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International boat shipping entails scheduling a time that works for you, selecting the appropriate carrier to pick up your vessel, and coordinating the transportation to coincide with the sailing itinerary. Of course, assembling all the paperwork required to pass customs is another.

Depending on your starting port and final destination, some or all of these may impact the rate and sail time.

Boat shipping rates are determined by several variables, such as:

  • The position of a boat and whether a cradle needs to be constructed or it may be raised out of the water.
  • The yacht’s entire measurements, taking into account the cradle or support trailer.
  • Necessary shipping methods, such as water-to-water service or roll-on/roll-off
  • Country of final destination.

Regarding your international boat shipping or yacht transport, Ameritrans Freight International professionals will collaborate with you to develop a unique price to your requirements.

How international boat shipping works

We must first obtain the entire measurements of your boat or yacht, including any cradles or trailers, regardless of whether it is in water, on a trailer, or both. Most origin ports are outfitted with the tools and infrastructure required to manage international boat shipments, ranging in size from tiny to enormous.

It may leave from many sites across the United States, depending on your destination, the services you request, and the precise location of your boat.

The challenges of boat worldwide shipping

Boat-to-boat worldwide shipping is an element of the larger international shipping industry. Since different boats have different sizes, shapes, and materials, transport boats provide different issues than cargo ships, which mostly deal with standardized containers. Every boat, whether it’s a modern superyacht headed to a Mediterranean port or a traditional sailboat going halfway across the globe for a regatta, needs to be handled with care and attention during the international shipping process.

Major Departure Ports in the USA

  • Houston, TX
  • Oakland, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Port Hueneme, CA
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Norfolk, VA
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Charleston, SC
  • Miami
  • Savannah
  • Boston
  • New Orleans
  • Freeport, Tx
  • New Jersey
  • Seattle / Tacoma
  • Brunswick, Georgia
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Newark, NJ
  • Newport, Virginia

Departure and Arrival Ports in Africa 

The most popular countries we ship to in Africa include:

  • Nigeria– Port of Lagos
  • Ghana– Tema
  • The Gambia– Port of Banjul
  • Ethiopia– The main corridor into Ethiopia is through Djibouti port
  • Egypt-Port of Suez, Port Saïd
  • DR Congo-Matadi
  • Tanzania-Dar-es-Salaam Port
  • South Africa– Port of Durban, Coega Nqura, Port Elizabeth
  • Tunisia-Port of Sfax, Port of Gabes, Port of Zarzis, Port of Rades
  • South Sudan– Juba port
  • Togo– Lome
  • Libya- Port of Tripoli · Port of Benghazi · Marsa-El Brega port/ Al-braiga · Port of Misrata/ Qasr Ahmed · Port of Al Khoms
  • Liberia– Buchanan, Cape Palmas, Greenville, Marshall, Monrovia, River Cess.
  • Central African Republic– Luanda, Lobito, Douala, Pointe Noire, Libreville, Port Gentil, Malabo, Bata, Luba Freeport
  • Mauritania– Nouadhibou, Nouakchott.
  • Eritrea– Assab and Massawa ports
  • Botswana– Francistown, lobatse, Gaborone
  • Kenya– Port of Mombasa
  • Uganda-Port Bell, Port of Jinja
  • Sudan– Port Soudan
  • Algeria-Djen Djen Port
  • Morocco-Port of Tanger Med, Casablanca
  • Angola– Port of Luanda, Port of Namibe, Port of Lobito
  • Mozambique– Port of Beira
  • Madagascar– Port of Toamasina · Port of Antsiranana · Port of Toliara · Ehoala port · Mahajanga port · Port Saint Marie.
  • Côte d’Ivoire– Abidjan port
  • Cameroon-Port of Douala. Port of Kribi, deep-sea port.
  • Niger– Niger relies on the port at Cotonou (Benin), and to a lesser degree Lomé (Togo), and Port Harcourt (Nigeria), as its main route to overseas trade.
  • Mali– Mali has no seaports because it is landlocked, but Koulikoro, on the Niger River near Bamako, serves as a principal river port.
  • Burkina Faso-Burkina-Faso ports play an essential role in the export and import trade of the country. The ports authority of Burkina-Faso runs the seaports, which the Government of Burkina-Faso operates.
  • Malawi-Malawi is a landlocked country situated in East Africa. By sea freight, the closest ports of entry are Beira, Mozambique, or Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • Zambia– Port of Mpulungu, Tazara Dry Port, Mulambwa Harbour, and Port of Nchelenge.
  • Chad– Chad has no seaports within its territory. There is a heavy reliance on the seaport infrastructure of neighboring countries for the shipment of goods. Specifically, Chad relies on seaports in Cameroon, Sudan, and Togo.
  • Somalia– Mogadishu
  • Senegal– Dakar port
  • Zimbabwe– Port of Chiredz, Binga Harbour and Kariba Harbour.
  • Guinea-Port of Conakry · Port of Kamsar/ Kakande · Port of Dougoufissa Creek · Port of Benti/ Benty · Port of Labe
  • Rwanda– Rwanda is a landlocked country and thus has no coastline or maritime claims. It, therefore, relies on the ports of Mombasa in Kenya and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania for most of its imports and exports.
  • Benin – Cotonou,
  • Burundi– Bujumbura Port
  • Sierra Leone– Freetown
  • Namibia-Port of Walvis Bay
  • Gabon-Port-Gentil
  • Lesotho– A landlocked country
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Equatorial Guinea– Conakry
  • Mauritius– Port Louis
  • Djibouti– Port of Djibouti
  • Comoros-port of Mutsamudu
  • Sao Tome & Principe-Santo Antonio and Sao Tome
  • Seychelles– port of Victoria.
  • Port of Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Departure and Arrival Ports in the Middle East

The departure port in the USA will depend on which country in the Middle East you are shipping to. Likewise, the arrival port in the Middle East will depend on the chosen country.

The most popular countries we ship to in the Middle East include:

  • UAE– Abu Dhabi., Port of Jebel Ali
  • Saudi Arabia– Jeddah port
  • Kuwait– Shuwaikh Port, Shuaiba Port, and Doha Port.
  • Bahrain– Port of Mina Salman, Port of Khalifa Bin Salman, Al Manama Harbour, Port of Sitra, Port of Al Muharraq.
  • Qatar– Al Rayyan Marine Terminal, Doha, Hamad, Mesaieed, Ras Laffan, Mm Said
  • Oman– The Port of Salalah, Port of Sultan Qaboos, Port of Duqm
  • Jordan– The Port of Aqaba
  • Turkey– Port of Haydarpaşa (Istanbul, Turkey) , Port of Mersin (Mersin, Turkey) , Port of Izmir (Umurbey, Turkey)
  • Iran-Bandar Abbas, Chabahar
  • Iraq– Umm Qasr Port

2. Ports for Boat Shipping Services

Boat shipping ports in the Caribbean

At Ameritrans Freight International, we ship to the following countries in the Caribbean.

  • Cuba– Port of Cartagena, Colombia
  • The Dominican Republic– Port of Caucedo, Port of Rio Haina
  • Puerto Rico– Port of San Juan
  • Aruba-Port of Oranjestad
  • Bahamas-Port of Freeport
  • Bonaire – port of Kralendijk
  • Curacao-The Port of Willemstad
  • Haiti-Port of Aquin, Port au Prince
  • Jamaica-Port of Kingston
  • Trinidad & Tobago– Port of Spain
  • Port of Colon- Panama
  • Port of Cartagena, Colombia
  • Port of Bridgetown, Barbados
  • Port of Georgetown, Cayman Islands

Boat shipping ports in Central America

  • Belize– Port of Belize
  • Costa Rica– The Port of Limón and the Port of Caldera
  • El Salvador– port of El Salvador, the Port of Acajutla
  • Guatemala– Jose and Quetzal.
  • Honduras– Port of Puerto Cortes,Port of Tela, Port of Puerto Castilla,Port of La Ceiba,Port of San Lorenzo
  • Nicaragua-Puerto Corinto
  • Panama– Manzanillo, Port of Balboa

Boat shipping ports in South America

  • Argentina- San Lorenzo-San Martin
  • Brazil-Itaqui, Santos, Paranaguá, San Francisco
  • Chile– Port of Talcahuano/San Vicente, Puerto San Antonio, Port of Valparaíso
  • Ecuador– Port of Guayaquil, Port of Manta
  • Peru– Callao
  • Uruguay– Port of Montevideo, Port of Sauce de Juan Lacaze, Port of Nueva Palmira and Port of Fray Bentos
  • Bolivia– Puerto Aguirre, Puerto Quijarro and Puerto Suárez.
  • Paraguay– San Antonio
  • Venezuela– Port of Maracaibo

Boat shipping ports in Australia

  • Port of Brisbane
  • Darwin port
  • Port of Melbourne
  • Sydney port
  • Fremantle Port
  • Port of New Castle

Boat shipping ports in Hawaii

  • Honolulu Harbor Oahu
  • Kalaeloa Barbers Point Harbor Oahu
  • Kewalo Basin Oahu
  • Kahului Harbor Maui
  • Kaunakakai Harbor Molokai
  • Kaumalapau Harbor Lanai
  • Hilo Harbor Hawaii
  • Kawaihae Harbor Hawaii
  • Nawiliwili Harbor Kauai
  • Port Allen Harbor Kauai

Boat shipping ports in Guam

Guam’s commercial port, operated by the Port Authority of Guam, is located at Cabras Island in the village of Piti. It is Guam’s only deepwater port, handling approximately 90 percent of its total imports.

3. Best International Boat Shipping Services from the USA

Lift on Lift off (LoLo), Roll on Roll off (RoRo), and Semi-Submersible are the primary methods for shipping a boat or yacht abroad.

An overview of each operation is provided below.

Roll on/Roll off (RORO) boat shipping:

Most customers who have boats on trailers choose this type of service. When shipping boats RORO, all they have to do is roll onto the deck and get off when they get to their destination.

In this manner, boats on cradles can also be sent; however, the cradle is used to move the unit into place on the ship and off at the destination, and it is positioned on a movable flat rack supplied by the shipping line.

  • Simplifies the process of loading and unloading.
  • Perfect for boats having wheels or trailers attached to them.
  • Able to fit a variety of boat shipping forms and sizes.
  • Exposes the boat’s exterior while it is being transported.
  • Restricted to boats that can be driven aboard the boat.
  • Could need extra handling tools or services.
Lift on/Lift off (LOLO) boat shipping:

While some boats are too large for RORO, they may need to be craned onto the ship’s deck, which will be secured with straps and blocked.

Because they are kept for the whole voyage on the uppermost level of the ship, there is no height restriction for this service. There are extra crane charges for this service at the origin and destination.

  • Provides weather protection while in shipping.
  • Simplifies the loading and handling processes.
  • Can be cheaper for smaller boats.
  • Limited to boats that meet the size of a typical container.
  • Needs to be properly braced and fastened to avoid moving while being transported.
  • May include paying extra handling costs at ports of entry.
Semi-Submersible shipping:

Using a semi-submersible vessel to transport a larger super boat or yacht from the sea to the desired location is possible. These vessels are designed to lift such ships out of the water and return them to it.

The boats position themselves above the deck as the carrier vessel lowers it below the waterline. Divers set the ships, and the boat emerges from the sea when they are entirely in place. Observing this process is quite remarkable.

Cost of boat shipping services from the USA

A boat’s shipping cost will vary depending on a number of factors, such as its size, original location, intended destination, and the season in which it needs to be carried. Because of this, it is challenging to provide any cost guidelines, like an approximate cost per mile.

The truth is that it can be challenging to give a trustworthy quote right away because there are so many variables at play! Ameritrans Freight shed light on the different aspects that affect the cost of boat shipping.


Whenever it comes to cost, the dimensions and weight of the cargo are crucial; in fact, our professionals will inquire about it immediately. Larger or more oversized freight may call for specialized shipping techniques or heavy lift equipment, which come with additional prices.


The cost of shipping a boat might change based on the market and seasonal demand. Due to increasing demand, shipping prices may be higher during peak seasons, such as the summer months when recreational boating is most popular.

Ameritrans Freight schedules regular sailings along well-traveled routes to coincide with the beginning and end of the yachting seasons in various parts of the world. Because of economies of scale, costs will probably be much lower if you plan to transport your boat following seasonal sailings.

An outstanding illustration of this would be the 52 yachts recently returned from the Caribbean last year. Customers’ shipping expenses were significantly reduced due to the 52-way share of all standard costs, including vessel charter and loadmaster resources.


Location dramatically impacts the cost of shipping a boat, from the requirement to lease extra equipment locally to higher fuel expenses over long distances and the necessity to hire deck space on a vessel. Depending on the port or area, services like stevedores might vary greatly, leading to significant price variations.

Distance and route:

Shipping prices are often greater for longer distances and more complicated worldwide shipping routes. Costs can also be impacted by variables including gasoline prices, port charges, and taxes encountered along the journey.

Currency exchange rates:

Currency exchange rate fluctuations can affect cost of shipping a boat, particularly when shipping internationally and involves numerous currencies.

Customs duties and taxes:

The total cost of international shipping can increase if the destination country imposes import duties, taxes, or other customs costs.


It is usually advised to purchase marine cargo insurance to guard against loss or damage while in transit. The worth of the boat, the mode of transportation, and the choices made for coverage all affect how much insurance will cost.

Additional services:

The overall cost of transportation may increase if further services are required, such as cradle or trailer rental, boat shipping packaging and preparation, customs clearance, insurance, and storage. Fees may also apply for specialized handling needs, such as large or dangerous items.

Cost of shipping a boat shipping calculator

A precise cost can only be possible if we know the type, size, condition, pickup/delivery location, and duration of the travel of your boat. Together, you will create a logistical strategy with our boat transport services team that includes scheduling the collection and delivery of your vessel.

We at Ameritrans Freight International go above and beyond to deliver dependable and safe transportation services so you can relax knowing your shipment will be handled skillfully and safely.

Requirements for the boat shipping cost calculator
  • Your shipment:
  • Cargo details:
  • Year/make/model and dimensions:
  • Where you are shipping from:
  • Where you are shipping to:
  • Name:
  • Phone:
  • E-mail (required):

4. Importing a Boat or Yacht to the USA

A boat can be imported into the USA in a manner akin to that of an export. The exact shipping techniques are applied when exporting a boat from abroad to the US. Ameritrans Freight International holds a license to import ships for exports into the US.

The major ports of departure for export are also the famous ports of arrival for imports. The majority of the boats and yachts that we import come from Europe. Still, we also import vessels from the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Hawaii, and Guam. Get a quote for boat shipping to the USA to find out how much it will cost to import your boat or yacht.

Yacht shipping companies:

Over 20 years of international boat shipping, Ameritrans Freight has carried hundreds of boats internationally. We recognize that many moving parts are involved in your international boat travel and that careful planning is required.

A single service provider can handle all parts of the move, regardless of the size of the yacht 20 feet Nautique or 200 feet.

Relocating your boat overseas may be as simple and painless as possible by working with Ameritrans Freight International, your boat transportation company.

  • Jet Skis
  • Work Boats
  • Catamaran
  • Tugboat
  • Inflatable
  • Sailboat
  • Power Boats up to 40′ in length
  • Wakeboard
  • Pontoon/Tritoon
  • Bass Boat
  • Skiff

Boat shipping requirements:

  • The total dimensions of your boat must include a trailer if it is towed by a trailer.
  • Kindly measure the length of the trailer starting at the end and ending at the furthest point aft (propeller, outdrive, etc.).
  • Measure the distance between the ground and the boat’s highest point (nav light, radar, etc.).
  • Shipping rates are determined by the measurements taken by the shipping line when the boat arrives at the port.
  • Your quote from Boat Shipping International, Inc. will be based on the measurements you supply. Should the actual sizes vary, the customer bears the obligation for additional shipping costs.
  • Boat Shipping International, Inc. will reimburse the difference if the measurements provided are more extensive (minimum seven cbm) than the actual measurements.

5. International boat shipping services from USA to Europe

If you are moving to that continent, you must learn about shipping boats from the United States to Europe. Some yacht shipping firms provide this specialized service. Some believe they could sail their craft from the United States to Europe.

Although it may not be feasible for you to sail the boat yourself, plenty of other options are available to assist in the shipment of ships from the United States to Europe. Expert boat transportation providers may guide you on the most cost-effective method for transporting your vessel to the designated location.

The most economical and efficient way of shipping a boat with a trailer is to use roll-on/roll-off shipping firms. This technique can assist in exporting boats over well-traveled routes from the United States to Europe.

Container shipping for boat shipping from the USA to Europe

Container shipping can be necessary, depending on where the boat is being shipped to and from. Transferring goods by sea and land is more straightforward when a container is used for boat shipment from the United States to Europe.

Cranes can quickly raise the containers to be loaded onto trucks, trains, or vessels. This is frequently a more costly option, but it makes land-based boat shipping from the United States to Europe considerably more straightforward and safer.

You won’t be able to ship boats from the United States to Europe. You should contact a specialist immediately rather than attempting to conserve money and winding up paying more than you anticipated. Experts will determine the best method for shipping a boat from the United States.

6.Countries that the USA exports boats to

Boats are exported from the United States to many other nations worldwide. Although the precise locations may differ based on variables including consumer demand, trade agreements, and economic situations, the following are some of the main nations that import boats from the United States:


Canada is an important market for American-built boats, including powerboats, sailboats, and luxury yachts. Canada is a neighbor with a robust maritime culture and recreational boating sector.


Australia is one of the biggest markets for American-built boats, especially luxury yachts, fishing boats, and high-performance powerboats. It has a large coastline, lots of canals, and a strong boating culture.


Mexico is an attractive market for recreational boats and yachts imported from the USA because of its coastal regions and well-known tourist attractions. In addition, the demand for recreational boating activities has increased due to Mexico’s expanding economy and rising disposable income.

Caribbean Islands:

To sustain their growing tourism and recreational boating sectors, well-known tourist locations like the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands import boats from the USA.

United Arab Emirates (UAE):

Middle Eastern luxury yachting and recreational boating are heavily concentrated in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Wealthy purchasers in the area have a strong preference for yachts and vessels built in the United States.

European Union (EU) Countries:

Boats are imported from the United States by several European Union nations, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom. These nations are excellent markets for a variety of American boats because of their wealthy populations and long-standing maritime traditions.

Asian Countries:

Asia’s emerging markets—China, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore—are seeing an increase in demand for luxury yachts and recreational boating. American boat makers frequently seek for export potential in these nations.

South American Countries:

Growing economies and rising interest in recreational boating in nations like Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia present chances for American boat makers to sell their goods to these markets.

New Zealand:

New Zealand, which is well-known for its scenic coastline and outdoor culture, imports a range of boats from the United States, including fishing boats, motorboats, and sailing yachts.

South Africa:

The coastal areas of South Africa, which include Cape Town and Durban, are home to a flourishing boating culture that has a strong demand for American-built boats, especially sportfishing and luxury yachts.

These are but a handful of the nations to which the United States ships boats. The recreational boating market is constantly changing on a worldwide scale, and American boat manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to increase their export market share and cater to foreign consumers.

7. Jet ski shipping international

jet ski

If you are utilizing a moving company, the easiest way to ship is to schedule a dedicated transport for your jet skis. Jet skis are often hauled privately in trailers. This service eliminates the fear of handling or other shipments damaging your devices because they will be transported in a van exclusively for your item.

If you’re unsure which shipping option would be ideal for your jet ski, use the chat box in the lower right corner to contact our specialists.

Ski firms with logistics experience can handle domestic and international jet ski delivery. For this kind of machine, there are several choices for freight shipping. Experienced logistics businesses can manage international jet ski delivery. This kind of machine can be transported in a variety of ways.

In only a few clicks, you can use the Ameritrans Freight international site to locate a seasoned carrier for transporting a jet ski domestically and internationally.

How to transport a jet ski without a trailer

Nevertheless, loading a jet ski onto a trailer bed or hitch carrier could be challenging, and you could want specific tools.

Experienced logistics businesses can handle international jet ski delivery. This kind of machine can be transported in a variety of ways. In only a few clicks, you can use the Ameritrans Freight international site to locate a seasoned carrier for transporting a jet ski domestically and internationally.

Using a hitch carrier or placing the jet ski on a truck bed are the most effective ways to transport a jet ski without a trailer. Even if both options have drawbacks, it is acceptable to tow a smaller jet ski without using a trailer in many situations.

Jet ski shipping cost

You must select the best mode of transportation based on the weight and dimensions of your package, the pickup and destination addresses, and our cost calculator tool to receive precise quotations for shipping jet skis domestically and abroad. Our intuitive interface will immediately provide the best possible service recommendation and the price for shipping jet skis abroad.

Jet ski transport

When shipping equipment like jet ski engines, sturdy packaging is crucial. A knowledgeable jet ski motor shipper suggests employing the plywood sandwich method:

  • Locate a cardboard box that works. It ought to be bigger than the engine.
  • To safeguard the motor from potential harm and guarantee that it remains immobilized while being transported, cut many plywood pieces that correspond to the measurements of the box.
  • To mount the motor using mounting bolts, drill multiple holes in the plywood.
  • After the engine is firmly positioned inside the box, use cushioning materials to fill any gaps.
  • Seal and close the package. Give it a “fragile” label.
Jet ski services we provide: –

Safe Transportation: Our reliable vehicle shipping company employs certain trailers and tools to ensure that Jet Skis are transported without damage throughout the journey.

Door-to-Door Service: We provide easy door-to-door delivery and pickup choices to save you the most trouble.

Skilled Drivers: Our experienced drivers know how to handle watercraft transportation, so your trip will go smoothly.

Competitive Pricing: We give value for your money regarding our Jet Ski shipping services, with competitive rates.

On-Time Delivery: Your Jet Ski will arrive at its destination on time since we prioritize on-time delivery.

Jet ski delivery near me

Ameritrans Freight is an expert in jet ski delivery, and we have a solid reputation for providing timely and effective service to all locations we service in Puget Sound and the vicinity of Olympia. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service, delivered professionally and meticulously. We attend to each client’s demands from beginning to end and are reachable to answer any queries or issues you may have.

  • Jet Ski Leasing
  • Jet Ski Enterprises
  • Supercharged jet skis, freestyle jet skis
  • Jet Ski Supply
Shipping Jet ski to Puerto Rico

Finding the most economical method of delivering goods to Puerto Rico might be complicated by considerations like weight and shipment urgency. International shipping can be very costly.

A boat shipping to Puerto Rico may cost between $ 5,000 and $20,000. The sailboats and motorboats can range in price from $2,000 to $10,000, while dinghies and kayaks can be purchased for $500 to $2,500. The boat’s dimensions, weight, and transportation distance influence the total shipping cost.

Jet ski movers

We are experts at shipping Jet Skis on trailers. All around the United States, we have been providing most jet ski varieties—all throughout the continental United States, from state to state and city to city. We can carry a single jet ski trailer, two jet skis on a double jet ski trailer, jet boats, and much more.

Call us to find out how we can assist you with an international boat shipping service from the USA.

TELEPHONE NO.: +1(800)-413-2452

EMAIL: anthony@ameritransfreight.com

Website: https://ameritransfreight.com


How should my jet ski be ready for shipping?

Remove the batteries, empty the gasoline tank, and remove personal items. Before shipment, make sure the jet ski is neat and well-maintained.

Which airlines are utilized for shipping jet skis?

Jet ski carriers come in two varieties: covered and open, with varying degrees of protection and cost.

What is the duration of jet ski shipping?

The length of the journey and the carrier’s schedule determine how long shipping takes. On average, it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

How can I send a boat from the United States to Europe?

Worldwide Boat Transportation | Yacht Transport Abroad

A boat or yacht can be shipped internationally in three primary ways: lift-on lift-off (LoLo), roll-on roll-off (RoRo), and semi-submersible.

How do boats get moved abroad?

Use the services of a freight forwarder or authorized NVOCC (non-vessel operations common carrier) if you’re purchasing your boat abroad. They will pay you a fee for the service, schedule transit, reserve space for your boat on a ship, and handle all the required documentation.