Sailing with Savings when Shipping to Gambia

Embark on a voyage where affordability meets reliability. In ‘Shipping to Gambia Made Affordable,’ we navigate the seas of cost-effective logistics, ensuring that your journey is not only budget-friendly but also smooth and secure.

Join us as we unravel the secrets to cost-conscious shipping, making the distant shores of Gambia feel closer and more accessible. This guide is your compass for crafting an affordable and seamless shipping experience, where every package carries not just cargo but also savings and satisfaction.

Shipping to Gambia from the USA with Ameritrans International

Nobody knows more about shipping to Gambia than we do. Our company is committed to providing exceptional service at a portion of the cost of the competitors. The lowest prices for shipping goods to the Gambia are available from us. We can assist you in locating the most cost-effective shipping to the Gambia if you need to send a cheap package there.

With our years of knowledge, we can guide you through the complexities of the global shipping industry with minimal inconvenience. We will ensure that your delivery arrives on time when you must ship your goods to the Gambia.

International shipment and freight forwarders for shipping to Gambia

With the right team by your side, sending a package to Gambia need not be complicated or challenging to deliver and ship from the U.S. Not all shipping firms are created equally. None has the level of expertise and experience we do when sending goods to the Gambia.

We also simplify freight shipment to the Gambia more than ever.

Nobody wants their product to end up in limbo because they used an unreliable shipping company, which is the last thing they want. The skilled members of our friendly staff are adept at navigating the intricate details of the global shipping industry.

1. International Shipping Rates to Gambia

With affordable pricing, we provide the most dependable and straightforward shipping services.

To provide you with the lowest prices for your freight shipping, NEX has worked with more than 30 of the most significant worldwide freight firms, such as UPS Freight.

In addition, we evaluate the costs associated with sending packages to the Gambia from reputable services like DHL, USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Secondly, we provide discounts of up to 70% on those prices.

Use our straightforward cost calculator to determine the cheapest shipping method to Gambia. Additionally, you can ask how much shipping to the Gambia will cost by requesting a quote.

Factors affecting cost of shipping to Gambia:

Numerous elements, but five in particular, impact the price of containers for shipping to various nations. Before sending your goods, you need to understand their significance. These variables include shipment amount or weight, mode of transportation, distance to be traveled, destination port, and also season.

Your choice of shipping method—whether sea freight or air freight—will depend on the size or weight of your shipments. Each has an impact on the price of shipping.

Customs fees and service taxes are a given in every nation’s destination port, albeit they differ from nation to country. The number of customs and taxes you must pay depends on where your products will be delivered.

The price will also depend on the time of year shipping takes place. The busiest time of the year for shippers and retailers is from around August through October, which is the peak season. This occurs due to rising delivery costs brought on by product demand.

2. Air Freight Shipping to Gambia

A wide variety of freight shipments can be transported to and from the Gambia quickly and reliably through air freight.

Estimated cost of air freight shipping to Gambia

Estimated costs for shipping boxes and pallets from 250 lbs. to 3.500 lbs is:

Minimum – $90.00

+45 Kg-$1.45 per Kg.

+300 Kg -$1.05 per Kg.

+1000 Kg-$1.00 per Kg.

3. Container Shipping to Gambia

The payload capacity of a 20-foot reefer container is 27,400kg. A 20-foot container can hold a gross weight of 67200 pounds, while flat racks can hold up to 99,207 pounds.

For general-purpose containers, a 40-foot- container is permitted to carry the same max gross weight (30480 kg / 67200 lbs) as a 20-foot container. Reefer containers can hold up to 35,000 kg (77,161 lbs.) of cargo, whereas flat racks may transport up to 60,000 kg (123,276 lbs.

a. Full container shipping to Gambia

FCL shipping is recommended for moving many boxes, pallets, and other items that require up to a 45,000-pound full container for shipping to the Gambia.

Estimated cost for shipping boxes, pallets, and full container loads:
  • 20 ft Container – Request a quote.
  • 40 ft Container- Request a quote.
  • 40ft. H.C Container – Request a quote.

b. Less container load shipping to Gambia

Less container load (LCL) shipping to the Gambia is more cost-effective than other methods.

Estimated costs for shipping to Gambia:
  • LCL – $80/CBM
  • Personal Effects – $850
  • Household Goods – $600

What causes a difference in transit time between FCL and LCL freight?

FCL is quicker because of its straightforward routes. Once the container has been filled with your goods, it is not opened or altered. Essentially, it is transshipped to the last hub port immediately. As a result, it takes an FCL 42 days on average to reach its final port.

LCL consists of a variety of shipments from various consignees. The products will then distribution  to other locations. However, these commodities will be rebuilt in a single hub port before being shipped and also  distributed to various ports. It takes them around fifty-one days or longer to complete the LCL treatment because it is time-consuming.

c. RoRo shipping to Gambia

Roro Shipping to Gambia
Roro Shipping to Gambia

This is the largest global delivery network for RoRo as well as container shipping of automobiles, specialty vehicles, equipment, and boats.

Appropriate for shipping significant automobiles, farm machinery, personal vehicles, and other items.

Sedan – Request a quote.

SUV – Request a quote.

Sedan (in-container) – Request a quote.

SUV (in-container) – Request a quote.

Sedan via RoRo – $1500.00

SUV via RoRo – $1500.00

Car Shipping to Gambia

a. Shortest transit time for car shipping to Gambia from USA:

With an average transit time of 18 days, the route from Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, to the port of Tema in the Gambia is one of the quickest for shipping an automobile there. The fastest route with an average transit time to the Gambia is 20 days and also uses Jacksonville, Florida, as a loading port in the Miami zone.

b. Longest transit time for car shipping to Gambia from North America:

The route from Houston, Texas, via Freeport Terminal to Tema, Gambia, has the longest transit time for shipping a car from North America to that country, with an estimated average transit time ranging from 25 to 28 days. The second-longest route, with an average transit duration of 22 days, runs from New York to Banjul, Gambia.

c. Factors affecting the cost of car shipping to the Gambia:

The cost to ship a vehicle to Gambia may vary depending on the type of automobile you have, the shipping dimensions and weight, the mode of transportation to the port of destination in Gambia, the location of your car in the USA that you intend to send it from, and also the mode of transport you select.

Cars older than eight years cannot be transported to or imported into Gambia. Right-handed driving Cars cannot be imported into Gambia unless intended for a specific use.

The cost to ship your automobile to Banjul, Gambia, will depend on the sort of car you have, its size, and whether you want to send it by container service or roll-on, roll-off (RO-RO) service from the shipping port.

d. Paperwork essential to ship a car from the USA to Gambia:

e. How to ship a car to Gambia from the USA

  • Ask for a shipping quote from the U.S. to the Gambia.
  • Choose the most appropriate shipping method to transport your car from the USA to the Gambia. Depending on your needs, you can select one of the following options: Roll-on-roll-off shipping, shared container shipping, and also air cargo to the Gambia are all options.
  • Give the shipping company the necessary paperwork to make a reservation to send your car to Gambia.
  • Deliver the car to the port.
  • Pay the shipping company what is due.
  • Send the bill of lading or release to your Gambia clearing agency, customs agent, or forwarder business.

Timelines for shipping to Gambia from USA

Typical travel times between the USA and the Gambia:

Customs for shipping to Gambia:

Depending on what is in your shipment, customs fees and tax regulations for the Gambia is full of complication. When sending items to Gambia, you must complete a customs form. You may find all the necessary details regarding your package on a customs form. This will cover the shipment’s contents, the destination, and also  your primary shipping motivation.

Using this, you can determine your taxes and whether you deliver any illegal items. Many variables are taken into account when calculating your taxes. Are you sending goods to the Gambia for personal or professional reasons? Are you transporting expensive goods? What is the current market value of the goods you are shipping? If you are shipping goods for resale, you will also pay a higher tax rate than somebody shipping for personal use.

Prohibited items for shipping to the Gambia:

Any country you export to has a list of things you must know. Although these differ significantly, it is simple to research them on their customs websites. Sending something illegal will confiscate your shipment and, in some situations, legal action against you. You should constantly conduct your research and never assume what is unlawful to avoid this problem.

For instance, some nations have outlawed specific types of literature, while others have even prohibited foreign calendars. The argument is that you shouldn’t automatically assume that anything must be dangerous or harmful to be listed as banned. Most of the items on some nations’ lists are deemed to be politically unacceptable.

It is typical for customs to delay a package’s delivery when shipping from the U.S. to the Gambia. This cannot be avoided, and it is impossible to predict how long a delay will be. The greatest thing you can do is ship your box as early as possible to prevent any customs delays that can cause you to be late for your scheduled arrival. Customs officers provide specialized roles in each nation.

Unrestricted imports:

  • 50 cigars.
  • 200 cigarettes.
  • 250 grams of tobacco.
  • One liter of wine or beer, and also up to D1000.00 in other products.

Prohibited imports:

  • Firearms, explosives, and ammunition unless otherwise allowed.
  • Knives and other dangerous weapons.
  • Fake products and currency.
  • Plants and plant products like fruits, seeds, potatoes.
  • some other vegetables, and bulbs.
  • Illegal drugs.
  • Pornographic content.

Cheapest courier service to Gambia from USA

Cheapest Courier Service to Gambia from USA

If you’re seeking the least expensive courier service from the USA to the Gambia, we can help. Shipping Cost to Gambia. We offer the most affordable option to ship cargo to the Gambia from the USA.

Every day, we export various items to the Gambia from the USA. Therefore, clients require a dependable and safe shipping company to send their goods there. With correct documentation and secure transportation while shipping to the Gambia, we offer free pickup and free packaging in the USA. After your package has been dispatched from the USA to the Gambia, we provide an online tracking system.

Ameritrans Freight International is the only company you must consider if you send many items from the Gambia to the U.S.! You can choose different solutions for freight and cargo storage insurance in addition to receiving personalized pricing from our vast network of dependable carriers. Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts for further details about sending goods from the Gambian to the U.S.

Documents necessary for Shipping to the Gambia

The agent must get the necessary customs documentation before the package arrives (applies to home goods and vehicles) to ensure free entrance for diplomatic shipments. Shipping Cost to Gambia.

The following documents must be imported into The Gambia: the bill of lading, the commercial invoice, the certificate of origin, the customs import declaration, and the health certification (if applicable for agricultural or food products). Additionally, non-sale credentials are needed, which must specify that the item’s owner will not sell personal possessions.

Main shipping routes from USA to Banjul, Gambia


  1. Does shipping depend on the weight or size?

Usually, couriers charge for their services are  on package size or weight, whichever is greater. The “Volumetric Weight” computation is essential to determine this. The sole exemption is flat rate products and services, which impose a fixed fee for mailers who use particular boxes. In those circumstances, the cost would be the same whether you are shipping an item of concrete or a package of feathers.

Dimensional weight is computed based on the cargo’s length, width, and also  height. You will be charged a higher amount if the item’s dimensional weight turns out to be greater than the package weight. A cheaper item may suddenly become pricey for no other reason than the cargo size. Shipping Cost to Gambia.

  1. What companies ship to Gambia?

When sending goods to the Gambia from us, Ameritrans Freight International offers affordable freight services. Your belongings are in good hands with us because we have more than 30 years of experience shipping items to locations worldwide.

We offer a customized service to people who need to safely and reliably deliver packages, personal items, extra luggage, or any size freight to the Gambia.

  1. Can UPS ship to Gambia?

The Gambia is served by significant package delivery companies such as UPS, FedEx, and also DHL.

  1. Does DHL ship to Gambia?

DHL’s services for Banjul include worldwide delivery of parcels, documents, and also bulky or high-value goods by air and sea freight.

  1. How long does a barrel take to ship?

If you’re shipping from the United States, it will take 7 to 14 days, depending on the State. Shipping a barrel from the U.K. takes a bit more time, approximately 14 to 21 days. Similarly to the U.K., shipping from Canada takes 14 to 21 days.

We offer port-to-port, door-to-door, door-to-port and also  port-to-door shipping services. Please request a quote online and get it instantly.

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