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Shipping goods from USA to UK

Shipping goods from USA to UK can be a complex process, but with the right information, you can find the most affordable and efficient shipping option for your needs.  Whether you’re relocating, shipping household goods to UK, or shipping a car, this comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about international shipping to the United Kingdom. From ocean freight and air freight options to RORO shipping services for car and heavy machinery, we’ll explore the various methods, costs, required documentation, and expert tips to ensure your shipment arrives safely and efficiently. With insights into major UK ports, customs procedures, and strategies to reduce expenses, you’ll be well-equipped to ship your goods to UK.

Major ports for shipping to the UK from the US

The major shipping ports in the UK include the following:

  • Port of Felixstowe (east coast of England),
  • Port of Southampton (south of England),
  • Port of Immingham (northeast of England),
  • Belfast Harbour (Northern Ireland),
  • Port of Grangemouth (Scotland).
  • Port of London, Thames Port

The final destination of your shipment in the UK determines which port it will arrive at. Upon reaching the UK, your goods must clear customs before being transported to your new location via road or rail. At Ameritrans Freight, we optimize the cost of shipping a container from US to UK, ensuring efficient and cost-effective delivery. Our expertise in international shipping allows us to navigate the complexities of customs clearance and inland transportation, providing you with a seamless door-to-door shipping from USA to UK.

Shipping Goods From USA To UK | Household Goods - Ameritrans Freight International

Factors affecting moving costs from USA to UK

Moving personal belongings  from the US to the UK typically costs between $4000 and $10,500. The cost of shipping goods from USA to UK depends on several factors:

  • Dimensions of the Shipment: Larger shipments cost more due to increased container space requirements.
  • Air vs. Ocean Shipping: Ocean shipping is slower but cheaper, whereas air shipping is faster but more expensive.
  • Weight of Cargo: Heavier shipments incur higher costs due to weight limitations and fuel consumption.
  • Transit Time: Longer transit times generally reduce costs but require more planning.

Despite the wide variations in cost from household to household when shipping possessions to the UK from the USA, there are always ways to cut costs. You can guarantee that your belongings will arrive securely without spending a fortune by heeding the advice and selecting a shipping container that is appropriate for your needs.

When requesting an estimate, consider every aspect that affects shipping costs, and check prices from several providers before choosing one. An easy and economical transfer to the UK is more likely with advanced planning and thorough research!

Shipping container us to UK Cost, Shipping Goods From USA To UK, Air freight to UK

Depending on the destination and container load, ocean freight shipping costs to and from the United Kingdom can range from 200 to $4,000. US, Germany, the Netherlands, France, and China are among the top export markets for the UK. The export economy of the United Kingdom is the tenth largest in the world. Its top exports are cars, packaged medications, crude oil, gold, and gas turbines. Its imports are consistent with this; hence it has remained one of the world top trade economies. Shipping Goods From USA To UK and  Shipping  household Goods, Sea Freight to UK, cheapest shipping from USA  simplified.

Cost of shipping goods from USA to the United Kingdom

Shipping Goods From USA To UK and  Shipping  household Goods simplified

New York – Southampton / Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe $379
Chicago, Il – Southampton / Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe  $1,034
Cincinnati, Oh – Southampton/Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe $989
Detroit – Southampton/ Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe $881
Columbus – Southampton $782
St Louis – Southampton/ Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe  $1,026
New York – Grangemouth/ Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe $1,234
Norfolk – Grangemouth/ Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe  $1,089
New York – Belfast/ Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe $1,045
Oakland – Southampton/Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe $1,098
Savannah – Southampton/Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe  $456
Los Angeles- Southampton/Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe $542
Houston -Southampton/Grangemouth/ Belfast/ Felixstowe  $676

Ocean Freight from the US to the UK, Shipping Goods From USA To UK, Air freight to UK

A 20-foot or 40-foot container will be used if you ship your goods by sea. However, you don’t have to fill the entire container; if your cargo’s total volume is 15 cubic meters or less, a procedure known as LCL will allow you to share a container with other users (LCL). Most of our shipping partners offer a complete door-to-door service, which means they’ll transport your possessions from your old home to your new one. Shipping Container US Cost to UK  and cheapest shipping from USA at its best

Ocean Freight FCL

When you have a 20′ or 40′ long container that is fully loaded, this is referred to as an FCL. If you ship frequently, shipping FCL will save you time and money. Whether or not your container is full, the price for FCL is calculated as a flat cost.

By choosing FCL over LCL, you can send packages with some advantages. A lesser chance of harm or loss is one of these advantages.

An FCL shipment has a shorter travel time, which is another major advantage. There are several factors at play here, chief among them being the absence of consolidation and deconsolidation requirements for FCL shipments. When the package amount fills up 75% of the smallest shipping container, for instance, FCL might even be the less expensive alternative. Cheapest shipping from USA is our specialty

Ocean Freight LCL.

Less than a container load means that your items won’t fill the full container and will instead be transported in addition to other boxes or pallets.

Please note that while shipping LCL, your cargo must be consolidated at the origin port and deconsolidated at the destination port. Because of this, LCL shipping takes a little longer than FCL. Shipping Container US Cost to UK simplified.

Ocean Freight costs from the US to the UK, Sea Freight to UK

When a consignment weighs more than 500 kg, shipping by sea is the most affordable choice. Since prices have been rising gradually since the summer of 2020, sea freight is no longer as cost-effective as before the pandemic, even though some ships can carry 20,000 twenty-foot containers. When picking a forwarder, search around because ocean freight charges fluctuate greatly over time and between forwarders, much like air freight does. You can get immediate shipping estimates quotation by emailing us or calling.

Air Freight Rates from the US to the UK

For packages weighing between 150 kg and 500 kg, standard air freight is the least expensive choice. In some cases, dimensional weight rather than actual weight may be used to charge for very light shipments for their size.

Air freight is by far the fastest option financially. A little more money is spent on express air freight.

Make sure you compare rates from different freight forwarders because they might vary greatly and frequently alter. Be careful to look into LCL (less than container load) ocean freight charges since they may be less expensive than air freight costs for larger shipments and origin/destination pairs.

Cost of air freight transportation from the US to the UK per kg

The method you select will depend on your package’s size, weight, and urgency, as well as how quickly you need it to reach its destination. Shipping by air is typically quicker but more expensive than shipping by ocean. Air freight to UK affordable.

What is the estimated shipping time from the US to the UK?

Location, package size, and season all impact how quickly your shipment will arrive. There is no set amount of time for transit. Freight shipments may be delayed due to changes in the market, natural disasters, and other events. We make Shipping Container US Cost to UK and cheapest shipping from USA affordable.

The cheapest shipping, Shipping Goods From USA To UK, Sea Freight to UK

Cost is frequently the most crucial freight consideration when shipping. Shipping Container US Cost to UK  and household goods to UK explained.

Moving Small Packages, shipping household goods to UK

Freight transportation is unnecessary when importing small items like samples of new products. You pay more and need more time. You are better off reverting to:

Regular post mail

Regular post mail may be a cost-effective delivery alternative for shipping light and also  small goods.

Before selecting your mode, examine each choice and compare it to courier costs. It is more likely that a courier will be less expensive the heavier the package. Even though postal service is inexpensive, there is a significant wait.

American Express Shipping To the UK

Whether DHL, UPS,  Fedex or TNT, sending something overseas through courier is typically more dependable and efficient than sending it through the mail.

Express freight typically costs $5 per kilogram and is the least expensive shipping option for parcels or small goods weighing up to 150 kg. However, be careful since certain couriers may charge an exorbitant sum if you are not a registered customer.

RORO shipping Rates From UK From US

Baltimore. MD to Southampton $870
Long Beach, CA to Southampton $1400
Tacoma, WA to Southampton $1405
Long Beach to Felixstowe $1350
Charleston, SC to Southampton $975
Newark, NJ to Southampton $940
Jacksonville to Southampton $800


RORO Shipping Schedule From USA To UK

Shipments typically take 40 to 50 days to reach their destination from the West Coast. Please be aware that the Estimated Time in Transit begins when your automobile pulls up to the shipping terminal and does not account for the time it takes the trucker to pick up your car from your house. Depending on the departure port chosen, the voyage length ranges from 6 to 21 days. Shipping Goods From USA To UK and  Shipping  household Goods made affordable.

The year, make, and model of the car, as well as whether you drop the car off at the port yourself or have us handle it, are other factors that will affect your ultimate cost.

Shipping Car from the USA to the UK

You will be well taken care of if you choose Ameritrans freight international as your automobile transportation company. Since we have been shipping vehicles of all kinds to the UK for more than 40 years, we are experts in this field. At first, you could feel overwhelmed or puzzled, but we’ll immediately set your mind at ease. Therefore, we created all of these responses to your inquiries—from pricing,pick up your vehicle and documents to departure and arrival ports.

To provide you with the most accurate quote, we will need to know the Year, Make, and Model of your automobile, the Pickup Zip Code or Departure Port, and the Destination Country

Why use our RORO shipping to the UK services?

We are without a doubt the business you require if efficiency and dependability are what you seek. Also  experts in global RORO transportation. There is  thorough understanding of the import and export
processes and the regional business cultures in Europe. Our team are familiar with the system, the ports, and the customs laws.

We offer door-to-port and RORO services to the UK for private and commercial use compared to other auto mobile companies. Also we can guarantee the lowest prices and the most economical RORO service to the United Kingdom because of our extensive network of carriers and agents.

Since we  have been processing countless shipments for more than 20 years, making us one of the most trustworthy freight forwarding firms in the Americas. Because of the expertise and experience of our team in managing even the most challenging projects, we can guarantee that your shipment will reach Europe undamaged.

We can always get to you because our RORO shipping services cover ports worldwide. Ameri trans freight international provides the best Roll-On Roll-Off shipping service whether you need to move automobiles, RVs, boats, vans, buses, trucks, or large machinery to the UK.


1. Does it require insurance to export something from the US to UK

UK Insurance on your shipping charges is necessary if your things are damaged or disappear. You can accomplish this through your freight forwarder or a third- party insurance agent. The insurance cost is normally cheaper than the commercial invoice value or how much you paid for the items.

2. What paperwork is required if I want to export anything from the US to the UK?

An Order reference number is required in addition to customary shipping documentation such as the Commercial Invoice when transporting goods from the US to the UK. This number is required to clear customs for anyone shipping from outside the European Union to within the organization. Sea Freight to UK Customs clearance and auto transport companies

3. What recommendations reduce cost and transit time from the US to the UK?

Shipping Goods From USA To UK, car and belongings, Shipping Container US Cost to UK, Sea Freight to UK 

  • Purchase in advance. The fastest and least expensive method of shipping is via water. Making reservations in advance helps you save money and reduces stress in the event of delays.
  • Ship during off-peak hours. Shipping costs and transit times rise when carriers are overloaded. Anytime possible, ship during low-demand times.
  • Understand your HS numbers. Many shippers are shocked by how much customs fees can impact operating expenses. Do your study to create an efficient budget.
  • Compared prices from several suppliers. Before choosing a supplier, compare quotes from several ones as they can differ.
  • Recognize the contents of your quote. Is your estimate door-to-door or port-to-port? What kind of services does it offer? Be aware of your purchasing to prevent being slapped with unexpected costs.
  • Sort out your paperwork. When swiftly passing through customs, having your paperwork in order might significantly impact you.

4. What Documents are Required for  Shipping  vehicles to the UK?

When shipping a car to the UK, you’ll need the Original Title and Valid Identification. Air freight to UK customs clearance.

5. What are the advantages of RORO shipping?

  • The shipping process is safe because RORO shipping is quick and requires little lifting. Just continue driving from where you started and get off at your destination. There is no costly trucking, and the cost of containers, ports, and customs processes are reasonable. RORO is the cheapest and safest method of shipping automobiles and breakbulk goods to the UK. An effective yet affordable service is essential in the international shipping industry. For businesses seeking to transfer big machinery or cars abroad, RORO shipping is the method of choice.
  • Size is irrelevant while using RORO. We can RORO ship any wheeled or static goods to the UK, including cars, boats, heavy gear, and industrial vehicles.
  • There are ports worldwide that offer RORO shipping services to the UK. That covers terminals on the US and Canadian East and West coasts.

Are you ready to start shipping any cargo from the USA to the UK?

Quotes are instant with a guaranteed response within 24 hours for all types of shipment for our car shipping company and moving services to the UK. Please do not hesitate to call or email us anytime with any questions about international c services. Contact our shipping experts for more information. We are always just a phone call away!