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Seamless Shipping to Taiwan from USA

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on reliable freight shipping to Taiwan from USA. In this blog, we delve into the intricacies of transpacific logistics, offering insights and strategies to ensure your cargo reaches its destination in Taiwan safely and on time. Whether you’re a business looking to expand into the Taiwanese market or an individual sender, join us as we navigate the complexities of international freight shipping, forging dependable connections between the USA and Taiwan

Ocean shipping to Taiwan from USA

Ocean shipping from the USA to Taiwan has never been more straightforward. For your shipping to Taiwan, view our extensive selection of shipping options.

With the lowest shipping costs, Ameritrans Freight offers Taiwan the most dependable and aso  economical ocean shipping services. The typical sea freight transit time from the USA to Taiwan is 25 days.

LCL shipping to Taiwan

Shipping in tiny numbers or with few goods is best via less-than-container load, or LCL, shipping. The items will be put together with other goods then shipping take place as a unit in a container using this method of maritime freight. Shipping from the USA to Taiwan.

This makes it a more cost-effective choice. Your goods may, however, arrive in Taiwan later than expected due to the consolidation procedure.

When shipping LCL, your cargo should be:

  • Small in scale or number
  • Neither fragile nor delicate
  • Acceptable for shipping with some other goods
  • Appropriate for regular handling and mobility
  • Never anticipated urgently in Taiwan

Less than Container Load cargo can be transported to Taiwan for a reasonable cost using LCL shipping.

Average LCL Freight Cost to Taiwan

Appropriate shipping boxes, pallets, and container loads weighing 250 and 20,000 pounds.

LCL $55.40 per CBM

Personal effects $405.20 and household goods $485.50

FCL shipping to Taiwan

However, your cargo can only be shipped as part of a full container load. When paying for your shipments, you settle the bill for the entire area in one unit. This is ideal for large, bulky, delicate, or fragile cargo.

You won’t be paying for other shippers’ container space, so that the price may be higher, but the shipping process will go faster. Shipping from the USA to Taiwan

FCL is the best option if your shipment is:

  • Oversized, large, heavy, or bulky
  • Massive amounts
  • Perishable, delicate, or fragile
  • Not appropriate for cargo with other goods and necessitates isolation
  • Unsuitable for constant handling and motion

The most effective and economical method of transporting goods from the USA to Taiwan is via full container loads.

Cost of FCL shipping to Taiwan

Ideal for hauling pallets, crates, and entire container loads weighing between 250 and 45,000 pounds.

A 20-foot container.

40-foot container.

Routes 20ft container 40ft ft. container
New York – Kaohsiung $ 520 $1050
Long Beach – Kaohsiung $440 $1100
Los Angeles – Kaohsiung $ 400 $1000
Oakland – Keelung (Chilung) $ 650 $1150
Los Angeles – Taoyuan $ 490 $1200
Savanna- Kaohsiung $700 $1267
Seattle – Kaohsiung $784 $ 1149
Freeport – Kaohsiung $976 $1398
Car and household goods shipping to Taiwan

Any type and size of shipment can use our international relocation service to Taiwan. We can offer the appropriate solution for you whether you are transporting a single room’s worth of furniture or a full container.

We’ll work closely with you to choose the best shipping option for your upcoming relocation. A shared container service that charges you only for the volume you send. Your own 20- or 40-foot container is available for exclusive usage, and the cost is fixed. Services for shipping vehicles as well as your personal belongings

Option for shipping automobiles, bulky and oversized cargo to Taiwan

Container shipping to Taiwan

Depending on the size, we can fit between one and six automobiles into a shipping container. The cars can either be project cars or drivable vehicles. We offer consolidation for shipments to ports, so you can save money by having your vehicles shipping  in the same container as other cars. High-value automobiles can be loaded into 20- or 40-foot containers when shipping . Shipping from the USA to Taiwan

We frequently ship goods in containers, on RoRo vessels, and by air from or to Taiwan (Kaohsiung, Keelung, Taipei) ports to other ports worldwide. Every day, we ship valuable items such as military equipment. Also heavy machinery, motorcycles, ATVs, automobiles, vehicles, trucks, tractors, boats, vans, coaches, and RVs, in addition to boxes and cargo crates.

Shipping from USA to Taiwan

We handle the entire process, from transportation firms and paperwork to customs and clearance. Our facilities offer worldwide car shipment from the east and west coasts. We cooperate with regional representatives to accept, clear, and unload your cars in Taiwan.

Our services

To bring cars to the loading bay promptly, we rely on the services of reputable carriers. This approach is ideal for transporting expensive and unique new and old vehicles.  since it provides the highest level of safety. Personal and communal containers measuring 20, 40, and 45 feet are available. Shared container shipping has benefits in terms of financial effectiveness. The least expensive method is this. By spreading the shipping costs among all vehicles, savings are made.

Additionally, at the point of departure or arrival, this approach may occasionally be the only one available. Additionally, buyers are permitted to send extra items together with their vehicle. Use customized containers if you don’t want to distribute the container with the other clients.

Ameritrans Freight has worked with more than 30 of the largest worldwide ocean freight providers, including Maersk Group®, Mediterranean Transportation Company (MSC)®, COSCO®, CMA CGM Group®, Hapag-Lloyd®, and UPS Freight®, to offer you the most competitive rates for your ocean freight shipping.

Roll-on Roll-off) and LoLo (Lift-on Lift-off) shipping to Taiwan

Additionally, we provide RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) and LoLo (Lift-on Lift-off) techniques, which entail the delivery of a vehicle to the port and placement of the car inside the ship or on the deck if the cargo is excessive. RoRo delivery has demonstrated its usefulness and cost-efficiency. By using this method, you may get actual departure and arrival dates. You can count on receiving your vehicle on schedule.

Another alternative for exporting automobiles internationally is by roll-on/roll-off. Unlike containerized car shipping, you cannot ship anything inside your car, and it must be in drive-able condition to be able to drive on and off the ship. Both the rates and the ports that allow RoRo vary greatly.

Cost of shipping a car to Taiwan

It can cost between $1,500 and $2,000 to ship an automobile from the USA to Taiwan. Between California to New York, the transit time is roughly 31 days.

Insurance for car shipping

Insurance is always a possibility when sending items abroad. It is determined using the vehicle’s value.

Essential paperwork for export

Clearing US customs is necessary before shipping your car from the US. A few pieces of documentation must be presented at this stage to demonstrate your vehicle ownership to the US government. The required paperwork is listed below:

  • Vehicle’s Bill of Sale
  • Original Vehicle Title, along with a letter of lien release if the vehicle is currently subject to one.
  • Form of Power of Attorney
  • Completed shipping form online
  • Passport copy (if you are in an international city without a US passport)
  • If you are a US citizen, a copy of your EIN letter

Customs and import taxes in Taiwan

The taxation for a specific nation is determined by the local GST/VAT, the item category, and the item’s declared value. The revenue & fee barrier is the amount over which one starts to pay taxes on an item’s reported worth.

Taiwan uses the CIF method for calculation, which implies that the import taxes and vat are determined by the amount of the imported products as well as the cost of shipping.

Airfreight shipping

The air freight option is commonly chosen when you need to get the goods abroad as quickly as possible. Compared to potential snags at the airports of destination and extended delivery timeframes. You will pay more for this speed, though. If you need your car shipped internationally as soon as possible, we advise using an air freight service.

Shipping your car via air is the fastest alternative to lengthy transporting durations and potential port delays when sending in a container or via RoRo. According to the documents and customs procedures, the transit period ranges from 3 to 10 days.

Major ports for shipping to Taiwan

Kaohsiung port

The principal port in Taiwan is Kaohsiung, situated southeast of the island. It offers connections to other American, European, and Asian nations. A large container terminal is being built at the port, and construction should be complete by now. It has more than 10.2 million TEUs worth of containers per year

Taipei port

The port of Taipei, situated in the Bali neighborhood, has the most advanced infrastructure and is home to 40 automated cranes. These cutting-edge facilities make it simple for the port to perform large-volume transfers, particularly to regions in Taiwan’s north. It has more than 10.2 million TEUs worth of containers per year. It is 1.6 million TEUs

Taichung port

The Taichung port lies in Taiwan’s western region, southwest of the Taipei port. Thanks to its advantageous position and transportation options, it serves as a major port for cities like Taichung, Changhua, Chiayi, and Yunlin. It is owned by Taiwan International Ports Corporation, which ships more than 1.7 million TEUs yearly.

Customs clearance in Taiwan

The most crucial factors in international transportation are the requirements for customs clearance. You must give the customs authorities the following paperwork before your goods can be accepted in Taiwan.

  • Invoice for goods sold
  • Other payment terms and a letter of credit
  • Pack list
  • A license for imports and certificates of origin
  • A bill of lading or an airline bill

Depending on what is being shipped, the rules for customs and duties in Taiwan may be complicated. Taiwan’s customs laws have been organized clearly at Ameritrans freight.

  • Duty and tax computation are custom brokerage services.
  • Treasury bonds
  • Preparation and filing of a protest
  • Monitoring liquidation issues
  • System of duty drawbacks
  • Solutions for trade facilitation.

Steps to take in container shipping from USA to Taiwan

We strongly advise hiring a trustworthy freight forwarder if you send a container to Taiwan. They are professionals in the field who can ensure that your cargo goes quickly and easily.

Your products will be collected after you and your freight forwarder has made shipping arrangements. Consolidation will take place for LCL cargoes. All merchandise will then be loaded into containers for fumigation, which removes bugs, vermin, and other dangerous organisms before shipping.

All of the goods will go through customs clearance when transit is complete. Customs clearance will be straightforward if you have submitted accurate and complete documentation. LCL shipments will be deconsolidated upon the approval of all items for import. Shipping from the USA to Taiwan

Your items will be prepared for pickup once this process is finished in Taiwan’s destination port. The destination specified by you will receive your shipment if you choose port-to-door or door-to-door services.

Least costly method for Ocean shipping from USA to Taiwan

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking the most affordable way to ship a package from the US to Taiwan. You will spend less if you use our service to make a reservation because we have special pricing with reputable shipping firms and also suppliers like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Shipping from the USA to Taiwan.

The cheapest shipping alternatives we offer to Taiwan are DHL eCommerce for small goods (up to 4 lbs) and also EMS Parcel Post for more extensive packages. Both options provide exceptional value for your money when delivering packages to Taiwan and There is tracing to the delivery location.

We provide one of the quickest delivery services from the USA to Taiwan, with 2-3 business days delivery times for items weighing up to 100kg. This service is important by our 24-hour delivery partner, who also offers free pickup. Shipping from the USA to Taiwan.

Forbidden items for ocean shipping from USA to Taiwan

  • Money
  • Substances
  • Crops
  • Seedlings
  • Chemical Compounds
  • Contraband Items
  • Drugs
  • Threatened Species
  • Explosive Devices
  • Weapons
  • Casino Articles
  • Medically Dangerous Substances
  • Unpopular Publications


What is the price of a container Shipping from USA to Taiwan?

  • To calculate your shipping costs, you must take a lot of factors into account. These consist of the following:
  • What kind of items are you shipping?
  • Your preferred shipping option (LCL or FCL)
  • Weighs a lot of things
  • Quantity of your cargo
  • the separation between your starting point and final destination
  • Moving style (door-to-door, port-to-port, door-to-port, and port-to-door.)

What kind of goods is acceptable to be shipped in a container?

There are fewer limitations on the kinds of goods you can ship because you are shipping via ocean freight. All cargo categories, including sizes and  also weights, can be through by ocean. You can send anything from small items like; food to major things like equipment, automobiles, and also other items. Shipping from the USA to Taiwan

It’s important to note that you should learn about Taiwan’s customs regulations. Some products might be limited or prohibited. To avoid issues with the Taiwanese customs authorities, check the official list.

What size container should I choose for the shipment?

Ocean freight containers are available in various sizes, with Twenty feet being the most petite and 45 feet being the largest. The weight and volume of your shipment will determine your essential  container capacity.

We strongly advise that if you choose LCL as your shipping method, your goods will not take up more than a regular unit. If not, using FCL services may be a better financial decision. Shipping from the USA to Taiwan

Contrarily, if you use FCL, you can ship any size, weight, or volume of cargo without worrying about it. The freedom to convey a load of any size or variety is increased because you have the entire container to yourself.

What is the transit time for Ocean shipping from the USA to Taiwan?

Several factors might impact a container shipping to Taiwan’s transit time. In addition to the distances from your ship’s point of origin and the ports in Taiwan, other factors to consider include the type of ocean freight service you select, whether the vessel travels directly or makes many stops, and so on.

Your shipment may reach its location in five to forty-five. The volume, size, and weight of the cargo are unimportant if you select FCL, though. Since the entire container is yours, you can ship goods of any size or sort.

When we receive your items from the West Coast, transporting them to Taiwan typically takes 6–8 weeks. Whereas the East Coast may take 7–9 weeks. These are merely estimates that have taken both shorter and also longer times. Although we strive to deliver your items as quickly as possible.  Several variables can affect the delivery schedule. Your agent will be able to give you a more precise timeline once your products are on the ocean for shipping from USA to Taiwan.

Which container shipping alternatives are available Ocean shipping from USA to Taiwan?

Sea transit is essential for container shipping to Taiwan. Less than Container Load (LCL) or Full Container Load (FCL) are your two alternatives for ocean freight shipping (Full Container Load)

What time of year is ideal for ocean shipping from USA to Taiwan?

Seasonal variables impact freight prices by air and sea, particularly for FCL shipping.

Mid-August to mid-October, just before the busy holiday shopping season, is the crucial peak period to consider when shipping from Taiwan to the US. Prices rise when demand is at its height and container capacity is at a premium. Therefore, shipping freight outside of the busy season is more affordable. The price can also vary depending on what day of the month you select to ship your items. Shipping from the USA to Taiwan

Because carriers are attempting to fill places on vessels, booking a shipment within the last two weeks of the month may result in a lower price. Starting at the beginning of the month


Ameritrans Freight is cost- a practical and dependable online freight shipping company that offers you outstanding service. You can control the entire shipment using our online experience. Also  from getting bids and starting your cargo to tracking your goods and making payments.

Ameritrans Freight makes it much simpler to ship containers, cars, and also other goods to Taiwan. Request a free quote right away to get started.

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