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Embark on a journey where shipping to Kenya is not just a task but a seamless experience. In this blog, we unravel the keys to easy shipping practices, providing you with practical insights and strategies to ensure your shipments reach Kenya with utmost ease and efficiency.

Whether you’re a business seeking streamlined supply chains or an individual sender, join us as we explore the pathways to hassle-free shipping to Kenya today.

Shipping Containers to Kenya

Shipping containers to Kenya is essential through sea freight. When shipping your goods by sea, you have two choices. Full container load and also less than container load shipments fall under this category.

LCL Shipping to Kenya

For little items or transporting a modest quantity, less than container load shipping is recommendable. In this method of shipping, you and other shippers share a standard container. Your items will be put together and shipped in one shipment. LCL is a cost-effective solution as a result. Your items may, however, take more time to reach Kenya.

Less than Container Load shipments can be shipped to Kenya for a reasonable price via LCL shipping.

Cost of LCL shipping to Kenya

Appropriate for shipping pallets, boxes, and entire container loads weighing between 250 and 20,000 pounds.

LCL – $110.00 per CBM

Personal effects – $580.50

Household goods – $810.20

FCL shipping to Kenya

Consolidation is unnecessary for shipping by full container load. All of the containers will be reserved for the shipper’s goods, which will travel alone. This shipping choice can be more expensive because you would be renting the space in a whole FCL container. Your stuff will arrive in Kenya, nevertheless, considerably more quickly.

The most effective and economical way to transfer goods from the USA to Kenya is via full container loads.

Cost of FCL shipping to Kenya

Ideal for hauling pallets, crates, and entire container loads weighing between 250 and 45,000 pounds.

  • Twenty-footer cost – $2,050
  • A 40-foot container cost – $2740

How much does cargo shipping to Kenya cost?

The price of shipping a container to Kenya might vary depending on the circumstances. There are several variables at play, including:

  • Products you are shipping
  • The shipping service of your choosing (LCL or FCL)
  • Mass of your cargo
  • Size of your cargo
  • Distance between your starting port and your final destination
  • Type of movement (door-to-door, port-to-port,

What is the transit time for shipping to Kenya?

The transit time for shipping containers to Kenya depends on a number of variables, including your selected method of sea freight (whether LCL or FCL), whether your ship travels directly or makes many stops, and also the location from your pick – up point and the port of delivery in Kenya. The time it takes for your package to arrive can range from 4 to 45days.

What kind of freight can be transported in a container?

Less limits apply to the kinds of commodities that can be transported via ocean freight. Food items, huge cargo, such as automobiles, machinery, or manufacturing products, can all be shipped. Ocean freight offers a virtually limitless array of options.

You should keep in mind, though, that Kenya can have some limitations on the types of products you can import. So that there are no issues with your cargo, be aware of them. You will need to present additional documentation, licenses, or certificates if the cargo you wish to ship is restricted.

What size container is necessary for my cargo?

The following sizes are available for ocean containers shipping to Kenya:

20 ft. container – 33.2 CBM

40ft container – 63.5 CBM

40ft high cube – 76.4 CBM

The size and amount of your cargo would determine the appropriate capacity for you. If you choose LCL shipping, we advise that your items not take up more than half of the container space. Also when you choose FCL shipping instead, your shipping costs would be roughly the same.

If FCL shipping is your preferred method of ocean freight, you don’t need to be concerned about the size and volume of your cargo because you control the full container space. Consequently, you ship even little packages.

Kenya’s Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is a process that all imports into Kenya must go through. Before your items can enter the country, customs officials will want you to complete and submit a number of documentations. The documents you must submit are listed below:

  • Commercial bill
  • Letter of Credit/Other Terms of Payment
  • Packing list
  • Import permits and certificates of origin
  • Either an airway bill or bill of lading

Procedures for container shipping to Kenya


It might be extremely challenging to ship a container to Kenya. We advise hiring a freight forwarder who can guide you through the procedure and make sure your shipment is delivered successfully.

Your goods will be combined with other consignments in a container freight terminal if LCL is the ocean freight option you choose. Instead of going through this procedure, FCL shipments join LCL cargo in the fumigation process.

The process of fumigation involves getting rid of bugs, vermin, and other dangerous organisms that could contaminate your shipment. The ship can set out for Kenya once this process is finished.

All items must be cleared by customs when they arrive in Kenya. This procedure shouldn’t be difficult and should be complete very quickly as long as you have the proper documentation. You can pick up your items at the destination port once they have been given the all-clear for import. The items will be delivered to the location of your choice if you choose a specific movement service, like port-to-door shipping or door-to-door delivery.

Ocean shipping from USA to Kenya has never been simpler. For your shipments to Kenya. With the lowest shipping costs, Ameritrans freight offers Kenya the most dependable ocean shipping services. The average ocean freight transit time from the USA to Kenya is 45 days.

Car Shipping to Kenya from USA

Our RORO (roll on/roll off) and container services depart from numerous ports around the US for the port of Mombasa. For more than 30 years, we have sent cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks to the port of Mombasa. Our knowledgeable and committed staff will assist you at every turn. Our goal is to keep your car as secure as we can from the beginning. To always transport it inexpensively and securely. Even better, we can arrange for your car to be picked up and delivered safely from any location in the US and transported or driven for you to the US port.

The greatest global delivery network for shipping cars, specialty vehicles, equipment, and boats through RoRo and container ships is provided by Ameritrans Freight.

Estimated cost of car shipping to Kenya

Ideal for shipping personal vehicles, farm machinery, equipment, big vehicles.

Sedan (in-container) – $2,820.00

SUV (in-container) – $2,780.00

Sedan via RORO – $1,800

SUV via RORO – $2,100

Factors that affect cost of car shipping to Kenya

From which your car will be sent in the USA. In general, shipping from the East Coast is less expensive than from the West Coast. Therefore, if you are leaving from San Diego rather than, say, Maryland, it will cost more.

How you decide to transport your vehicle to the port in the United States. Some folks opt to drive their personal vehicle to the port. This choice is more affordable. However, some people live too far from the closest port and decide to hire one of our truck drivers to deliver their vehicle there instead. Costlier is the alternative.

Your car’s dimensions. Larger cars generally cost more to ship than smaller ones. Therefore, you will pay less.

Ports of Departure and Arrival

Kenyan travelers can depart from the following ports:

  • Tacoma, WA
  • Port Hueneme, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Port Hueneme, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • Freeport TX

Kenya only has one arriving port, which is the Port of Mombasa. The hub of the Port of Mombasa, the largest seaport in East Africa and the sole international seaport in Kenya, is Kilindini Harbour.

Customs & duty in Kenya

Depending on the contents of your shipment, Kenya’s customs and duty regulations may be complicated.

Kenyan customs rules have been compiled by Ameritrans freight in an understandable way.

Duty and tax computation is one of the custom brokerage services.

  • Treasury bonds
  • preparation and filing of a protest
  • monitoring liquidation issues
  • System of duty drawbacks
  • Solutions for trade facilitation.

UPS shipping to Kenya from USA 

One of the biggest shipping couriers in the world is allegedly United Postal Service (UPS). This Fortune 500 corporation was established in 1907 and sends packages to more than 220 nations with its 495,000+ workforce.

Trusting UPS with your shipments to Kenya is a good idea because of their free customs support, 24/7 international customer service line, and on-time delivery.

Shipping to Kenya from USA using FedEx

If you need to ship items in large quantities to Kenya, FedEx’s bulk shipping option offers fantastic savings. With this carrier, you may also benefit from reliable package tracking and customer care support.

How long does it take a package from USA to Kenya?

From the USA, shipping to Kenya takes five to twenty-five working days (depending on the shipping method). We use carriers like FedEx, DHL, USPS, and also on Planet Mail to ship goods to Kenya. Small packages start at about $10, and you also get package tracking.

Paperwork required to ship a car to Kenya

The two paperwork required to ship a car to Kenya include:

  • Original Title
  • ID

When transporting an automobile through Kenya, age limitations on vehicles differ from those in other African nations. Mombasa is a highly well-liked port for shipping autos to neighboring African nations. In general, Kenya only permits the importation of automobiles that are 5 years old or younger and no older than 8 years. Call the Kenya Revenue Authority or the Embassy to double-check the most recent age restrictions for vehicles.

A free and clear title of ownership with no liens.

If you purchased a vehicle brand-new, your name as the registered owner must appear on the front of the title.

Both the seller and the buyer must sign the title’s back in the designated spots if the vehicle has been sold.

Air Freight shipping to Kenya from USA 

Depending on which is greater between volumetric weight and also actual weight, we assess a $9 per kilogram fees.

Send your cargo in and also, you’ll only have to pay $9/KG plus 4% for freight-based value over $170.

Prohibited items

  • Passports or travel documents
  • Acids
  • Pornography
  • Soil
  • Blank Invoices
  • Biological weapons
  • Bioharzards
  • Chemical weapons
  • Mutagens
  • Asbestos
  • Viagra
  • Illegal drugs
  • Counterfeit money
  • Knives and also dangerous weapons
  • Military & Law Enforcement items
  • Plants and also plant products
  • Ivory
  • Progeny eggs
  • Meat and  also meat products
  • Furs & Hides
  • Airline tickets

Shop and ship online with Ameritrans Freight

Sending us precise URLs to the products you want us to purchase on your behalf in the USA.

During regular business hours, we’ll send you a quote in 8 hours.

You accept the quote and pay the purchase amount.

During regular business hours, we’ll buy everything for you and also provide you a confirmation within 8 hours.

From the beginning of the procedure till your packages arrive in Kenya, we’ll keep you informed.


  1. Should I choose FCL, LCL, or Break Bulk for my ocean shipping to Kenya?

It can be challenging to select the best ocean shipping method, but you only need to take into account your priorities and the requirements of your goods. We give you advice so that you can make a wise and well-informed choice.

Less than Container Load (LCL) Shipping to Kenya

  • The following cargo should be shipped as less than container loads:
  • Little in amount or size
  • Not urgently required.
  • A good choice for regular handling or transportation
  • It’s acceptable to combine consignments from different sellers.
  • Not perishable, sensitive, or fragile

Full Container Load (FCL) Shipping to Kenya

If your shipment is one that includes a complete container load, you might choose to do so instead.

  • Hefty, large, thick, or obese
  • Fragile, delicate, or perishable
  • Not designed for constant handling and also movement.
  • Shipped in isolation is safer.
  • To arrive in Kenya at a specific moment or date

Bulk Break

Your freight forwarder might advise break bulk transportation if your cargo does not fit into any of the common container sizes. Your items will be sent separately and also carried using various containers if you choose this option.

  1. What Incoterms are appropriate for my shipment?

Your obligations and liabilities as a shipper are defined by Incoterms throughout the transportation procedure. Therefore, making the appropriate choice is essential to safeguarding your interests. The top Incoterms to use are listed below:

  • Best Incoterms for Exporters CPT (Carriage Paid To): The seller is responsible for transporting the products to the specified location and performing the terms of the carriage contract. Until the items are turned over to the carrier, the seller is responsible.
  • Similar duties to CPT, but with the additional need that the seller get insurance. CIP (Carriage and also insurance Paid To)
  • DAP (Delivered at Place): The seller is in charge of the majority of the delivery of the products to the buyer’s chosen location.
  • When shipment is done DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), the seller is in charge from start to finish. This reduces the buyer’s obligations to a minimum.
  • FCA (Free Carrier): The seller is responsible for both the delivery of the goods to the carrier and also payment of all customs fees.
  • The best incoterms for importers are FCA (Free Carrier), which require the seller to both deliver the goods to the carrier and pay for customs.
  • EXW (Ex Works): The buyer is given more responsibility, from picking up the products from the seller’s location or warehouse to organizing transportation.
  1. Is marine insurance necessary?

We provide insurance with a $500 deductible for theft, vandalism, damage, and also total loss in the amount of 1.75% of the vehicle’s worth. Your automobile is also covered from the moment it is carried onto the ship until the moment it is signed for when it is picked up. Total Loss: 1.25% of the value of the car is charged.

Remember that you are not essential  to pay the entire worth of the vehicle. You can insure your vehicle for 50% or 75% of its worth if you deem marine insurance to be excessively expensive. In the absence of insurance, any damages would be your responsibility to cover. Conclusion

  1. When should I ship from USA to Kenya using USPS?

USPS has some of the lowest rates in the industry if you want to keep your shipping costs down. You can also use Kenya’s flat-rate shipping option to send big items there. This carrier’s other outstanding quality is that it doesn’t impose any additional fees or surcharges.

  1. When should I ship from USA to Kenya using DHL?

With DHL, you can take advantage of door-to-door package delivery, shipment insurance, and also incredibly quick and also dependable worldwide order fulfillment.

However, compared to the competitors, DHL’s on-time shipping services are frequently far more expensive.


With us, you can ship with confidence knowing that your items will arrive safely and securely. Also, at a large cost savings because of our innovative packaging methods. Our logistics staff has extensive experience properly grouping or repackaging products from many vendors into the fewest number of packages possible. Please contact us to get an accurate quote, cater your shipping process and also any other services

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