Shipping to Egypt with Amazing Rates

Comprehensive Guide to Shipping to Egypt from USA

shipping to Egypt

Planning on shipping to Egypt and looking for amazing rates? Look no further! In this guide, we will explore how you can ship to Egypt with incredible rates that won’t break the bank. Keep reading to discover the best shipping options available for your needs.

Container Shipping to Egypt

Cheapest shipping to Egypt from USA is determined by the cost of shipping and also transit time of the shipment. Egypt is a top destination hub for diverse commodities because of its proximity and Egyptian living. Cheapest shipping from USA to Egypt is extremely involved in international trade.

Shipping commodities worth foreign currency of roughly $27 billion yearly. Petroleum and other mineral goods, produce, and textiles rank among their biggest exports which you can shop and ship. Here is your comprehensive guide to container shipping to Egypt.

This includes your alternatives, an estimate of the freight costs. Also transit times, and customs clearance. This kind of transportation, which has gained popularity recently due to its use, at sea, or in the air. One of the businesses in which you can have faith is Ameritrans.  It provides a swift, efficient, and global service for all kinds of commodities.

This ensure that your items shipping to Egypt is secure. Whatever you ship to Egypt with Ameritrans is guaranteed to do on time and for the lowest feasible price. We also do online shopping to import one private passenger in Egyptian pounds.

Why use Ameritrans Freight for international shipping to Egypt from USA?

We make container shipping to Egypt simple and stress-free for you. We have a digital portal where you may control every aspect of your shipment and carry out the following tasks while relaxing on your mobile device:

  • Request a freight quote:
  • Send a shipment or tax-free car import:
  • Fund your shipping:
  • Organize your shipments by sending shipping addresses:
  • Follow your cargo- should have a shipping label:
  • Obtain assistance from the customer:

Shipping to Egypt from Overseas

Ameritrans makes international shipping to Egypt simple. Ameritrans offer shipping of freight and products to Egypt. You have a choice of shipping options depending on your shipment type. Air, and also sea transportation are the main options for international shipping. Anything can be shipped with Ameritrans, including vehicles, heavy equipment, personal effects, paperwork, and samples.

For straightforward, speedy, and safe international shipping, Ameritans ‘s experience is always a good choice.

What are the elements that influence international shipping to Egypt from USA?

We also supply a door-to-door service for freight delivery. Almost any domestic product, official digital assets, manufacturing equipment, and other things can be loaded into our containers.

The following are the contributing elements:

  • 250 to 45,000 pounds are the weight range for supply chain of your shipment.
  • Depending on this, a 20′, 40′, or 40′ cube container may be the best option.
  • To get a license, we will also give you a list of the forbidden goods the Egyptian government has listed. Such as honey, used medical equipment, available medicine, antiquities, and so on.

Additional costs could include convenience fees, seasonal variations in gasoline prices, insurance premiums, and the cost of domestic delivery to the location.

The busiest times of year in the US are typically from mid-August through mid-October. This time should be avoided for reservations due to the lack of trucks and container numbers. Rates have increased due to attempts made by governments worldwide to revive their economies in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

Transportation modes for international shipping to Egypt from USA

We may offer shipping services by air and sea for goods traveling between Egypt and the United States.

Air cargo can be used in an emergency and can reach in 2 to 4 business days. The 35,000-pound weight restriction will limit your packing options. The minimum fee is $170.00.

Up to 32 days may pass between starting and finishing a maritime voyage. They can, however, receive heavier loads of up to 45,000 pounds. For SUV-carrying vessels, container costs range from $1,166.00 to $1,405.00.

Air Freight Shipping to Egypt

airfreight shipping to Egypt
Air Freight Shipping to Egypt

A rapid and dependable choice for shipping various freight items to and from Egypt. Ideal for shipping pallets and also boxes that weigh between 250 and 3.500 pounds.

Estimated rates for air freight shipping:

± $170.00

+45 Kg $3.75 per kg

Above 300 Kg at $1.15 per kg

+ 1000 Kg 0.75 per kg

Ocean Freight Shipping

FCL shipping

FCL shipping works best for moving many boxes, pallets, and other items that require up to a 45,000-pound full container shipping broker to be shipped to Egypt.

The most economical and cost-effective way to ship cargo to Egypt. Suitable for moving pallets, boxes, and full container loads ranging between 250 and 45.000 pounds.

FCL is an alternative for shipment that is:

  • The greater size or bulk.
  • Transient, delicate, and fragile.
  • Not designed for regular handling and moving.
  • Insular shipping settings are safer.
  • At a specified time and date, Egypt is anticipated.
Cheapest shipping to Egypt from USA
  • 20 ft Container $1,100.00
  • 40 ft Container $1,625.00

LCL shipping

Consumers that want to cut costs use LCL, which stands for less than a container. This enables users to ship their goods in the same Container or mail services:

You should choose LCL shipping if your shipment is one of the following:

  • Small in scale or number.
  • Not fragile, perishable, or sensitive.
  • Appropriate for frequent handling and mobility.
  • Consolidation-ready concerning cargo from other shippers.
  • Not immediately required.

Cargo shipping rates

LCL shipping to Egypt is a more cost-effective option for smaller shipment delivery.

  • LCL (CBM -$50
  • Personal Effects-$400
  • Household Items-$420

Car Shipping to Egypt

The major shipping system worldwide for RoRo and container shipments of automobiles, specialty vehicles, equipment, and boats. Appropriate for moving huge trucks, farm equipment, farm machinery, and personal vehicles.

RoRo and container ship services for international auto transport to Egypt. Importing cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, boats, RVs, heavy machinery, and more.

Estimated rates for importing cars to Egypt:

Sedan (Container) -$1525

SUV (Container)-$1600

Sedan (RORO) – $890

SUV (RORO)-$1025

Bulk Break Shipping to Egypt

If your cargo cannot fit in a regular container, your freight forwarder can suggest break bulk transportation. Your goods packaged and transported in different containers using this shipping method.

Ports for shipping to Egypt

At the most affordable price, ship your Container to Egypt as an FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less Than a Container Load) shipping. For the transportation of ocean freight, Ameritrans Freight operates in 3 ports in Egypt from the United States

  • Port Said

Port Said in Egypt, which takes up 28th place on the list of busiest ports for container transit. Also is one of the busiest ports in the world. The second busiest country in the Arab world is this one. The port, divided into two sections called the East Port Said Port and the Port is situated along the Maritime Silk Road.

  • El Maadiya Port

Small-scale cargo is transported through Egypt’s El Maadiya port. East of the Alexandria port, it is a coastal barrier harbor.

  • Alexandria Port

Alexandria is the biggest port in the Middle East and all of Africa. On the west bank of the Nile River is where it is situated. The primary port in Egypt and an important port for international trade due to its advantageous position.

Significance of international shipping

International cargo shipping is fairly common these days. Many Egyptian customers use international cargo transportation. While relocating or transferring big or little things. Working with trustworthy businesses is crucial when it comes to international shipping. Ameritrans offers a useful and dependable service. it sets itself apart from other shipping businesses doing business with Egypt post.

You can deliver items to Egypt by air or sea at any time. When shipping overseas, international freight tracking is equally crucial. Ameritrans offers cost-effective shipping services that are the most dependable and trouble-free. Compare the various exchange rate offered by Ameritrans for shipping to Egypt. From a single envelope to containers or car for personal.

Use our straightforward shipping cost calculator to see how much it will cost to ship cargo to Egypt. Additionally, you may find out how much shipping goods to Egypt will cost in foreign currency.

Import duties and taxes while shipping to Egypt

The item type declared value and the local VAT determine a country’s tax rate. The tax & duty threshold determines when someone must start paying taxes on an item’s value.

Egypt computes its import taxes and duties using the CIF system. Which bases them on the value of the imported products and the transport cost.

Documents for international shipping to Egypt from USA

Documentation requirements for shipping internationally can be complicated and time-consuming. Based on your shipment details, Ameritrans automatically creates this paperwork for you. This makes g the process simple.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Battery Declaration
  • Labels for shipping and tax documents
  • Schedule tax

To avoid being duped, one must take into bank account the additional fees. There won’t be any surprises; everything will be detailed in our final bill.

Typically, this will consist of:

  • Customs clearance and duties.
  • Container inspection charges.
  • General Rate Inland delivery fees will increase.
  • Fees for Insurance.

Egypt’s customs procedures

Before authorization for entry into Egypt, goods must pass the customs clearance process. Before your goods arrive at the destination port, you must submit a few documents. These documents consist of the following:

  • Commercial bill.
  • Letter of credit/other terms of payment.
  • Packing list.
  • Import permits and certificates of origin.
  • Ameritrans Freight’s bill of lading or airway bill.

Restrictions on shipping & prohibited items

Are you unclear about the laws and customs of Egypt? It’s critical to research any shipping requirements specific to Egypt. and whether they are even permitted to export there. Find out about Egypt’s shipping laws and for other nations at Ameritrans Freight.

  • Harmful Items
  • Liquor
  • Creatures
  • Contaminants
  • Monetary unit
  • Substances
  • Explosive materials
  • Automatic weapons
  • Consumed Fruits
  • Seeds
  • Plants
  • Nicotine

The official customs page should always be checked before exporting your goods. This is because the list of prohibited items is subject to regular change.

Steps to take for container shipping to Egypt:

We advise using a reputable freight forwarder to send a container to Egypt. So, they can walk you through every step of the procedure and ensure your shipment arrives safely. A freight forwarder can assist you in choosing the greatest options. Making the right choices and ensuring a smooth shipping process.

Cargo will be moved to a container freight station for the consolidation procedure. if you choose LCL as your shipment mode. Following that, there will be fumigation along with FCL shipments. This will remove pests, insects, and dangerous organisms that could infect the cargo.

The products will go through customs clearance when they arrive in Egypt. If you could submit all the necessary documentation this procedure should be easy in ministry of finance.

You can pick up the items at the destination port once they have been given import clearance. Shippers who select a certain movement type or service. Such as port-to-door or door-to-door, will receive their deliveries at the specified locations.

Buy from USA to Egypt

The selling of the car after importation is not against the law. The rules state that Egyptian expats may import used vehicles as long as the model year is 2019 or later. The imported vehicle must only be used for personal transportation, not commerce.

Shipping Companies to Egypt

Based on the kind of items you need to transport to Egypt. We can always customize an offer based on your shipping requirements. though, if you have unique demands through shipping companies to Egypt and pay using bank of Egypt.

Shipping from Germany to Egypt

Use Ameritrans if you want to deliver a single package or USPS international shipping.
In order to help you prepare your package for shipping, we have developed a variety of shipping tips, shipping from Germany to Egypt typically arrives in 1-3 days. With our tracking service, you can track the delivery progress of your package while it is in transit.


The world’s top shipping company is FedEx. The business offers the top solutions to satisfy all client needs. To roughly 220 countries, FedEx offers quick, dependable, and time-definite delivery.

USPS international shipping

Your needs might be met by the international shipping service offered by USPS. Pick depending on: Postage cost and delivery time. such as flat-rate delivery or tracking and insurance included.

The typical cost shipping from Germany to Egypt is between $1825and $3500. The cost to import an automobile into the shipping from Germany is 2.5% of the car’s worth plus any applicable municipal taxes.


What does it mean to have cargo insurance?

Freight forwarders fall into that trap. As they do other service-providing businesses that encounter emergencies. Many containers get lost at sea. So, insurance plans are necessary.

Ensure Bill of Lading is on hand to protect the goods from fake losses and avoid incurring extra charges. The cargo interest need protection in the case of failure by a cargo insurance policy. All-risk underwriting is used for the majority of cargo insurance policies.

Which paperwork is essential for shipping to Egypt?

  • Packing list,
  • Bill of lading,
  • Commercial invoice
  • Certificate of origin,
  • Pro forma invoice,
  • Letter of credit

An inbound cargo from Egypt requires the importer to log into the online e-portal and submit the necessary shipping documentation.

Which taxes, duties, and fees must I pay for cheapest shipping to Egypt from USA?

The modifications to custom costs included custom exclusions on all medications for infectious. Also mental, neurological, and chronic illnesses. A new tariff item now covers sterilized and polymer-ethylene-made surgery bags.

Most of facilities provided by customs have gone to agricultural and nutritional products. including fruits, fish, and fishery products (tangerine, in particular).

Customs duties on automotive products have reduced for vehicles with 1600 CC engine. Power that runs on oil and electricity from 40% to 30% and from 135% to 100%.

The rate of import tax you are required to pay when importing goods into Egypt from Germany. The products you are providing will determine this. the local laws in each country, as well as its declared value. Once it gets to its destination, the package must go through customs clearance. The items and any related documents will be examined by officials.

They will then calculate the total of any applicable customs duties. The receiver is responsible for paying the import duties directly to the selected delivery company.

How much space in a container do I need for my cargo?

Sizes of ocean freight containers include:

      • 20 feet equals 33.2 CBM
      • Regular 40 foot – 63.5 CBM
      • 4 CBM in a cube 40 feet high

The size and amount of your items will determine the container capacity. If you choose LCL shipping, we advise ensuring your items don’t take up more space than half of a regular unit. Otherwise, using FCL as your means of shipment can be more financially favorable for you.

The shipper can use the entire volume of a typical container. FCL shipments frequently have no size or volume restrictions on their goods. They can fill the container with larger things or transport items in huge containers.

Whether you choose an ocean freight shipment (LCL or FCL), your ship travels directs to Egypt . Or makes many stops, and the distance between your port of origin and port of destination in Egypt. This will all affect how long it takes for your cargo to reach Egypt. The transit lasts 4 to 44 days.

How much does international shipping to Egypt from USA?

Several variables affect how much it will cost to ship a container to Egypt. These comprise:

      • Products you are sending.
      • Cheapest shipping from USA to Egypt (LCL or FCL).
      • Mass of your cargo.
      • Size of your cargo.
      • Distance between your starting port and your final destination.
      • Type of movement (door-to-door, port-to-port, Door to port and port-to-door).

What kind of cargo is essential for container shipping broker?

There aren’t many restrictions on the type of cargo you can ship because you’re shipping by sea. Food, machinery, automobiles, and manufacturing products can be transported via ocean freight.

It’s crucial to remember that you must be familiar with Egypt’s customs regulations, particularly those about the country’s restricted and prohibited commodities. The latter would necessitate further certifications, licenses, or permits, while the former cannot be brought into Egypt.

What Incoterms are appropriate for international shipping to Egypt from USA?

By choosing the appropriate Incoterms for your shipment, you can ensure that your obligations and liabilities are specified, avoiding any problems during the shipping process. The greatest Incoterms for shipping containers to Egypt are shown below.

Best incoterms for exporters for international shipping to Egypt from USA 

CPT (Carriage Paid To):

The seller handles transporting the products to the specified location. Also performing the terms of the carriage contract. The seller is responsible until the items are turned over to the carrier.

Similar duties to CPT, but with the more need, the seller gets insurance. CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To)

The shipment for DDP (Delivery Duty Paid), the seller is in charge from start to finish. This reduces the buyer’s obligations to a smallest.

FCA (Free Carrier):

The seller is held accountable for the delivery of the goods to the carrier. Also, payment of all customs fees.

DAP (Delivered at Place)

The majority of the shipment is handled by the vendor. He should deliver the products to the buyer’s chosen location.

The best incoterms for importers are;

FCA (Free Carrier)

Which need the seller to both deliver the goods to the carrier and pay for customs.

EXW (Ex Works)

The buyer has responsibility of picking up the products from the seller’s location. Or warehouse to organizing transportation.