Canada Shipping Cost. Shipping Personal Belongings to Canada from US is easy when you ship with us.

Ameritrans is here for you. Email at or call us  at +18004132452 for further discussion. You can also request a quick quote.