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Your Guide to Effortless Shipping to Turkey

shipping to turkey

Welcome to the gateway of seamless shipping to Turkey, where the journey of transporting goods becomes a breeze. In a world where international trade thrives, mastering the art of shipping to Turkey is paramount for businesses and individuals alike. With our guide, we unveil the secrets to simplifying and optimizing your shipping process, ensuring efficiency and reliability every step of the way.

Sea freight is your best option if you’re seeking the most affordable shipping from the United States to Istanbul. It should be noted that using this delivery method will require a minimum of four weeks for your package to reach its destination. It is still necessary for you to account for the time needed to process through Turkish customs.

1. Cost of shipping to Turkey

The items you deliver will also determine the shipping cost. Air freight can occasionally be more cost-effective if you are only sending a small package, but sea freight is less expensive for large delivery. You can figure out which choice is more cost-effective for your package with the use of an international shipping calculator.

2. How can I ship my thing to Turkey the fastest?

Air freight is an excellent option if you need expedited shipment from the United States to Istanbul. In a maximum of two days, this service will deliver your package to Turkey. In most cases, a courier’s catalog of services will refer to this option as “Express shipping.”

3. Which shipping option is most affordable for Turkey?

If you’re looking for affordable shipping from the USA to Asia, you should think about using Economy or Standard delivery. They both involve shipping your goods by water, but the packing methods are different. Items are sent in bulk within a shipping container using economy shipping. Although they put fewer things into the bulk package, standard shipping is identical. Therefore, it might be a better choice for delicate goods that won’t hold up well in a container for shipment that is packed firmly.

4. Which couriers are able to deliver goods to Turkey?

Trusted international couriers that deliver packages to Turkey include DHL, FedEx, UPS, Blue Dart, and DB Schenker. Their prices and shipping policies vary from one another.

4. Shipping to Turkey customs

When you ship overseas, your goods will be inspected by the nation’s customs office. There are particular limitations on what can enter each country. It is your responsibility to review this list of regulations prior to packing your belongings. If you don’t, you run the danger of having your package held up in customs and possibly facing a fine.

It is easy to locate affordable shipping from the USA to Turkey. Just keep in mind that cheap shipping typically translates into delayed shipping. It’s easy to compare prices, delivery options, and couriers when you use an international shipping calculator. The delivery address and the contents of the shipment are all that are needed.

Cheapest UPS and USPS shipping to Turkey from USA

UPS is a well-known shipping brand and one of the most profitable logistics corporations in the world. They are heavily utilized daily by both businesses and consumers to deliver goods promptly and consistently. UPS shipping costs can fluctuate based on fluctuations in the market, and their rates are typically more than those of the postal service, depending on the service.

As a result, the location and time of the delivery determine the UPS shipping cost. This article offers guidance on calculating shipping costs and provides an overview of the costs associated with the various UPS services.

UPS international shipping rates

UPS offers international shipping to numerous countries, with costs that are obviously higher than domestic rates based on distance taken and subject to country-specific restrictions. You can seek a pricing quote on the shipping rates table, or you can get a quote straight from the UPS website, which also provides a general summary of their international rates.

Depending on where they are going and the importance of shipments, UPS guarantees time-of-day worldwide delivery. You can choose between UPS airlines and freight services.

USPS shipping to Turkey from USA

Postal service is provided across the United States, including its connected states and insular areas, by the US Postal Service (USPS), an independent agency of the US federal government,

The USPS 2021 shipping prices somewhat impacted the First-Class Mail and Flats Rate costs. On the other hand, the Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express rates have gone up by 1.2% and 3.5%, respectively, depending on the package’s weight and zone.

USPS shipping for smaller shipments 

The unpredictable nature of USPS accessories draws some shippers in. The USPS charges flat fees for Priority Mail services instead of tacking on unexpected extra. This implies that if it fits inside the box, they will ship it any distance. You don’t need to worry about any extra gasoline or delivery fees.

Additionally, free packaging is offered by the US Postal Service. Free envelopes and boxes are available at the USPS store via the web or at your neighborhood post office. Free parking is a real bonus, especially considering how much shipping is becoming these days.

USPS shipping for large shipments

For large or non-urgent mailings, USPS is an economical and dependable option. The delivery of this service takes two to eight days. USPS Retail Ground can deliver packages up to 70 pounds in weight and 130 inches in length and width combined. It can also handle packages too big for Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

This service also manages military mail. We give inexpensive USPS postage. We are able to obtain the most significant discounts for you because we have partnerships with primary courier services. We can assist in locating the most affordable USPS shipping rates for local or international goods.

Cheapest FedEx shipping from to Turkey from USA

FedEx shipping to Turkey

FedEx is a US-based transnational firm that was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. Having 670 planes in its fleet puts this freight service well ahead of UPS and DHL in terms of aircraft count. In the beginning, the business invented the “overnight shipping” delivery service and a real-time tracking system for products.

At the moment, they provide services in over 220 nations and territories. More than 50,000 FedEx facilities allow customers to pick up, drop off, or ship throughout the United States. They have 5,000 hubs and locations worldwide, and they employ over 425,000 team members. Over 14 million packages are picked up and delivered by 180,000 FedEx cars.

FedEx’s cheapest international shipping services

FedEx provides some international shipping options. A variety of factors, such as dimensions, timing of delivery, and distance, can determine the most affordable FedEx International shipping option. To facilitate your experience, we will go over the many foreign services offered by FedEx as well as how to locate FedEx’s lowest international pricing,

FedEx International Priority: Deliveries to more than 220 countries and territories take 1-3 business days.

FedEx International First: Deliveries to specific postal codes in over 20 major international markets take one to three business days.

FedEx One Rate International: This service is offered by FedEx for 25kg and 10kg boxes. International shipping is simple and reasonably priced for both the FedEx 10kg Box and the FedEx 25kg Box, which can hold up to 56lbs. FedEx International Priority will deliver packages within one to three business days.

FedEx International Economy: This is among the least expensive ways to send internationally using FedEx. More than 215 nations and territories will get packages in 2–5 business days.

The most affordable option for shipping FedEx abroad is via FedEx International Ground. Within two to seven business days, packages are delivered.

FedEx International Mail Service: For inexpensive shipping of lightweight goods like apparel, books, CDs, brochures, and catalogs, this is the best FedEx rate. Delivery times for ordinary and premium options are 4–7 and 7–11 days, respectively.

International Air Freight Rates

Shipping of freight via air from internationally can be much more extensive and may travel through several carriers. In actuality, an entire train may fit inside the Anatov 225, the biggest cargo aircraft.

Prior to COVID-19, the cost of shipping goods internationally varied from about $2.50 to $5.00 per kilogram, based on the kind of cargo and available space.

When COVID-19 started to cause severe disruptions to consumer demand and maritime freight in February 2020, costs increased dramatically.

Air cargo rates

Air cargo charges might reach as high as $4.00 to $8.00 per kilogram. Although prices have decreased to between $3.00 and $7.00 per kilogram as of early 2023, they are still more significant than they were before the epidemic, most likely as a result of rising labor and gasoline expenses.

Air freight shipping prices and costs

Volume and weight are essential considerations in air freight shipping. Depending on which is more expensive, airlines will either charge by actual weight or actual weight (also known as dimensional weight).

The item’s volume in cubic meters multiplied by 167 yields the volumetric weight for air shipment. Assume for the moment that the package you have has the following measurements: 40cm W, 40cm H, and 40cm L. This indicates that the volume, calculated by multiplying all sides by one million, is 064. The volumetric weight that results from multiplying this by 167 is 10.67 kg.

The volumetric weight becomes the charged weight if it is greater than the product’s actual weight.

Air freight shipping costs per kg

In addition to air freight costs, which are determined using the price mentioned above, the overall cost of shipping by air will probably consist of the following:

  • Fuel escalations!
  • Extra expenses for security
  • Terminal handling fees at container freight stations
  • Transportation from the airport
  • Also included in the pricing for door-to-door expenses are air freight services, such as:
  • Brokering of customs
  • Selection and distribution
  • Cargo coverage
  • Integration costs

Air freight shipping rates chart

The world’s leading freight forwarders saw a little than 1% increase in international air freight usage in 2015, according to Transport Intelligence. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the rise in air freight fell to 1.6% in 2019 from 5% in 2014.

This was due in part to a greater reliance on maritime freight. However, as air cargo became more popular, more importers and exporters switched from ocean freight due to its lengthy delays and unpredictable transit times.

Due to factors including limited capacity, restrictions on passenger travel, increased consumer demand, and other pandemic-related concerns, aviation freight fares have doubled since March 2020. However, passenger traffic by planes has stabilized, which has increased belly cargo space.

Prices are still expensive, though, so importers and exporters who can afford the time usually continue using ocean freight.

Only the most critical shipments are sent by air since the majority of businesses that import or export goods abroad still make every effort to take advantage of lower ocean freight quotations.

Air freight shipping cost calculator

Use a freight rate calculator to determine the cost of freight shipping by following these easy steps.

  1. Decide if you are sending box pallets or complete containers.
  2. Fill in the origin, destination, weight, dimensions, and quantities of your load.
  3. Look around!
  4. Do you want to make a reservation? Click the button labeled “Get live quotes.”

Shipping to turkey with Ameritrans freight international will make it much Simpler!

Consult them through the following;


  1. When is the best time to ship by air?

Some disadvantages of air transportation include the following:

Cost: When it comes to shipping, the air is more expensive than the sea. When shipping a medium-sized box weighing 2000 pounds from Shenzhen, China, to Los Angeles, USA, the cost of shipping by water can be as little as $1,500, whereas the cost of shipping by air can be as much as $8,000 or more. This disparity might be less in the case of pricing adjustments brought on by supply chain interruptions.

CO2 emissions: The emissions from air freight are significantly higher. A shipment of two tons over 5,000 kilometers by ocean, for instance, will emit 150 kg of CO2, whereas an airborne cargo will emit 6,605 kilograms.

Heavy shipments- Shipping containers are the mainstay of freight shipping since they are ideal for transporting bulky, heavy goods. The cost of air freight can fluctuate rapidly since it is determined by both weight and size.

  1. Which products are typically sent by air freight?

Due to the high cost of air cargo, it is typically reserved for more minor, more valuable commodities or those that must be delivered quickly, like:

Gadgets. In order to ship the first iMac ahead of the holiday season, Steve Jobs is renowned for having bought all of the available air freight capacity along important Asia-US lines.

Clothes. Clothes styles can change quickly with the seasons. Because of this, businesses usually have to transfer apparel as soon as possible from factories to retail locations. The tiny size and high cost of clothing further justify the expense of air freight.

Drugs. Medical supplies are usually shipped by air because of their tiny size and high value.

  1. What weight is allowed for cargo carried by air?

A cargo’s overall weight, comprising any packaging or transit containers, is referred to as its “gross weight.” Airlines differ in their gross weight limitations, but generally speaking, a shipment can weigh between 100 and 500 kg.

  1. How do you calculate freight by weight?

A shipment’s dimensional weight is calculated by dividing its volume (units × length × width × height) by a “dim factor.” The lower the dim factor, the greater the dimensional weight. Between actual weight and dimensional weight, the higher number becomes the shipment’s chargeable weight.

  1. What are the projections for air cargo in 2023?

In summary, national economics will still be the significant influence during the first half of 2023, with customer spending hopefully picking up as the year progresses. We can expect further capacity increases as freighter conversions and production deliveries look very buoyant for the next few years.