Moving Household Goods to Mexico: Cost-effective and Simple

moving household goods

Moving Household Goods and Freight from USA to Mexico

The cost of moving household goods to Mexico varies depending on the circumstances. Origin/destination, the number of your items, the service books, etc., are all variables that come into play. Please speak with our relocation to Mexico agent as quickly as possible for an exact price. They will provide an accurate shipping quote based on specifics unique to your move. 

There are many ways to cut costs on your overseas move; you can think about eliminating unwanted possessions, self-packing, and requesting your international mover their services. The best international shipping companies will make recommendations around your budget. Cutting your load size will be the best way to save money.

The typical price of moving household goods to Mexico from the US is $2000 to $12,000. The most significant cost factors are the overall destination, move size, service, and movers you choose.

a. Documents needed for moving household goods into Mexico:

Certain procedures and paperwork are required by Mexican customs when bringing household items into Mexico from the US. An international moving company from Mexico can help you with the process. The following are the forms needed for Mexican Customs:

You need to make a thorough inventory list of everything you’re bringing into Mexico with the help of your preferred international relocation company. Each box must be marked with the contents and values inside.

b. Moving household goods companies in Mexico:

The top international moving firms that serve Mexico include

  • Global Van Lines,
  • Allied Van Lines
  • North American Van Lines
  • Atlas Van Lines

Every featured business provides a range of US-to-Mexico moving services. They have years of experience shipping household goods from the US to Mexico and always receive great customer evaluations.

It would be ideal if you were searching for a business that would transport your home goods into Mexico securely and without charging you extra rather than one that offers cheap moving services.

According to several independent sources, International Van Lines is the top international moving business from the US to Mexico City. IVL provides both land and sea transportation. IVL will also guide you through the relocation process to guarantee that your items are cleared and delivered on time.

c. Moving furniture from US to Mexico

The price of shipping to and from Mexico will vary depending on several important aspects, such as the destination and volume of your belongings and the shipping firm you choose.

The typical international shipping costs for some of our most popular routes from the US to well-liked shipping locations in Mexico are provided here to give you a ballpark estimate of what to expect to pay.

The rates are predicated on the port-to-port conveyance of a 20-foot container of pre-owned furniture valued at £40,000, the approximate total value of a three-bedroom house. The most economical and efficient way to ship goods from the United States to Mexico.

Ocean shipping services are best suited for big and oversized loads, vehicles, household goods, personal things, and commercial commodities.

Moving Household Goods from USA to Mexico movers

Moving to Mexico from the USA is a significant move. Due to this, you need to have all the aspects of the relocation covered. First, you should comply with the documentation requirements that allow you to live legally in Mexico. Although the procedures are not straightforward, you can conveniently accomplish this by seeking expert help.

Aside from the paperwork requirements, working on the relocation to Mexico would be best. Fortunately, you have dependable international household movers to assist you every step of the way. Ameritrans Freight International is experienced in moving your personal belongings.

We also have expert packers to pack your household items safely and maintain their pristine condition during transport.

Moving Household Goods from USA to Mexico Pods

Indeed, the majority of American expatriates reside in Mexico. This means that moving to Mexico from the United States can be done easily, provided you have the right arrangements and strategy. People who are moving from the United States and intend to settle here can expect an excellent quality of life in Mexico, the country that borders the south.

When transferring internationally, you must transfer your personal belongings and your household items’ documents if you are shipping them to Mexico. If you are moving and have a pet, you will also require documentation for your animal companion. Aspects of the relocation that are required include freight costs, transit times, and safety.

We at Ameritrans Freight International offer comprehensive, specialized services for relocation from the United States to Mexico.

Relocating abroad can be very expensive, even to the nation’s south. Nonetheless, we at International Sea & Air Shipping know the difficulties of moving abroad. For this reason, we work with highly qualified and insured specialists to manage your move to Mexico from the USA.

Moving Household Goods Companies from California to Mexico

Moving soon? We can assist! Give the strain to us. We provide moving services to and from Mexico for:

  • San Diego
  • Los Angeles
  • Las Vegas
  • Tijuana
  • Playas
  • Rosarito
  • Ensenada
  • Tecate

Get our team of expert movers to move you today we offer competitive pricing for personal goods!

Cities most Americans move to in Mexico:

The cities that are most popular with people who have a temporary or permanent resident visa are:

  • Cabo San Lucas
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • San Miguel de Allende
  • Merida
  • Lake Chapala
  • Tulum
  • Huatulco

However, the location you choose will mostly rely on your search parameters.

  • Merida, Cuernavaca, Mexico City, or Mexico City are examples of student cities where you might want to settle in.
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, or Oaxaca are the most popular destinations for retired people.
  • Cities like Tijuana, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey draw businesses and foreign labor.

We may relocate you to any Mexican state or city, regardless of your destination.

Freight from USA to Mexico

Transporting freight across the border between the United States and Mexico is typically trickier than exporting within the country, but it’s still very significant. Creating a productive and economical supply chain to or from Mexico for your company can be highly profitable, regardless of whether you’re nearshoring, obtaining raw materials, or exporting finished goods across the border.

Rail cargo into and out of Mexico is one method of maintaining a steady, dependable, and eco-friendly supply chain. Ameritrans will help you effectively and affordably ship freight across the Mexico-U.S. border. Road Transportation of goods from the USA to Mexico and vice versa rates simplified.

US-Mexico Freight border crossings

Selecting rail for your products might make shipping across borders less complicated. These responses to frequently asked concerns about cross-border shipping can help you become more comfortable with the procedure and the benefits of using rail. Rail provides a sustainable, safe, and affordable means of moving cargo across international borders.

If you ship by vehicle, switching to rail can reduce your carbon footprint associated with transportation by 75% and save transportation costs. Not to mention, it might streamline the customs procedure considerably.

Six border crossings gateways to Mexico

There are six locations where rail cargo enters Mexico:

  • El Paso
  • Eagle Pass
  • Laredo
  • Brownsville
  • California; Calexico
  • Nogales, Arizona

Every class railroad has its own set of border crossings that it uses for operations,

The gateway you choose for international shipping will rely on the shipment’s destinations in Mexico and the Mexican train that delivers it there.

a. Cost of US-Mexico cargo border crossings

Another successful and affordable method of transportation is cross-border intermodal shipping. Another advantage of using intermodal shipping to Mexico is avoiding the need to stop at the border to clear customs. Instead, they pass through customs in Mexico.

Even when the item is handled by various railroads, you can frequently also benefit from the ease of a single bill and price for both the truck and rail sections of the consignment.

b. Road transportation of goods from the USA to Mexico requirements

Other procedures involve shipping goods to Mexico, such as acquiring a commodity permit, submitting a commercial invoice, and paying customs charges. When transporting freight to Mexico via train, check the following boxes: obtain a commodity permit if required.

Give the railroad a bill of lading that is accurate and comprehensive (the information you offer about your consignment)

Give the Mexican broker and the shipping forwarder a commercial invoice.

Pay all taxes.

c. US-Mexico cargo routes from the US

Major railroads in Mexico are Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) and Grupo Mexico Transporters (GMXT). To convey goods to their final location, these more extensive railroads in Mexico are interchanged with smaller rail carriers. Based on the rail car’s waybill and previously agreed-upon arrangements between carriers, an interchange is effectively a handoff of the rail cargo between the railroads. For the customer, this procedure is smooth.

d. US-Mexico cargo crossing- border crossings

The most crucial things to do to ensure your shipment arrives on schedule are to ensure it is securely fastened, the waybill is accurate, and the customs paperwork is handled on time.

Railroads contribute to the security of shipments as well. Ameritrans Freight has a solid process to offer safe and secure transit, and each railroad has its own set of protocols to keep the border procedure safe and secure.

e. US-Mexico cross border trucking program

To ensure the safety of rail goods, Mexican railroads also employ their security measures, such as physical security measures like CCTV and fencing in rail yards, as well as strategic alliances with Mexican authorities.

f. US to Mexico trucking companies

When you deal with Ameritrans Freight, our staff will assist you in making the necessary connections with the relevant Mexican railroad. Similar aid might be available from other railroads.

With the knowledge and connections to make your dream of international freight shipping a reality, our staff has a plethora of experience with cross-border shipping restrictions to Mexico. Our areas of expertise are FTL and LTL freight.

Ameritrans Freight can also manage cross-border truckload shipments of any size or form thanks to our fleet of more than 500 trailers, which includes step decks, dry vans, flatbeds, intermodal chassis, and RGNs.

Our company safety program provides our highly experienced drivers with incentives to ensure that your delivery arrives on time and in the same condition as when it left its destination. All of North America is included in our service area. The Canadian operating authority and a component of our fleet are located in Mexico.

Mexico cross-border carriers – Moving Household Goods

a. Falcon superior intermodal transportation

Falcon Premium is Canada and Mexico’s fastest and most dependable intermodal rail service. This service, which travels via Eagle Pass and Chicago to connect Mexico and Canada,

Intermodal customers that move food, home appliances, automobile parts, FAK (freight all types), and temperature-controlled goods directly benefit from Falcon Premium.

b. Eagle premium

Congested border crossings are avoided by all-rail Eagle Premium service, ensuring on-time delivery of products. With the help of Mexican railroad GMXT, Eagle Premium service consists of:

c. Chicago yard center

Service to and from Chicago and Memphis via Silao, Mexico

Chicago Eagle Premium Travel offers seamless intermodal travel between Chicago, Illinois, and Monterrey, Mexico, six days a week. From Monterrey, there is enhanced service to Los Angeles, Lathrop, and Seattle. The service also includes interline service to Canada and the eastern United States.

d. BNSF Mexico

BNSF Mexico operates in Fort Worth, Texas, Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey. The bilingual professionals at BNSF Mexico know your demands. They are prepared to provide you access to our comprehensive knowledge of import/export regulations between the United States and Mexico.

e. Ferromex

Ferromex operates more than 9,610 kilometers (5,970 mi) of track and interconnects five major inland Mexican cities, five cities along the border with the United States, four seaports on the Pacific Ocean, and one more on the Gulf of Mexico.

f. Mexico Freight train map

Mexico has a freight railway system owned by the national government and construction edit map of the first Mexican rail line between Veracruz and Mexico City.

Chicago is the busiest freight rail hub in the U.S., handling more than 3 million freight cars annually. Yet every day, hundreds of trains move tens of thousands of passengers and freight cars through the terminal, a feat as demanding as largely unseen.

Mexico Imports and Exports -Moving Household Goods

Mexico is one of the United States’ main oil suppliers, importing around four-fifths of its petroleum reserves. China imports significant consumer products, chemicals, and manufacturing and transportation equipment.

What commodities is the US getting from Mexico?

Mexico is a major supplier of goods to the United States, including machinery, automobiles, drinks, instruments, etc.

What is Mexico’s largest import?

More car and auto parts exports from Mexico than anything else go to the United States.

Which products does Mexico export the most?

Mexico manufactures commodities it imports and exports, including machinery, equipment, instruments, precious metals, grain, sugar, tomatoes, and meat. Of course, nevertheless, its alcoholic beverages are likewise very renowned.

Cost of rail cargo transport between US and Mexico

Mexico is an essential component of the American economy and could soon overtake the United States as its largest trading partner; nevertheless, businesses usually pass the costs of tariffs on to their customers. It is improbable that manufacturers would bear the additional tax burden if a tariff were placed on imports from Mexico. Rather than passing it on to customers, companies will probably raise the price of all these things.

Aside from the fact that tariffs would harm American consumers, it was also anticipated that the Mexican government’s retaliation would harm the American economy by erecting new trade barriers. Following NAFTA, many North American businesses established supply chains across Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

Top U.S. exports to Mexico – Moving household goods:

Top U.S. goods exports include electronics, vehicles, fuels, minerals, plastics, and machinery. Mexico was the second-largest export market for U.S. agricultural products in 2022, with total U.S. exports to Mexico valued at over USD 28 billion.

Mexico, often known as the United Mexican States, is a nation in North America that shares borders with the US, Guatemala, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. According to import data from Mexico, Mexico’s imports decreased from USD 464.2 billion in 2018 to USD 455.2 billion in 2019.

US-Mexico trade

According to trade figures, Mexico was the world’s 12th-largest importer. With 125.9 million people living in the country, Mexico’s import value in 2019 corresponded to approximately USD 3,700 in annual product demand from every citizen of the southernmost nation in North America.

Trade figures show that integrated circuits, refined petroleum, auto components, office equipment, and autos are among Mexico’s top imports. Mexico imports primarily from South Korea, China, Japan, Germany, and the United States.

Mexico trade statistics

According to trade data from Mexico, Mexico’s top 10 imports made up around 73% of the total value of the goods it bought from foreign countries in 2019. Of Mexico’s top ten import categories, automobiles experienced the highest rise, rising by more than 16% between 2018 and 2019. Articles of iron and steel (0.7%) and optical, photographic, and medical equipment (7.9%) were the other product groups to increase in value.

In 2019, electronics (20.28%), machinery (16.54%), cars (10.75%), mineral fuels and oils (8.76%), plastics (5.26%), optical, photographic, and medical equipment (3.52%), iron and steel (2.3%), iron and steel articles (2.1%), organic chemicals (1.78%), and aluminum (1.47%) were the top ten commodities imported by Mexico.

According to data from Mexico’s customs, the product category with the biggest value decline—organic chemicals—was down 13.3%. Following an analysis of Mexico’s shipments, we presented the dollar value of the country’s top 10 imports in 2019.


Ameritrans Freight is genuinely your one-stop shop for any shipping requirements. That is if your cargo enters the United States or travels south to Mexico. Please contact us right now and learn more about the freight transportation services we offer between the United States and Mexico.


  1. What goods do the US and Mexico trade? including Personal effects or Moving Household Goods

Mexico continued to be the biggest destination for US exports of natural gas and petroleum products in 2022, and it was also the country from which the US received the majority of its foreign crude oil imports. Mineral fuels, cars, plastics, electrical machinery, and machinery are among the other top U.S. exports to Mexico.

Personal effects or personal goods or Moving Household Goods from USA to Mexico is also a major component exports and imports between the two countries.

  1. Which is the biggest US export?

Cars ($55.4B), Integrated Circuits ($51.3B), Crude Petroleum ($67.6B), Refined Petroleum ($83.3B), and Petroleum Gas ($70.9B) are the top export categories as of late. The top five countries to which the United States exports are China ($151B), Japan ($71.8B), South Korea ($66.4B), Canada ($259B), Mexico ($247B), and Mexico.

  1. Which five goods are Mexico’s top exports? Including Moving Household Goods

Mexico’s top exports include steel, chemicals, food items, petroleum and petroleum products, machinery and transport equipment, and electrical equipment. The United States, which significantly depends on Mexico as one of its main oil suppliers, imports around four-fifths of the petroleum produced in Mexico.

  1. Who is the US’s biggest trading partner in 2023?

In 2023, Mexico became the largest trading partner of the United States.

  1. Why does the United States value Mexico? Including for Moving Household goods

Due to the length of their shared border, the United States national security and international trade depend on the peace and security of that area. As of 2023, the United States and Mexico remain the two largest trading partners in the world. Personal effects or personal goods or Moving Household Goods from USA to Mexico is also a major component exports and imports between the two countries.