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Shipping to Finland
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Unlock Streamlined Logistics for Shipping to Finland

Shipping to Finland is an expression of the art of seamless logistics. It turns an inconvenience into an opportunity for unending success and progress. The establishment of smooth transportation routes is essential for company success.

This is particular in the realm of international trade and commerce. Being a center of innovation and economic strength, Finland is a desirable location for businesses. Here entrepreneurs from throughout the world benefit from shipping.

However, navigating the complexities of cross-border shipping can be a daunting endeavor without the proper guidance. This comprehensive guide is your passport to effortless shipping to Finland, unveiling two hassle-free freight routes that promise to revolutionize your logistics experience.

Bid farewell to the headaches of convoluted supply chains and embrace a world of streamlined transportation solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Unlock a world of possibilities and elevate your business to new heights with this indispensable guide.

Send a parcel to Finland with Ameritrans Freight

When you send a parcel to Finland, to guarantee a seamless delivery experience, it necessitates meticulous preparation and strict regard to rules. A good delivery experience depends on your ability to navigate the complexities of international shipping to Finland, such as customs procedures, packaging restrictions, and tracking choices.

You can rely on a trustworthy provider when working with so many reputable couriers to send parcels to Finland. This is regardless of whether you’re shipping on a tight budget or need expedited delivery. Additionally, you may monitor your package for free when you use either of our courier providers to deliver a package to Finland.

Courier services for when you send a parcel to Finland

It is crucial to select a reliable courier service when you send a parcel to Finland. Finland is served by well-known global couriers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and national postal systems like USPS (United States Postal Service) and Royal Mail. When selecting a courier, keep the following things in mind:

  • Delivery time:

Standard services may take up to fourteen days, whilst express services usually arrive in 2–5 working days.

  • Cost:

To get the best bargain, compare prices offered by several carriers. Take into account any additional expenses for tracking or insurance.

  • Insurance and tracking:

Make sure the courier has tracking services and think about getting insurance for expensive goods.

DHL as a courier service

You can rely on DHL as one of the top courier services in the world. It will deliver your item to Finland promptly and securely. DHL serves more than 220 countries and regions globally.

You can count on DHL to deliver your parcel safely and on time to any location in Finland, including the little towns of Loviisa Jakobstad and Kaskinen as well as the larger cities of Helsinki, Tampere or Espoo.

Putting your parcel together

send a parcel to finland

It’s essential to package your goods properly to keep them safe in transit. To make sure your package is packed securely, heed these tips:

  • Make use of a sturdy box: Select a box that can hold up to handling and is big enough to fit cushioning round the contents.
  • Cushioning: To preserve what’s inside, use polystyrene peanuts, wrap in bubble wrap or other padding materials.
    Seal Correctly: Securely close all of the box’s seams with sturdy packing tape.
  • Labeling: Write your return address and the receiver’s address in Finland clearly on the package. Provide each party’s phone number.

Recognizing custom laws

International shipping necessitates clearing customs. When you send a parcel to Finland being aware of its custom laws can help you minimize delays:

  • Document for customs declaration: Provide accurate information on the contents, worth, and reason for the shipment on a customs declaration document.
  • Items that are banned or restricted: View the list of restricted and forbidden items in Finland. Firearms, explosives, and some dangerous materials are frequently forbidden items.
  • Taxes and duties: Customs charges and taxes could apply to packages that exceed a specific threshold in value. Usually, the recipient covers these costs.

Addressing the parcel properly

Appropriate address is essential for prompt delivery. Make sure the address is formatted as follows:

  • The recipient’s or receiver’s name
  • The street address
  • The postal code city

To prevent mistakes, verify the city name and postal code. Finnish postal codes usually consist of five numbers.

Keeping track of your parcel

The majority of courier services provide tracking. Once your parcel is dispatched, a tracking code will be sent to you. You may track the status of your cargo online by using this number. You can stay updated about the shipment’s status and anticipated arrival time with the use of this service.

Delivery schedules and prices

Depending on the shipping option and courier service selected, delivery dates and prices change. Here’s the basic idea:

  • Express shipping: 2–5 working days but with additional fees.
  • Standard shipping takes 7–14 business days but is cheaper.
  • The weight, size, and rate at which delivery is done all affect the cost of the package.

Finding the best choice for your needs in terms of timing and cost can be facilitated by comparing quotations from various couriers.

Recommendations for an easy shipping process

  • Make a plan by giving yourself more time in case there are any delays, particularly during busy times like the holidays.
  • Maintain records by keeping track of all tracking numbers and shipping receipts until the package is delivered.
  • Communication is key. Let the recipient know that the package has arrived and provide them the tracking number so they can use it.

What are your options for shipping cargo to Finland?

They are two shipping options for shipping cargo either household goods, personal effects, car shipping or even heavy equipment to Finland. The two mostly used options are ocean, air freight or roro shipping methods.

Ocean freight shipping to Finland

The most economical and efficient way to ship goods from US to Finland. For commercial goods, home items, automobiles, machinery, big and oversized cargoes, etc., ocean freight shipping services are perfect.

Ocean freight shipping to Finland from US opens up a new world of possibilities. It offers a business or individual dependable and cost-effective transportation alternatives.

Sea freight shipping is an essential component of global trade, allowing commodities to move across huge oceans. For firms shipping to Finland from US, sea freight provides unrivaled benefits. These include cost-effectiveness, dependability, and the ability to manage huge quantities of items.

The standard ocean freight transit time from the USA to Finland is thirty-two days.

Less than container load (LCL) shipping to Finland

This may be the best option for you if you are not able or unwilling to hire a complete container for your cargo. You can just load and unload your cargo into the same container as other shippers. Due to this, LCL shipping is a cost-effective choice for lightweight, tiny items.

Estimated LCL shipping cost to Finland

Perfect for shipping pallets, cartons, and entire loads of containers weighing between 250 and 20,000 lbs.

LCL per CBM costs around $73

Shipping household goods – $600

Shipping personal effects – $493

Full container load (FCL) shipping to Finland

If you are transporting heavy or bulky goods, renting a full container is the best option. When shipping a whole unit, FCL can be less expensive than LCL because you are only paying a single price.

Estimated FCL shipping cost to Finland

Perfect for shipping pallets, cartons, and entire loads of containers weighing between 250 and 45,000 lbs.

Cost for both a 20 ft and 40 ft container the cost is:

20 ft Container – $781

40 ft Container – $1,1666

Estimated car shipping cost to Finland

For a Sedan you can request for a quote

For an SUV you can request for a quote

A Sedan in a container – $1,710

An SUV in a container – $1,760

A Sedan via RORO – $1,200

An SUV via RORO – $1,300

Cost of shipping to Finland from USA

The final cost of shipping to Finland from USA depends on numerous factors:

Package dimensions and weight:

The size and weight of your cargo have a major impact on shipping prices. Larger and heavier items usually have greater shipping costs due to extra handling and shipping charges.

Shipping method:

Costs are also affected by the shipping method used. The options range from ordinary mail services to fast shipment, each with its own pricing point. Expedited services may provide faster delivery, although at a higher expense.

Distance and route:

The distance between US and Finland influences shipping prices. In addition, the chosen shipping route and any intermediate stops can have an impact on pricing.

Customs duties and taxes:

When shipping internationally, customs fees and taxes may apply. These fees are dependent on the products’ reported value and the applicable import laws in Finland.

Types of service:

So, whether it is door to door or more of a port-to-port delivery the final quote will be affected.

In addition, the final pricing is significantly influenced by the weight of your items. Here’s a helpful generalization for you: If you are shipping 100 kilograms or more of freight, ocean freight is typically the most reasonably priced alternative.

However, if your goods weigh less than 100 kilograms, the cost variance between ocean and air freight won’t be that great.

Additionally, be aware that the majority of freight forwarders will not handle packages weighing 35 kilograms or less. Moving packages in this weight range will be made easy with the assistance of a global courier service.

How to calculate cost of shipping to Finland

To effectively estimate shipping rates, consider using online shipping calculators offered by shipping firms or logistics platforms. These tools use package dimensions, weight, shipping method, and destination to provide cost estimates personalized to your unique shipment.

Key ports for international shipping to Finland

Port of Helsinki: Finland’s premier hub for international shipping

The Port of Helsinki is Finland’s main shipping gateway, receiving containers from all over the world. This bustling port is strategically placed on the Gulf of Finland and acts as a critical crossroads for both freight and passenger traffic.

Its cutting-edge terminals meet a wide range of needs, efficiently handling containers, bulk shipping, and roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipments.

For firms considering Finland as a market or looking to export goods abroad, the Port of Helsinki provides seamless connection and world-class infrastructure, making it an ideal starting point for international shipping operations.

Port of Turku: A maritime nexus for international shipping

The Port of Turku, located on Finland’s southwestern coast, has emerged as a critical maritime hub, facilitating trade between Finland, Scandinavia, and beyond. With its strategic location and broad network of shipping lines, this port is an important gateway for international shipping to Finland.

The Port of Turku is a model of efficiency and dependability, handling a wide range of cargo like as containers, bulk commodities, and passenger ships.

Its modern facilities and optimized logistics infrastructure assure smooth cargo operations, making it a top choice for firms looking for reliable international shipping solutions.

Port of Oulu: Gateway to Nothern Europe and beyond

As Finland’s northernmost international port, the Port of Oulu is strategically located on the Gulf of Bothnia, acting as a gateway to Northern Europe and beyond.

This port serves a variety of cargo demands, including containers, bulk commodities, and heavy machinery, and plays an important role in connecting Finland to Arctic shipping routes and adjacent markets.

The Port of Oulu, with its modern facilities and efficient cargo handling capabilities, provides enterprises with a seamless international shipping route to Finland’s northern regions. Its strategic importance and commitment to sustainable port operations highlight its position as a vital actor in Finland’s global trading network.

Port of Kotka: Anchoring Finland’s trade connections

The Port of Kotka, located on Finland’s southern coast, emerges as an important location in the country’s nautical landscape, anchoring commercial connections with Europe, Russia, and beyond.

This port is well-known for its versatility and efficiency, with specialized terminals capable of handling a wide range of cargo categories, including containers, forest products, and liquid bulk.

For people shipping internationally to Finland, the Port of Kotka provides a vital gateway supported by powerful infrastructure and smooth logistics solutions. With its constant dedication to quality, this port is critical in ensuring the seamless flow of products and building worldwide trade partnerships.

International shipping to Finland is strongly connected to the country’s major ports, which act as crucial conduits for world trade. From the bustling terminals of the Port of Helsinki to the key harbors of Turku, Kotka, and Oulu, these ports exemplify efficiency, dependability, and connectedness, ensuring smooth cargo flows and developing international trade relationships.

As entrances to Finland’s markets and beyond, these ports are critical to shaping the country’s economic environment and placing it as a major participant in global shipping arena.

Air freight shipping to Finland

When time is of the essence and fast shipping is required, air freight shipping emerges as the ideal option for enterprises shipping to Finland from US.

Air freight cargo displays speed and efficiency in the world of international trade. Businesses can use the extensive network of planes and airports to ship goods quickly from the United States to Finland, benefiting on the benefits of accelerated delivery and streamlined operations.

Process of air freight shipping to Finland
1. Preparation:

Preparation is essential for successful air freight shipping. From precise packaging to completion of relevant papers, attention to detail assures a smooth journey from departure to arrival.

2. Choosing a freight forwarder:

It is critical to choose a trustworthy freight forwarder with expertise in air freight shipping. These specialists negotiate the complexity of air transportation, from cargo booking to customs clearance, assuring a smooth and efficient journey from beginning to end.

3. Booking cargo space:

Securing cargo space on a flight is an essential stage in the air freight shipping process. Transit time, cost-effectiveness, and flight frequency are all carefully considered while optimizing the shipping experience.

4. Transportation to Airport:

Once cargo space is acquired, commodities are carried from their origin in the United States to the allocated airport of departure. Whether by truck or rail, effective land transportation guarantees a timely arrival at the airport.

5. Loading onto Aircraft:

At the airport, trained handlers supervise the cautious loading of cargo onto the airplane. This stage, which maximizes capacity while keeping to safety regulations, prepares for a speedy flight across skies.

6. Flight:

The flight to Finland begins after the products are securely secured aboard the aircraft. Taking note of the speed and efficiency of air transportation, products can travel great distances between continents in a fraction of the time required by normal modes of shipping.

7. Customs clearance:

When products arrive in Finland, they go through customs clearance procedures. Collaboration with customs authorities and attention to legislative criteria ensure the smooth entry of shipments into the Finnish market.

8. Transportation to final destination:

Once customs clearance is acquired, items are shipped from the airport to their final destination in Finland. Whether by truck or rail, the final leg of the route ensures timely delivery to clients or distribution centers.

FAQs Guide

1. How long does shipping from Finland to the USA take?

Shipping times vary based on the chosen method.

  • Air freight shipping typically takes 2-7 days for delivery.
  • Ocean freight shipping typically takes 2-6 weeks, depending on the port of departure and arrival.

2. What documents are required for shipping internationally?

  • Commercial invoice: Describes the products being shipped, their worth, and other pertinent information.
  • Packing list: Lists the contents of each package within the shipment.
  • Bill of lading/Air waybill: It serves as both a receipt for goods and a contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier.
  • Customs declaration/form: Provides the information needed by customs authorities for clearance.

3. How do I track my shipment?

You can track your package using the tracking number issued by the carrier via the website or mobile app.

4. Are there any restricted or prohibited items for shipping from Finland to the United States?

Yes, certain items cannot be transported internationally. Hazardous materials, perishable commodities, weapons, and trade-restricted items may be included. To ensure compliance, both Finland’s and the United States’ rules must be reviewed.

Ameritrans Freight International provides international shipping and logistics solutions, offering comprehensive services for commercial and personal cargo, expedited shipping options, and customs clearance assistance.