RoRo Car Shipping to Ghana from USA

Shipping to Ghana from the USA
Shipping to Ghana from the USA

Ameritrans Freight provides various end-to-end freight services and moves cargo more quickly, affordably, safely, and conveniently. We offer dependable, effective, and quick mail, package, and freight order international shipping to Ghana from USA. We make international shipping to Ghana from US a memorable experience.

Ameritrans Freight is regarded as;

  • One of the leading shipping firms to Ghana
  • Lowest Cost of Shipping to Ghana
  • The majority of the carriers’ contracted for shipping containers to Ghana
  • Transportation of particular cargo from door to door

Why choose Ameritrans Freight?

We are the only ones that fully comprehend shipping to Ghana. Our company is committed to providing exceptional service for a portion of the price charged by the competitors. For box delivery to Ghana, we have the most affordable prices. Also, we can assist you in finding the most affordable shipping rates to Ghana if you need to send a cheap package there.

Our knowledgeable staff will create the ideal shipping strategy to meet your objectives. We offer the perfect plan for you and your business no matter what you’re transporting to Ghana freight or a car.

With our 30 years of knowledge, we can guide you through the complexities of the global shipping industry with minimal inconvenience. You can rely on us to ensure that any packages you ship to Ghana get there and are on schedule.

Door to door price shipping to Ghana from USA

We can provide the best you need from the USA door to door to Ghana. It’s easy to understand! List the things you want to buy. Please be specific about the locations from which you want the item picked up and delivered. Enjoy your time now! Taking into account the Item you described, we arranged transportation. We will pick it up at the address you provided. Then deliver it to the location you entered in the destination address area.

Customs clearance

A customs form must always be completed if you send goods to Ghana. All the essential details regarding your package are contained on the customs form. This will include the contents of your box, the destination for which it is being shipped, and the primary reason for doing so.

Your taxes and whether you are shipping any illegal items will be determined using this information. There are several elements taken into account when calculating your taxes.

For personal or professional reasons, are you exporting to Ghana? Sending out expensive goods? The products you are delivering have a financial value. How much? You will pay higher taxes than someone shipping something for personal use if you send it for resale. If you are shipping, as well.

Best company for shipping to Ghana

With the appropriate people and a good company, shipping to Ghana is not necessarily tricky whether you’re shipping from the US. Various shipping firms have unique characteristics. Regarding package forwarding to Ghana, no one can compare the quality and experience we have. Ameritrans Freight is one of the top companies nowadays for streamlining the shipment of goods to Ghana.

Nobody wants their shipment to go missing because they chose a dubious delivery service, but that is the worst-case situation. The complex subtleties of the global shipping industry are expertly negotiated by our helpful staff. We can assist you in saving money and reducing stress. We offer economical international shipping alternatives and the finest possible customer service. To receive discounts on shipping boxes, get in touch with us.

Ghana shipping companies

  • DHL shipping to Ghana from USA

Shipping to Ghana with DHL Worldwide Express is cheaper. The cost is based on a package that has Weight and dimensions. Also, it takes a week or so to send the package.

  • Shipping from USA to Ghana using USPS

Using USPS, you may easily send a parcel to Ghana with ease and at a very affordable price. Selecting an international service is all that is required. No matter which service you choose, the cost is determined by Weight and dimensions. With a 3–10-day delivery window.

  • FedEx international priority

FedEx International Priority will deliver your goods in 5 days if you need them quickly; however, if you choose to send them with a flexible delivery schedule.

  • UPS shipping to Ghana

Another great choice is to send boxes or cases worldwide via UPS. UPS Worldwide Expedited and Saver can deliver your purchases in four business days.

LCL Shipping from Ghana from USA

Knowing the Weight of your packages and products is crucial before sending them to Ghana. Having this knowledge will assist you in choosing a reliable courier service if you’re sending many boxes or pallets.

When several options are available, choosing a carrier may be challenging. Each shipping firm differs from the others and provides various shipping services overseas. Make a list of the most valuable services you find during your investigation since this is an intelligent concept.

Next, compare all of your selections’ prices and lead times. This comparison will aid your decision-making process.

Transporting less than container load shipments to Ghana via LCL shipping is more cost-effective.

Estimated cost for LCL shipping to Egypt:

House goods- $700

LCL/CBM- $100.

Personal Item- $520

Prohibited items for shipping to Ghana from USA

Before sending them there, it is essential to know what products Ghana forbids. Visit the nation-specific custom site for a comprehensive list because each country’s list varies greatly. Following are a few examples of prohibited items:

  • metals
  • harmful byproducts
  • seeds
  • chemicals
  • collectibles
  • batteries
  • calendar
  • caustics
  • fumes, and empty airfare
  • artistry
  • alcoholic drinks
  • biological goods
  • carrier papers
  • enzymes
  • networking devices
  • blood
  • inspections
  • blood transfusions
  • computer components, and electronic parts
  • initially tries
  • makeup
  • credit or debit card blanks
  • IATA-defined dangerous goods
  • prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • electronic devices
  • electronic games
  • flammables, and credit card blanks
  • non-precious and valuable materials
  • money orders
  • paints
  • machine and electrical sections
  • travel documents
  • fragrance
  • fresh produce
  • food products
  • furs
  • gases
  • blue ice and particles
  • wet ice
  • industrial equipment
  • infectious substances
  • knives
  • dangerous liquids and alcohol
  • monitoring devices
  • healthcare samples
  • emergency aid & hardware
  • fresh produce
  • smartphone
  • toxins
  • gemstones
  • radar systems

Here are no banned imports into Ghana due to the extensive list of prohibited goods. Contact your container shipping service provider for more details.

How long does it take to ship from USA to Ghana?

We can ship through air freight in 5–10 business days, via sea freight in 6–8 weeks, or arrange local delivery to the specified destination. If you’re unsure about the delivery costs, use our shipping calculator. Indicate the city, region, and country of the goal. Choose the shipment category with the highest item cost.

Container shipment to Ghana

Container shipping to Ghana

The procedure of moving containers to Ghana might be demanding. Your responsibility to pick the appropriate insurance, container size, the ideal time to avoid the erratic nature of international shipping pricing, etc., will only make matters worse.

By choosing the best moving company to carry your container to Ghana, you can steer clear of the majority of issues. Three Movers is a seasoned freight forwarder focusing on international container shipping, particularly in Ghana.

Factors affecting cost of container shipping to Ghana

The final cost of any international shipment is determined by five elements that most people are unaware of. Popular ones include the objects’ Weight or volume, the mode of transportation, and the distance traveled.

Other factors are;

The destination port

North Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf of Guinea is where the Ghanaian coastline meets, and the country’s seaports are well-equipped for shipping goods to its interior cities. The ports of Takoradi and Tema are two of its largest seaports. Because Kotoka and Kumasi airports are two international airports in Ghana, you can also send your container via air freight.

Date and season

Peak period for international freighting occurs in January, February, August, and September. These months see a sharp increase in the price of international shipping.

Personal effects shipping to Ghana

You should pay according to the space your household goods occupy when exporting them to Ghana. An average cubic meter of cargo to Ghana costs $100. You will also have to pay for packing, loading/unloading, and furniture assembly/disassembly services if you want to use a full-service moving company. Choose package shipping services if you don’t want to relocate many things.

Two container sizes are available that are frequently utilized when exporting home furnishings by freight carriers. The 20-foot and 40-foot containers have enough room to hold a three-bedroom house’s furniture. However, the 40-foot container offers better value for your money because it can also carry vehicles or a small truck.

You can share a portion of a single container if you do not have a significant quantity of the Item. If you only have a few boxes to transport, LCL (less than container load) agreements can be created to share a third of a 20- or 40-foot container.

Cost of 40ft container shipping to Ghana from USA 

On average, a load of 40 FT containers costs about $2,000 to ship. Typical price per cubic meter of space for less than a container load is $115. Price will be higher if you wish to ship vehicles or other items that require special handling. Cost to transport a 40 FT container to Ghana with two standard-sized cars is easily in the $4950.

Cost of 20ft container shipping to Ghana from USA

A 20-foot container will typically cost roughly $1,700 to send to Ghana. LCL price per cubic meter is $100 on average, the same as a 40-foot shipping container. The price will increase if you wish to ship an automobile or other items requiring special handling. A 20-foot container can cost more than $1,950 to send a single car in. By picking the best firm for container shipping services, you can assist in cutting costs. Shipping to Ghana from USA

Car Shipping from USA to Ghana

Car shipping to Ghana from usa

RoRo and container ship services for international auto shipping to Ghana. Ship vehicles such as cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, boats, RVs, and heavy machinery.

Estimated prices:

SUV (Container) – $2150

Sedan (Container) – $2100

SUV through RORO – $1125

Sedan through RORO – $1100

International Moving from USA to Ghana

At Ameritrans, we offer quick, simple, and affordable international shipping services for a household move to Ghana

 Estimated cost of international house moving 

  • 2000Lbs & Less – $735
  • 3850 Lbs – $2750
  • 4500 Lbs – $3090
  • 18750 Lbs – $4055

Estimated cost from main ports in USA to Ghana

Pick up to destination port. 20ft container 40ft container.
Savannah-Tema. $ 1,620 $ 3,325
Miami-Tema. $ 1,750 $ 3,095
New York-Tema. $ 1,680 $ 3,190
Long Beach-Tema. $3,100 $4,800.
Seattle-Tema. $5200 $5,200.
Oakland-Tema. $4,800 $4,800.
The differences between Airfreight and ocean Freight for International shipping to Ghana from USA

Air and ocean freight are options for shipping your container to Ghana. Although expensive, air freighting solutions provide a speedy, powerful experience. However, although being slower than air freight.  sea freight is nearly five times more affordable. We advise choosing the more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option of container transportation by sea if time is not an issue.

Extra shipping charges

These are some additional charges for international shipping:

  • Increase in general rates
  • Taxes and charges for customs
  • Inspection fees for containers
  • Border fees
  • Delivery fee.
  • Insurance for the cargo in the shipping container and its contents

To keep up with the enormous demand, international shipping companies generally increase their rates once a month (GRI). When demand for container shipping declines, they reduce prices to spur demand, and  also the cycle repeats itself all year.

Ensure that the CRD of your shipping container does not fall within the periods of GRI implementation to avoid paying the additional charge.

When it comes to Air freight, Ameritrans Freight offers the best service. The first airport serving international flights in the nation is Kotoka International Airport (ACC). Whatever the Weight and also volume of your goods, we can ship them to Accra International Airport. We were familiar with flying high-end vehicles to Accra.

International shipping to Ghana from USA

Due to the extremely quick transit time, many West African shippers prefer to ship out of New York. Mostly, this has to do with shipping fees and transit.

The main shipping ports from the USA to Ghana are;

  • Dallas to Ghana
  • New Jersey to Ghana
  • Maryland to Ghana
  • Atlanta to Ghana

The exchange value and the importation of goods into Ghana from the United States are directly related and will vary. Shipping to Ghana will always be done by USG Freight at the same high standard regardless of volume. However, we provide the most dependable service for this location rather than thinking or aiming to be the least expensive shipping service to Ghana.

DHL shipping from USA to Ghana

DHL is a global shipping firm with its headquarters in Germany. It is a very trustworthy shipping company that is motivated to lower shipping operations’ carbon emissions.

This German carrier is dedicated to green logistics and concerned about the environment.

When should I ship from the US to Ghana using DHL?

With DHL, you can take advantage of door-to-door package delivery. Shipment insurance, and also  incredibly quick and dependable worldwide order fulfillment. However, compared to the competitors, DHL’s on-time shipping services are frequently far more expensive. Shipping to Ghana from USA


FedEx offers a large presence throughout the US, making it easy to ship goods to Ghana from the US. Ghana is one of the 220 nations it shipments to internationally. It is also renowned for being among the first carriers to provide choices for overnight delivery.

FedEx offers convenient options like the International Shipping Assist tool, which streamlines shipping requirements for companies who use it frequently.

When should I ship to Ghana from the US using FedEx?

FedEx offers significant savings on bulk shipping if you need to transport a lot of products to Ghana. With this carrier, you may also benefit from reliable package tracking and customer care support.

USPS shipping to Ghana from USA

The USPS sends more than 46percent of the mail in the globe. For both local and international shipping, the carrier inspires this level of trust. USPS lacks advanced order tracking for foreign shipments even though it is the most economical carrier.

However, USPS offers the most affordable prices for shipping items to Ghana, regardless of how big or heavy the box is.

When to send to Ghana from the US using USPS

USPS has some of the most competitive prices in the industry if you want to keep your shipping costs down. Use its flat-rate shipping option to send large items to Ghana.

The fact that this carrier doesn’t collect fees is also fantastic.


In conclusion, Ameritrans have a great team qualified to handle even the most delicate object. So, we diligently take care of that. We don’t charge you as much as you believe because we have been serving this industry for a long time. You pay a little portion of what you would earn to USPS/Ghana Post, DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Shipping to Ghana from USA


  1. When often does a shipment have to wait in customs before Ghana accepts it?

If the shipment is being delivered within Ghana, the average releasing time in Ghanaian ports is five days for reefer containers and seven days for dry containers. The containers may stay in those locations for up to 21 days if delivery is to other regions of West Africa.

  1. Why does FCL quicker than LCL?

A full cargo load (FCL) is a load in which the customer uses a storage container for personal items. He will be in charge of loading the container from its origin and unloading it at the destination. Once the container is sent for delivery, it will travel directly to its destination without being altered.

On the other hand, less Than Cargo Load (LCL) is when customers decide to share a storage container with others who also made this decision. It will also  be the shipping company’s responsibility to pack and unpack these containers. LCL shipments can pass through many ports because their customers and destinations vary. It seems to sense that the LCL will be slower than the FCL because they will need to be rebuilt in each destination.

  1. Why are shipping taxes and shipping duties different?

Government agencies apply shipping taxes. They will be charged following a preset rate structure based on the overall value of the goods imported into the nation. Shipping charges depend on the features of the product. They may evolve and alter, but they are unchanging. A form of shipping tax is shipping duty. Shipping to Ghana from USA

  1. What additional charges will I incur for international shipping to Ghana from USA?

Only four import taxes were stated under Ghana’s tariff system. This had been streamlined and brought into compliance with the ECOWAS trade liberalization program: 0%, 5%, 10%, and 20%. Agricultural and industrial machinery, the solar, wind, and also thermal energy. As well as, educational resources are still subject to the duty-free rate.  Which is still 20% but is still applicable to these items.

  1. How much space will be needed for my container to be delivered at residence?

You’ll need a large amount of room for storage container delivery to homes. You need at least 10′ of clearance because ocean containers are roughly 8′ wide. 50′ or so straightway authorization is required for a 20′ container. A straightway clearance of 110 feet is needed for a 40′ container. The trailer dropping off your container will want as much room as feasible.

  1. What paperwork do I need for International shipping to Ghana from USA?

When shipping internationally, you’ll need a lot of essential documents. Here is a list of the critical documents you will require:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bills of Lading,
  • Packing Lists,
  • Shipper’s Letters of Instructions (SLI),
  • Automated Export System (AES) Filing,
  • Certificates of Origin (CO),
  • Incoterms
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS),
  • Operational Instructions and Shipping