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Effortless Shipping to Central America

Welcome to a guide that transforms the complexities of shipping into a straightforward process. In ‘Shipping to Central America Made Easy,’ we unveil strategies and insights to streamline your shipping experience. Whether you’re sending commercial goods or personal items, join us as we navigate the pathways to effortless shipping across the vibrant landscapes of Central America

Shipping to central America from USA

It can be challenging to send goods to Central America, whether it’s your first time or you do it frequently. Therefore, whenever shipping goods to Central America, you should always work with a freight forwarding firm that is familiar with the region’s economic climate, language, and customs laws.

Ameritrans Freight’s superior shipping and shipping services have helped numerous importers and exporters strengthen their connections with their customers over the past 20 years.

Our vast network of carriers and our expertise enable us to offer a variety of options for overseas shipping to Central America.

We offer transport providers from door to port, port to port, and door to door to all Central America’s main ports. Including Balboa, Manzanillo, Puerto Limon, and Puerto Quetzal.

Routes for Shipping to Central America

  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Dominica Republic
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Puerto Rico

Container Shipping to Central America

The most dependable and economical way to move heavy loads, cars, business cargo, and personal effects between nations is with an ocean freight container.

We assist importers and exporters in shipping their goods internationally. This is done by offering the most affordable container shipping prices available.

We have experts on staff who can handle all of your requirements for shipping containers internationally.

Full container load (FCL) shipping to Central America

Ameritrans Freight International provides 20-foot and 40-foot complete container loads of shipping to Central America. Our specialized equipment division will present you with the best alternatives.  If you need another kind of equipment to manage the cargo, such as open-top containers, flat racks, reefers, or other types.

The safest way to transport your cargo is a full container load (FCL). You gain exclusive access and greater control over the packing and security of your freight when you fill an ocean container with your goods.

Our FCL shipping service division can accommodate any size and style of a standard container.  Also, specialized transportation to meet your need: 20 ft, 40 ft, 40 HC, refrigerated / reefer, flat rack, and open top,

Choosing the right container for your unique requirements will be determined by our experts in collaboration with you.  You should also consider container type, a concerted effort to always find the answer that best fits your company’s needs.

FCL enables you to transport any kind of commercial goods, perishable goods, domestic items, heavy lifting equipment, vehicles, and all other kinds of palletized & crated cargo, with ease.

Less than container load (LCL) shipping to Central America
Why choose FCL over LCL

For a variety of reasons, even if their cargo completely occupies the container, many shippers prefer FCL to LCL because:

Cargo weight: If your shipment weighs more than 10 CBM, FCL shipping is the best option because LCL shipping may cost more money to send.

Freight Protection: Using an FCL shipment lowers the possibility that your goods will be damaged, and using your container exclusively prevents a third party from handling your cargo.

Cost of cargo shipping to Central America?

Your shipment’s cost to Central America would rely on several variables, including the following:

  • Weight and volume of your cargo
  • The size/ dimensions of your cargo
  • The type of goods you are shipping
  • Your chosen mode of shipment (ocean freight or air freight)

Contact us and ask for a quotation if you need a more precise estimate of your shipping costs.

Transit time to ship cargo to Central America

A lot of factors come into play to determine the duration of your shipment. These include the type of shipping mode you select, whether ocean freight (FCL/ LCL) or air freight if your route is direct or has multiple stops, and the distance between your origin country and Central America.

Shipping Goods to Costa Rica

Choose Ameritrans Freight to deliver your goods to Costa Rica promptly and safely.

It can be difficult to export goods to Costa Rica, whether it’s your first time or you do it frequently. When exporting to a nation like Costa Rica, there are many factors to consider.

Moving to and from Costa Rica has become increasingly necessary in recent years. With Ameritrans Freight by your side, you will strengthen your company’s capacity for cargo transportation to Costa Rica. Because of their extensive expertise, our personnel is well knowledgeable about Costa Rica’s market standards, which is crucial to avoid delays during the importing procedure. We give you all the resources you need to enter the Costa Rican market.

Which documents are essential for international freight shipping to Costa Rica?

Depending on the type of products being sent, different documentation requirements apply, some of which might be extremely onerous. Typically, they consist of a commercial invoice, a bill of lading or air waybill, a packing list, an insurance certificate, and a certificate of origin (if required). Your packing list needs to be as thorough as possible if you want to ship to Costa Rica without problems or delays.

Regulations to follow when shipping to Costa Rica


Some categories of commodities that are imported into Costa Rica may be subject to strict regulations. For some products, such as medications, drugs, cosmetics, medical equipment, chemical products, and meat, previous authorization or specific licenses may be required. Goods such as used tires, guns, textiles, shoes, and clothing are examples of prohibited commodities.

The total price of the shipment in concern is typically the basis for duties and taxes; but, based on how properly documented the shipment is, that value may be decided by the discretion of customs officials at this moment.

Because we have dealt with these challenges numerous times and have gained a good grasp of the customs, Ameritrans Freight simplifies shipping goods to Costa Rica.

The main airport in Costa Rica is San Jose

Shipping to El Salvador from USA

Shipping from the USA to El Salvador has never been simpler. Regarding shipping to El Salvador, Ameritrans Freight provides ocean freight services, airfreight, RoRo, and Bulky Break shipping Services to El Salvador from the USA.

If you ship anything to El Salvador with Ameritrans Freight, you can be confident it will arrive on schedule, at the lowest possible cost, and without damage.

To your needs, we provide the most dependable and risk-free shipping services at affordable prices.

The best way to ship to El Salvador

Three simple steps for shipping:

  • Find Shipping Costs
  • Choose Your Service
  • Making Your Shipment and Generating Your Shipping Label

Rates for shipping from the United States to El Salvador

The expense of sending products to El Salvador is substantial. Although it makes up a small portion of the overall cost, shipping costs vary depending on the delivery option you choose. On the majority of items imported into El Salvador, you also must collect taxes, fees, charges, and other expenses. These fees typically apply to the majority of things, although there are some exceptions. To estimate the cost of shipping goods to El Salvador, you can employ our online shipping calculator.

Documents required when shipping to El Salvador

When shipping internationally, a customs form is always necessary for the destination nation. You must have a commercial invoice or packing list when shipping to El Salvador. This is necessary for your package to pass through customs.

Restrictions when shipping to El Salvador

Every place you export to has a forbidden materials list, so you should be familiar with it. Their customs website makes it simple to investigate these, however, they vary greatly. The item will be seized and, in some situations, you could face legal consequences if you transmit anything that’s on a restricted list. You should constantly do your research rather than simply assume what is regarded as illegal to avoid this hassle.

It is typical for authorities to delay a package’s delivery when shipping to or from El Salvador. There’s no way to stop it from happening, and there’s no way to predict how prolonged a delay will be. To prevent any customs, the best course of action is to deliver your package as soon as feasible.

Shipping Goods to Central America, Belize

Ameritrans Freight offers international air and ocean freight transportation services that are quick, dependable, and affordable to Belize.

It might be difficult to ship freight to Belize if it’s your first time or if you do it frequently. Hence, in shipping goods to Belize, you should always work with a shipping firm that is familiar with the country’s corporate culture, languages, and customs laws.

Ameritrans Freight’s superior shipping and global logistics services have helped numerous importers and exporters strengthen their connections with their customers over the past 20 years. Our vast network of carriers and our knowledge enable us to offer a range of global freight shipping companies to Belize.

RoRo shipping to Belize

The most affordable and secure method of shipping heavy machinery and vehicles to Belize is via roll-on/roll-off. Your cargo is easily driven onto and off of a particular vessel when you use RORO, or you can use a modular transporter to tow it. We can send any wheeled or static cargo, no matter its size or type, by RORO to Belize.

Breakbulk shipping to central America

If your cargo is too enormous or heavy to fit into ordinary containers, breakbulk shipping is the ideal choice. When you need to convey out-of-gauge cargo aboard an ocean vessel that has to be loaded manually rather than in containers, our Project Cargo team has the essential skills to prepare every aspect ahead of time.

Shipping to Guatemala

The industry of Guatemala is the biggest as well as most reliable in the region. It provides a distinctive and dynamic backdrop for businesses wishing to grow abroad.

Agriculture in the nation has historically been linked to economic success. The production, manufacturing, and exports of value-added goods, such as textiles, garments, processed foods, medicines, and other items, have, nevertheless, been the main emphasis of its recent market expansion.

In current history, the demand for shipping to and from Guatemala has grown rapidly. You will improve the capacity of your company’s cargo transportation to Guatemala with Ameritrans Freight by your side.

Because of their extensive expertise, our personnel is well knowledgeable about Guatemala’s market demands, which is crucial to avoiding delays throughout the importation process. We give you all the resources you need to successfully enter the Guatemalan market.

Shipping rates and services to Guatemala

Ameritrans Freight provides a wide selection of shipping options to Guatemala via rates and services. You can use our pre-negotiated rates alternatives that are the quickest, cheapest, and most cost-effective.

Easy Mode of Shipping to Honduras

Container shipping rates

Based on the location and container size, sea freight shipping costs to and from Honduras can vary from $900 to about $3500 per shipment.

Airfreight weight is based on the weight of the cargo and the dimensions cargo you are shipping.

We also offer specialized RORO shipping services to transport your vehicle, boat, truck, tractor, motorhome, and heavy equipment to Honduras in a secure manner.

Honduras import tax and custom fees

The CIF system is used in Honduras, which implies that the import taxes and taxes are computed based on the worth of the imported products as well as the cost of transport.

Documents for shipping to Honduras

Documentation requirements for shipping internationally can be complicated and time-consuming. Based on the details of your shipment, the essential documents are;

  • Packing list/ commercial invoice
  • Tax Documents & Shipping labels
  • Battery Declaration
  • Bill of lading / Air waybill,
  • Insurance certificate,
  • Certificate of Origin (if required)

Ameritrans freight makes it simpler to ship cargo to Honduras because we have successfully navigated these challenges numerous times and have a full knowledge of the customs processes.

Through our ocean and air global logistics services, you may send containers or any other kind of cargo to Honduras. When transporting goods to Honduras, we are the most trustworthy partner because of our expertise.

Shipping Strategy in Nicaragua

Central America’s largest nation is Nicaragua. For businesses trying to grow worldwide, it provides a distinctive and dynamic environment.

Nicaragua has shown significant economic development since 2009, despite its Economic output contracting in 2018. The economy of the nation is influenced by a variety of industries, including textile, apparel, light industry, forestry, agriculture, and fisheries. The mining, energy, chemical, and industrial industries of Nicaragua have substantial market potential.

 Shipping rates and services

Depending on the city, port, and nation you are shipping from, the price ranges from USD 800.00 to USD 4000.00. Seasons and unique conditions can also affect the price.

Shipping Goods to Central America, Panama

shipping to central america, panama

Panama might be a small country, but it has a large presence. It also gains from its advantageous location on the Panama Canal, the most significant shipping route in the world. For businesses wishing to grow globally, the nation provides special commercial opportunities.

Because commerce has always been the cornerstone of the Panamanian economy, trading a wide range of goods with this significant market has always been available.

Whether it’s your first experience shipping to Panama or you do it frequently, it might be difficult. Shipping to a nation like Panama involves several factors that need to be taken into account.

Shipping goods to Panama from the USA

Send containers or any kind of shipment to Panama using our ocean and air freight forwarding services. Our talents and experience make us your most trusted partner for moving freight to Panama.

We also offer personalized RORO shipping solutions to safely get your car, boat, truck, tractor, motor home, and heavy machinery to Panama.


Ship containers or any kind of cargo to Central America with our ocean, air freight, and also RoRo services. Our unequaled experience makes us the most dependable partner for moving goods to Central America from the USA. Please request a quote from the USA to any country in Central America and get the quote instantly.


  1. How much time does it require for a shipment to get to El Salvador from USA?

Using the quickest courier services, you may also have your items delivered to El Salvador within just 1-4 working days. They will try to deliver it in 4–7 business days to El Salvador if you select the cheapest courier option. Although the estimated delivery times are only approximations, it’s important to remember that there could be delays because of El Salvador’s size, busy schedules, and customs procedures.

  1. What paperwork is essential when shipping to Guatemala?

According to the kind of products being sent, different documentation is often necessary. Most frequently, they also consist of a commercial invoice, a bill of lading or air waybill, a packing list, an insurance certificate, and also a certificate of origin (if required). Your packing list needs to be as thorough as possible if you want to ship to Guatemala without issues or delays.

  1. What are the advantages of RoRo to shipping to Panama?

Roll-on Roll-off is the simplest and safest way to move automobiles and breakbulk freight to Panama. In the global shipping sector, efficient yet cheap service is vital. This is why RORO shipping is  also the most popular alternative for firms wishing to transport cars or heavy equipment internationally.

  • Using RORO, your automobile is providing the details to and from a designated RORO vessel. If indeed the car or cargo isn’t personality (static freight) then a flexible carrier termed a User Trailer can be also employed.
  • RORO shipping is easy and involves less handling, which guarantees a secure shipping process. Just carry on at the initial place and proceed to the ultimate destination.
  1. What are the Dominican Republic’s import taxes?

According to the imported items, the Dominican Republic’s import duty tax ranges from 0% to over 40%. The rate also depends on the import quantity, product category, and also nation of origin. Valuation tax and also processing charges, among others, are possible extra taxes and also fees.

  1. How much are import fees in Costa Rica?

It will cost 13% of the combined worth of your items in the shipment as import tax. For instance, if the declared worth of your goods is $100, an additional 13.00 Dollars in taxes will also need to be paid to the government of the destination country before the recipient can receive a delivery.